Season 1 Episode 10

Wicca Envy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 1999 on The WB

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  • Wicca Envy

    Wicca Envy was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because Rex and Hannah finally make their move against the Halliwell sisters. The story was both intriguing and engaging with all of its character and plot development. The sisters use their powers and then decide to relinquish them to save Prue from being framed. Leo's true nature is revealed and things end in favor of the sisters. This was a fun and exciting episode of Charmed and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Rex and Hannah see their end, and Leo comes to the rescue for the first of many, many times.

    A strength of Charmed was always how quickly it moved through its story lines. We see that here as the Rex and Hannah story line ends in only the 10th episode. This episode marks the first time that we see Leo use his powers, even if some aren't the right powers. It is the first time that we see Leo heal something: the BOS of all things. It is the first time that we see someone orb, as Leo does at the end, cool, and it is also the first time that Leo leaves Piper for a while. Poor girl. The sisters have already established a fabulous chemistry by this point, like true sisterhood, something that would also remain a strength of the series throughout. Alyssa has clearly lost weight since the first episodes were shot, and she is rapidly becoming the hot sister of the series. Holly has totally settled into her role as Piper, and Shannen was always good. Rex gets a lot of action here, and he is suave, sophisticated, and evilly overconfident. Hannah is pretty much a one hit bad guy sidekick, but she is at least nice to look at. We have a lot of magical powers at play here, including a heavy introduction to astral projection. Useful that. The vanquish at the end is rather easy, but it is kind of comical. What was with the fiery immolation at the end? The Source already?

    I would give this conclusion to a story arc a higher rating, but the conflict was somewhat idiotic. Certainly, a warlock trying to blackmail the sisters for their powers is a new one, but why would Rex fulfill his end of the bargain again? And since there is no reason, why would the sisters fulfill theirs? No reason, so instead they go with taking a "leap of faith," both strange and out of no where. Fortunately for them, an angel was watching over them.
  • Rex, Lies and Videotape

    One of the very first classic episodes of Charmed, Wicca Envy sees the end of gruesome twosome Rex and Hannah and introduces the biggest evil the Charmed Ones ever battled... The Source.

    Wicca Envy sees Rex and Hannah framing Prue for the theft of a priceless tiara from Buckland's and the murder of a guard. Prue is arrested and it's up to Piper and Phoebe to release Prue from jail and to kill the two warlocks who framed her. Rex blackmails the sisters into giving up their powers for Prue's release.

    This is the first "apocalyptic" episode of Charmed and features some shocking twists and turns and sets up many exciting storylines for the rest of the season. The motives behind Rex and Hannah's crimes are well played and it was quite original to see demons resorting to blackmail instead of just random carnage. Wicca Envy also sees a big reveal in Leo, who we discover is a Whitelighter. Though he doesn't do much magic in this episode, he is able to restore the sister's powers without them knowing.

    The big fight at the end was well written and I loved Hannah shapeshifting into a panther. I also loved the sisters causing Rex to be eaten alive. Shannen Doherty was brilliant in this episode and conveyed her dilemma very well. The scene where Piper desperately tries to hide the stolen tiara was pure slapstick and her freezing power came in extremely handy.

    Wicca Envy is an excellent episode of Charmed which puts the sisters in real peril. Compared to the later seasons, you genuinely worry for the Charmed Ones, something which hasn't been seen in the new episodes.

    Rating: A-
  • An exciting episode, which gives a satisfying ending to the Rex and Hannah story line.

    When someone says “Season 1” to me, it is automatically Wicca Envy that comes to mind. It has all of those things that’s special about the first season, and it has that very specific Season 1-feeling toward it. It’s not only exciting, but original and interesting as well. Rex’ decision to get to the sister through black mail is new, even though it will be used again, and shows to be really effective. As we in the future will find out, the sisters are most voulnerable when approached as mortal sisters, rather than magical witches.

    Wicca Envy has got some great and nerv-wrecking writing, and good acting all over. The story was magnificantly built up, and the excitement grew with every minute. Leo and Piper were as cute together as always, and the rivalry between Phoebe and Prue got some new air. Prue and especially Shannen really shone in the episode. It’s no secret that Prue is my least favourite sister, but in this episode she was truly great. Although a good episode, it did feature some bad parts, the biggest being Andy. He continues to bore me to no end, and his complete turn over from last episode’s suspicion and paranioa toward Prue makes no sense whatsoever. At times the episode also moved a tad too slow for my liking, but still ended with a blst. The final show-down with Rex and Hannah was really well-written and acted out, and it gave a satisfying ending to the duo. I’m probably one of the only ones in the world who actually liked the two of them, especially Hannah. They were great together and had awsome charac ters, and although necessary, it was hard to see them go.

