Season 1 Episode 16

Which Prue Is It Anyway?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 1999 on The WB

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  • Which Prue Is It Anyway?

    "Which Prue Is It Anyway?" was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and there was a lot of drama, action and intrigue along with Magic, coincidence, and suspense. I thought it was great how Prue used a spell from the Book of Shadows to produce two clones as decoys. Andy of course gets caught up in the mess and finds the most mysterious and intriguing clue surrounding Prue and her secret. This was a fun and engaging episode. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • 3 Prues are better than 1.

    This is a fun episode that is pretty average for Season 1. Once again a premonition by Phoebe is the catalyst of the story, except this time it is Prue who is killed in the vision. Strangely to combat this possibility, instead of relying on the Power of 3, they decide to go with the power of 3 Prues, as Prue casts a multiplicity spell for obvious results to anyone who has seen the movie. I enjoyed the interplay of the 3 Prues and Shannen certainly did a great job. I especially liked chipper Prue and wish she was around more often. The seductive Prue was less original and had less to do. I feel bad for Andy here. Apparently, Prue is fine with just driving this guy crazy. I mean, how much more can he take? Just tell him already. I think he has already proven open to the supernatural. That bad guy is once again a warlock, which seems to be Season 1's special. In fact, as far as I can tell so far, we've only seen two demons- Javna and Barbas, so far this season. I am fine with the acting here. I like the idea of a crystal sword, but the actual sword they used looked like a plastic child's toy. Good vanquish at the end with the sisters working together. This episode was the introduction of Phoebe's martial arts skills, which would become a character staple. Apparently she is a fast learner since she already uses her skills in the final scene.
  • Go Prue!!!! You Rock!

    As pure Prue's fan, this episode is definitely at top of my fave episodes. Shannen's actings are great and awesome. There are many scenes that can make u laugh out loud. This episode opened by Phoebe gets a premonition of Prue being killed. Instead of relying to the power of three, Prue, supported by Phoebe, casted a spell that can magnify her power to separate Gabriel with his sword. Unfortunately, when Prue tries to multiply her powers three-fold in order to make herself stronger, she gets it wrong and ends up making two extra Prues instead! It's hilarious to see how the three Prues end up annoying Piper and Phoebe. Definitely an excellent acting skill by Shannen. Those who really need to laugh, you better see this episode. The story is original, the actings are great, and the moments are hilarious. Perfect for me, therefore i give 10/10.
  • After 3 extremely enjoyable episodes this suffers a little of a dip in quality, but only just

    I've really enjoyed the last 3 episodes between Wendigo and this but although something that might be pivotal happens here, the rest of the episode isn't quite as enjoyable once Pink lady Prue is killed. The idea of multiple Prues is an enjoyable one but only one stands out and she's killed first (I liked her hair better than normal Prue and although a little bit bimbo her attitude was more enjoyable to watch). This was a shame, however her death does lead to a very good performance from T.W. King as Andy as he is clearly disturbed at seeing Prue alive and well after he has just saw her at the morgue. I don't know where this will lead his character but my guess is that we may have a witch hunt on our hands and that is an interesting prospect.
  • At Least There Isn't Three Phoebe's...

    A really good episode which could have been extremely boring with a clichéd "gimmick storyline" featured but which actually ends up being one of the best episodes from the first season.

    Which Prue Is It, Anyway? has Phoebe getting a premonition of Prue being stabbed to death. In order to battle the Lord of War who plans to kill the firstborn witch, Prue casts a spell to multiply her powers. However, the spell goes awry and causes two duplicate versions of Prue to appear.

    This is Shannen's episode and she gives brilliant performances as Prue and her two duplicates, one being extremely annoying and confident, the other sassy and sex-obsessed. This episode also features a brilliant demon plotline, with the Lord of War Gabriel having a decent back-story and there being a neat twist with Helena being revealed as his sister. The only annoyance in this episode is that Andy surely deserves the Most Gullible Cop in the World Award 1999 for his stupidity throughout this hour as he blatantly sees one Prue duplicate dead on a mortuary slab and he completely accepts the real Prue's explanation. There's also a lot of violence in this episode. I love episodes which aren't all family-friendly.

