Season 1 Episode 18

When Bad Warlocks Turn Good

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1999 on The WB

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  • Phoebe has a vision which leads Prue to save a man from Warlocks at a church. The man who is about to become a priest is their half brother and destined to be the third of the UnCharmed Ones. Prue attempts to save him from the evil within him.

    An entertaining episode with an interesting plot line. If someone is destined to be good or evil can their destiny be changed by pure force of will? Brendan Rowe played by Michael Weatherly knows he is half Warlock from birth. He has decided to change his destiny by embracing the church and becoming a priest. Unfortunately that is not OK with his two half brothers who wish for him to finish their triangle and become the UnChosen Ones. Three Warlocks with unstoppable evil powers.

    Prue and the sisters reluctantly decide to help Brendan and fight the brothers to save him. The brothers harm the priest who has been helping Brendan and Andy and Darryl get involved because the priest is attacked.

    Andy suspects Prue is involved as he is tracking Brendan and when a young mother is attacked and then the brothers try to sacrifice her the sisters intervene and save the mother and Brendan. The mother hears both Brendan and Prue's names mentioned even though she is blindfolded.

    Andy and Prue have an ugly confrontation at the manor but he keeps his cool and leaves.

    The brothers have not given up. In the end Brendan saves himself and his half brothers are vanquished with Prue and her sisters help. Brendan completes his vows to become a priest and all is right with the world.

    In a small secondary story Phoebe gets Piper to start dating again with Josh the man she met on Friday the 13th.

    An entertaining story but a little slow in places. Not as good as some of the really terrific episodes we've seen this season but worth watching for sure. Thanks for reading...
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