    A brilliant episode which takes an overused idea but makes it genuinely exciting and entertaining.

    Rating: A-
  • Prue, Prue, Prue. It’s all about Prue.

    Which Prue Is It Anyway, does not only have great title. It’s a fun hour filled with humour, excitement and is in fact one of the best episodes of Season One. The idea of a character multiplying itself has been used many times before, but Charmed still manages to make an original version of an overused idea. I have said it before, and I will say again, Prue may not be my favourite sister, but Shannen has some real acting skills, and on occasion does bring some life to her character. This episode is a great example of what Prue can, and should be like. Fun, fresh but determined. I liked that the three Prues had different personalities, but still was the same person. It shows that everyone has many personalities, it’s just that some parts are more apparent.

    The story about the Lords of War (or whatever they are called), was sort of interesting, and actually threatening. Phoebe learning martial arts is something very good for her character and for the story. Her powers are way to weak for demon battling. Meanwhile, Andy is more boring than ever, but at least he’s not as naive and slow as he usually is. Finally, after almost a year, he’s beginning to suspect what’s up with the sisters.

    The writing is also great in the episode, and it has some great dialogue. That combined with the great acting, especially from Shannen, and a fun story creates a Season One classic, which also happens to be one of the funniest episodes in the series’ history.
  • Funny.

    at the start of the episode phoebe has a premonition of prue dieing. prue casts a spell to multiply her power by three so that she can defeat the warlord gabriel because he is trying to kill her so he can get her powers. the spell backfires and it makes 2 prue clones. at the end the charmed ones kill gabriel with his own sword and gabriel kills his won sister. this episode is very funny and very very very interesting as it revolves around prue (shannen doherty). this episode was well written and it was also very well acted.
  • Prue clones herself in order to defeat Gabriala.

    Pheobe has a premonition of Prue being killed. Prue decides to cast a spell to make her 3x stronger. The spell makes two more Prue\'s. The first Prue is killed in the parking garage, but the real Prue feels her being killed. The second Prue id killed when she threatens to kill Gabriala\'s sister. He kills her himself before kiling Prue. He comes to the mannor to kill the real Prue. But this time they are prepared. They mange to seperate Gabriala from his sword and he is destroyed. Prue then says it\'s nice to be the only Prue again.

    This episode is just an average episide for me. It really doesn\'t have any character developement and was only a little bit interesting. You could kinda predict what was going to happen next.
  • Prue\'s split personality drives Piper and Phoebe crazy...

    Easily one of the best episodes of season one and even all the others. A supernatural, sword-wielding warlord named Gabriel seeks to retrieve his abilities from a first-born witch: Prue. The sisters’ ancestor, Brianna disgraced him during the Crimean War, sending his sword miles away. Prue hopes that by using a spell to multiply her powers, she will be able to do the same. However, the spell works much differently, creating two clones of herself: a corporate-driven, ambitious Prue and a wild, sassy Prue.

    This episode works mostly because of Shannen Doherty’s performance. She is able to create very unique characters based off the original super-witch. The antics the Prues have are very entertaining. For instance, the ambitious Prue orders her assistant at Buckland’s around while the sassy one has fun with the cooks at Quake. The character of Gabriel is very interesting as well. It has been much clearer later seasons that the writers had trouble coming up with engaging villains. The earlier seasons’ demons and warlocks were much more appealing. Overall, a great episode that shows Shannen, Holly and Alyssa at their best.
  • This episode is awsome

    This episode is awesome. I love the fact that there were three Prues. All of them were really hot and sexy. I thought it was funny the way they moved the statue. Also I loved how both of the clones died at the end of the episode. I think it would have been better if there were more scenes with the three of the Prues together. Also I think that when it first happened and how it happened was really good and exciting. I think this episode really showed off Shannon’s ability to act and she does it really well.
  • Different sides of Prue that we don't always see!

    This would actually be the first episode where I actually saw Prue have fun. I gotta say, I loved the blue sweatered Prue. She was so funny, especially when she was at Quake with Piper. You know we only see the protective, serious, smart side of Prue. It's was fun to see the smart, bubbly, adorable Prue, and the seductive, wild, sexy Prue. This is one of my favorite Prue episodes besides She's A Man Baby, A Man. Wish we could've seen a little more Prue throught seasons 4-8! -X-Peace-
  • Phoebe has a premonition of Prue being killed with a glass sword. Prue must triple her power to survive.

    An excellent episode. After Phoebe has a preminition of Prue being killed she gives Prue a spell to triple her power. The spell doesn't quite work out how they planned and 2 Prue clones are produced making 3 Prues. It sounds like something that has been done a million times with hiding a twin but this is really well done. There is alot of humor with the clones annoying Phoebe and Piper and Shannen does a fantastic job playing the 3 Prues. The give them color coded sweaters to tell them apart but Shannen does such a good job you don't really need the sweaters. One clone is bubbly, confident take charge Prue and the other is a sexy playful Prue. I thought the scene between Phoebe and Andy was especially funny when Andy came to tell Phoebe that Prue died (when it was really one of the clones) and Phoebe was trying to explain why she wasn't upset. The demon is interesting and so was the reason he was trying to kill Prue. The Andy story line took a leap forward when at the end he finally decided he wasn't going to ignore the strange goings on with Prue. There was even an appearance from the doctor from the Love Boat! what more could you ask for?
  • Prue stabbed OH NO !!!

    When Phoebe has a terrifying premonition of Prue being stabbed to death, Prue takes the drastic step of saying an incantation to multiply her strength and the spell surprisingly results in the creation of two additional Prues to fight the enemy, a reincarnated ancient Lord of War. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe try to warn Prue from her selfish and headstrong habit of always taking matters into her own hands, while Phoebe vents her aggression with a martial arts training program. Really good episode I liked the writting !!
  • 3 Prues...does it get any better???

    This is one of my favourite charmed-episodes ever. I mean, I'm a total Prue-fan and a episode with 3 Prues needs to be special for me!
    I liked every single Prue! All 3 were so funny. Great acting from Shannen's side:)
    The following day at Quake, the three sisters ponder over the recent events and try to imagine Phoebe together with her clones. Piper finally finishes her inventory and she wonders if Andy will ever figure it out, to which Prue replies that she wouldn’t underestimate him. Back at his office Andy opens Prue’s confidential file containing unsolved cases, an article on witchcraft, her fingerprints and the Music Awards tickets. In deep thought, he lies back in his chair…
    I just looove the ending of this episode!
  • The power of five

    If last week was all about Phoebe, the clue to this episode is in the title. Not for the first time, Charmed gives us a highly entertaining hour based around a spell with unforeseen consequences, this time cast by Prue to multiply her power. Unlike other episodes, however, the spell is cast not as a bit of fun but to help defeat the baddie, which gives the storyline a bit of added zest.

    I loved the way Prue's two clones represented different sides of her character - Pink Prue is chirpy and confident, while Blue Prue is husky and horny. Nice writing!

    Shannen's acting is superb and she has the three Prues off to a tee. The scenes where she is with her clones are done so well you forget she is actually talking to thin air most of the time. Credit to the director too, as this cannot have been easy to choreograph.

    What starts out as pure comedy gets slowly darker, however, and the two clones both wind up dead. When Andy, back early from his two week suspension, sees Pink Prue dead, then meets Blue Prue back at the house alive and well, he finally suspects witchcraft. This is long overdue and makes for a wonderfully sinister closing scene.

    I wasn't convinced by the whole lord of war thing but I guess he served his purpose. He also has the honour of being the first baddie to be floored by Phoebe's trademark karate kicks.
  • When Phoebe has a premonition of Prue being stabbed to death. Prue casts a spell to triple her powers which turns her into triplets. Meanwhile Phoebe begins selfteaching herself martial arts as she is tired of being the only sister without an active power

    A spectacular episode centered around Shannen Doherty's superb acting talents. She managed to play the bossy and lustful Prue's effectively and humorously. This is one of the episodes were Prue shows her protective side of her sisters evidently portrayed in both of the clones. The war lord Gabriel is quite intriguing especially his ability to drain souls from the victims he stabs, which in turn increases his strength.

    My favourite parts of the episode have to be when the lustful Prue ties up Gabriel's siter Helena to a rather dangerous spiky artifact, to bargain his sword or her death, and in a turn of events he throws the sword at his sister (stuff you'd expect in movies!)

    The battle sequence at the end was very intense and well directed, the way the lights turned off plunging the girls into darkness was quite eerie, however the girls each used their powers to dispose of Gabriel. I particularly like the fact that Phoebe has self taught herself martial arts, as she always is the most vulnerable without active powers

    We also discover that Andy does actually have some sense, as after repeatedly seeing Prue in the morgue (her clones) we find out that he has gathered a file on Prue believing her to be supernatural, so close Andy.
  • Which Prue is True?

    After killing a boxer with a magic sword to steal his killer instinct, the warlock Gabriel uses the art collection of his sister Helena Statler to ambush Prue in order to kill her and get her power of the first born witch. Prue uses a spell to increase her power, but she multiplies in three instead. The trio plus Phoebe and Piper plot a plan to defeat and destroy the invincible Gabriel, but when the clones are killed, the Halliwell sisters have to use the power of three.

    "Which Prue is it Anyway?" is a very delightful episode where this charming and sexy actress Shannen Doherty has a great performance in three different personalities: the executive (black) Prue, the sexy (blue) Prue and the funny and silly (pink) Prue. It seems that finally Inspector Andy Trudeau will investigate witchcraft and magic.
  • The blue Prue, the pink Prue, or the black Prue

    In order to keep Prue safe after Phoebe has a premonition of her dying she casts a spell to multiply her strength by three and ended up with two more Prue Haliwells. I loved the idea of having three of Prue it was just so cool especially when they could not tell them apart in the beginning and when they out voted Piper and Phoebe.

    It was funny to see the pink one and the real Prue with Claire as well I loved that one minute she was talking to the pink clone and the next minute she was talking to the real Prue. It was nice to see Claire a little confused about the sweater color change. I loved that the pink Prue died while the real Prue was in the car with Claire it was so incredible to see Prue in that much pain because she could feel her clone being killed. It was also a little different that the bad guys tried to get to Prue through her job.

    I loved the blue sweater Prue. She was incredible when she was in the kitchen at Quake. I loved Piper saying that she was nothing like the real Prue too. It was just very amusing to see the Blue Prue in the kitchen with all the chefs trying the day's special and saying that it needed more parmesan.

    Andy also made this episode incredible I loved that when he stopped by in the morning after the spell was cast he talked to the Pink Prue and then later he saw her dead and then he saw the blue Prue. It was just way too funny to see how confused Andy got. I loved that when he went to show Prue her dead body all that was left was the clothes she had been wearing.

    This was a really interesting episode especially with there being three of Prue but all the War Lord trying to steal the powers of a first born witch stuff was not nearly as interesting.
  • Which telekinetic witch is which?

    As a Shannen fan, this is one of my favorite episodes for obvious reasons. However, I'll agree with her critics in that her character Prue often seems to think that SHE is the power of three. In an attempt to more or less be the power of three she casts a power multiplication spell that multiplies her into two additional Prues: a perky, confident, and overly neat Prue with hair tucked behind her ears ("pink sweater" Prue) and a tough looking no frills sensual Prue ("blue sweater Prue").

    However self centered Prue may come off as sometimes, there's no denying Shannen can act and that she didn't need any sweaters to differentiate her Prues as she acted them so well. The big bads of the day are this warlord Gabriel who has this powerful sword (supposedly he's a mortal but the sword makes him invulnerable to man's weapons) and his sister Helena, who was a Bucklands client Claire had Prue meet with. After erroneously assuming Prue channels her power with her hands (and in turn getting his sister Helena's behind tk'ed into a wooden box by Shannen's squint of death), he plans to attack her at the Buckland's parking lot by blinding her and killing her. When there is no soul sucked into his sword, he furiously realizes he's been tricked.

    The scene where Prue "feels" the pink Prue get killed was so excellently done both because of Shannen's acting and the concern Claire (an otherwise cold boss) was showing her.

    Another well done scene was when blue Prue threatened to kill Helena in exchange for Gabriel's sword. In a "wow this bad guy is so sick" twist, he chooses his sword over his sister and kills her himself, along with blue Prue. Gabriel eventually arrives at the manor and of course bites the dust (well, gets stabbed by his own weapon) with the girls' usual freeze and move battle plan.

    As far as character development goes, Piper and Phoebe tell Prue that she has to learn to see them as sisters that help her defend, not sisters she has to protect. Phoebe decides to learn martial arts because of her lack of an active power (if you ask me, those gasp flashes she gets are pretty useful, and if anything, Prue's tk is nothing but long distance martial arts).

    This is one of those episodes where you wonder how Andy can be so stupid and buy everything Prue tells him, especially something as obviously suspicious and outlandish as seeing Prue's corpse. However, the storyline takes a turn for the better when the following happens:

    In a very nice ending to this episode we have Andy sitting in the precinct and looking through some files of unsolved cases, an article on witchcraft, and some tickets blue Prue didn't know about despite him giving them to pink Prue (whose corpse fingerprints he matched up to real Prue's). He silently sits back on his chair as the camera slowly zooms away and ominous music fades to black.

    You have to watch it, it's an excellent ending and sets up the stage for the darker episode Blind Sided, where Andy finally finds out about their powers. In a way, some of the episodes in this season feel out of order for that reason, as this one is followed by two more episodes before the events of Blind Sided (That 70s Episode and When Bad Warlocks Go Good).
  • The Prues Are Mutipling!

    Which Prue Is It Anyway?-When Phoebe has a premonition of Prue being stabbed to death, it coincides with a warrior coming to town in order to kill the eldest sibling witch as he did to the sisters' great-great-great-aunt.

    An completely entetaining and dark episode that centers around Prue after Phobe gets a terrifying of Prue's death a the hands of demon. Shannen Doherty steals the show when Prue casts a spell that accidently creates 2 more duplicates of her. Shannen is completely convincing and wonderful as normal Prue, a sexified bad ass Prue and a overly happy, cheery Prue. I love the scene where normal Prue is trying to control herself literally when happy Prue when both Prues try keep themselves hidden from one another at Bucklands. Also, the scene where badass Prue is seducing all the chefs at Quake is just hilarious, especially when Piper questions how this could even be her sister. Shannen looked like she was having fun playing all 3 versions of herself and also loved the scenes where Prue felt her counterparts get killed as she was wonderfully convincing.

    Gabriel/The Lord of War is one of Charmed's most inventive villains and is gets forgotten amoung the favorites of fans. Despite the character seeming a bit like Highlander, his backstory and M.O. are great none the less, not to mention Alex McArthur is great at playing the character. The twist with Helena Statler, Prue's latest client, being Gabriel's sister was a great as well as Gabriel killing his own sister just to obtain his power. The climax is stunningly directed and all 3 sisters take down Gabriel with great team work. The special effects are also above average like Gabriel being destoryed by his sword in a beautiful blue glimmer. I also love the brutal scene in the opening teaser where Gabriel kills a boxer to obtain his power. All and All, "Which Prue Is It Anyway?" is a superb episode as it works inrcredibly well as a comedic and dark episode with a show stealing performance by Shannen Doherty.
  • A War Lord wants Prue dead and he will got to any lengths to make it happen but Prue is more than up to the task of dealing with him as we soon find out.

    To be honest, if it were not for Shannen Doherty's superb 'triple' performance in this episode, I would have rated it much, much lower.

    Phoebe has a premonition that Prue is going to be murdered and it turns out that she is right on the money as Gabriel, a War Lord, intends to murder a first-born witch.

    When Prue tries to multiply her powers three-fold in order to make herself stronger, she gets it wrong and ends up making two extra Prues instead! The result is a fine acting performance. (A lot of people are not aware that Shannen Doherty had a great deal of acting experience under her belt before "Charmed" and the skills she has picked up were evidengt here.)

    It was both hilarious and very sad to watch the 'Three Prues' running around and driving Piper and Phoebe crazy but I have to see that Gabriel and his sister were appalling actors and the script was incredibly weak apart from the aforemtioned 'Prue multiplication'. Not a good writing or casting effort on this one.
  • Gabriel the Lord of War is after Prue because a member of her line had taken his sword away from him taking his powers and honor as well and he must kill and steal the powers of a first born witch of her line to regain them.

    Pretty good rebound from the last episode and a return to a higher quality level. The story itself is a little bloody with two Prue's, Gabriel, Helena, and the boxer getting killed but this is becoming the standard stuff.

    I am not sure how you would categorize Gabriel and his sister. They are not really immortals as they can be killed but they must stay alive by some kind of magic. Gabriel played by Alex McArthur can't be killed as long as he has his sword. I don't know what the rule was for his sister but she was dispatched by Gabriel without him even thinking about it. I wonder why Prue's predecessor didn't kill him centuries before instead of leaving it to Prue?

    Didn't Quake just have a full inventory in an earlier episode. I am sure I remember Piper saying that and this time she said they only do it once a year.

    The three Prue's were fun to watch for the short time they were around. Especially the one who had the fun genes! I don't think Prue should have gotten three votes in that one last democratic vote. It was obviously a bad plan. Of course Ms. Pryce continues to cause trouble. If I didn't know better I would think she must be evil at heart. Will she fire Prue now that she lost the account? She said she would.

    It was cool to see Bernie Kopell of Love Boat fame as the ME at the Coroner's Office. It was a short part though.

    If you couldn't tell there were some idiosyncrasies to this episode in general. I have pointed out a few above. Not as good as the episodes prior to the last one but definitely entertaining. Thanks for reading...
  • Piper and Phoebe have 2 new sisters and they are both Prue.

    Phoebe has a premonition of Prue being stabbed to death by Gabriel, the lord of war. Gabriel is there to kill the eldest sister just like he did to the girls great great great aunt. Prue casts a spell to make herself stronger and creates twins of herself. With 3 Prues walking around, the demon tries to kill Prue but gets the wrong Prue. Piper and Phoebe take the fake Prue's to work with them and the real Prue deals with Andy. When the fake Prues body is taken to the morgue he shows Prue and is shocked when all that lay on the slab is some clothes along with the tickets he gave Prue to go to a concert. He can't explain it but he knows that somrthing is weird and revolved around the sisters. Good episode showing the different sides of Prue which annoy her sisters.
  • PRUE!!!

    triple the Prue!!! triple the hottness! this was a great episode. i loved how she triples her power to make it strong. and it was awesome how when one of the clones died, the real prue felt it. that is not a good thing put it was funny. i wound of thought that prues boss would of driven her to the hostpital. i loved it!!
  • Too much Prue!

    I love this show, however I don’t really care for it when the focus too much on one sister. This episode just happens to be Prue. The Book Of Shadows contains a spell to triple ones power. Prue casts this spell, so now we have 3 Prue’s. They each were a sweater so the can tell which witch is which. More over, the sisters eventually end up defeating the demon.

    Overall a pretty good episode! And I thought that statue was awful also!