    All in all, Wicca Envy is a classic Charmed episode with great writing, acting and story.
  • Death and Adventure

    Finally the sisters learn the truth about Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster, and none too soon i might add. With Rex getting Prue in jail, and severring the Power of Three by keeping them separated, he gets an advantage. I love how Rex used mind control and astral projection to trick Prue into stealing the Tiara, and to get Andy to look for the Tiara in places he had already looked!

    Always a classic, but in the end, you cant kill the Power of Three in their first season, it would be absolutely pointless.

    I have to rate this episode 10/10, coz its a classic!
  • Prue is framed for a theft at the auction house.

    A fine episode. Rex and Hannah frame Prue so she will be arrested so they can blackmail the sisters into giving up their powers. Rex also tries to get close to Phoebe to help his plan along. I thought it was realistic that Prue would be jealous of Phoebe and Rex but not as couple relationship but as work-homelife relationship. I also liked the way that in the prevoius episode Andy got mad at Prue and was ready to arrest her over some minor violation but when it got serious in this episode, when Prue was accused of theft and even murder, Andy stood by her. I thought it was pretty funny when Piper kept freezing the room while Darryl and Andy were looking for the stolen tiera with the help of Rex astral projecting into their minds to tell them where to look. It was also a good ending to the Rex-Hannah story line. I won't really miss Rex but I certainly will miss Hannah and her battles with Prue. This episode we also find out the Leo is not just a handyman but something supernatural.
  • the end of this season arc

    a genuinly satisfying mini finale tht is packed and glorifies in pure adrenaline and keeps going until the great conclusion and its very good too.
    season 1 as i have said many times over is the best season of the entire shows run.
    it introduced us to the shows characters,and introduced us to the show as a whole...the only thing is it keeps the pace going through the shows run which i found to be lacking until the equally great final season 8.
    this episode is verey clever in its execution by delivering us with some pretty key moments tht will be constantly referred to throughout the shows run.
  • Rex and Hannah finally get just what they deserve and it's good to see!

    Rex decides that it's time to get rid of Prue from Buckland's and society in general and so, conspiring with Hannah, they attempt to frame her for both theft and murder. Meanwhile, the relatively innocent Phoebe who is not quite as wordly as she wishes to appear to be, is interested in dating the dashing and handsome Rex, not thinking for a minute that he could be anything other than he appears to be.

    When the girls realise exactly what Rex and Hannah are, it's a very interesting and on-the-edge-of-your-seat battle as they fight it out. Naturally, Rex and Hannah, in spite of their skills are vanquished in the end and thus, their story arc comes to an end but it was interesting all the way through and very well executed.

    A highly enjoyable episode with a terrific ending.
  • Rex and Hannah frame Prue for grand larceny first and then murder. Phoebe gets taken in by Rex and even dates him not knowing he is the Warlock who is causing the problems. The sisters decide to give up their powers but Leo saves the day in the end.

    The best episode of the first season so far. A great storyline, good action, the dialogue is well thought out and the acting superb.

    Rex who is a Warlock or maybe a Demon seems to have some pretty good powers. Telekinesis and Astral Projection for two and he and Hannah want the sisters powers as well. First he frames Prue by having her walk out with a million dollar tiara, then Hannah kills the night guard and plants the weapon by the body where Rex tells her to pick it up using another mind suggestion. All the time the sisters know that things are being manipulated but they are in the dark by who until about half way through the episode.

    So Prue gets arrested by Andy and Darryl. Of course Andy really doesn't believe she's guilty so he starts doing some digging into the auction house employees.

    In the meantime Phoebe and Piper break their sister out of jail just in time to be blackmailed by Rex for their powers. It turns out there is a spell to release their powers and Rex has a receptacle for them to put them in. Just as the exchange is taking place Leo comes out of nowhere and returns the powers to the girls and they are able to defeat Rex. They don't know how they got their powers back but they suspect that someone or something interceded. In the meantime Andy discovers Rex and Hannah are not who they seem to be as the real people they are portraying are dead. They've disappeared (returned to Hell) and the police are convinced Prue was framed releasing her from jail.

    Great job of keeping Leo on the down low. He and Piper have something going and he promises to return. What is he exactly? Some kind of protector for the sisters? An Angel maybe? What if he and Piper had kids? This episode sets up some fun stuff to explore in the future. It was almost like Laurel and Hardy with Rex and Hannah and at times it was a little hard to take them serious, but this was a fun episode and I'm not sure that is the last we will see of them.

    With this episode the first season seems to have hit its stride. Three really good episodes in a row. Very promising. Thanks for reading...
  • Astral projection and acute suggestion

    I liked this episode as the regular reoccurring characters were the baddies. Something that it's been building up to since the 2nd episode. Framing Prue was an interesting idea and trying to get her annoyed by Rex dating Phoebe was interesting. The apartment illusion was a clever trick but the most interesting part of that scene was the suggestion that Phoebe could become a journo.

    The funniest bit was the hide the tiara scene with Piper continuously freezing Andy and his Darryl while in Astral projection form Rex planted the suggestion of where to look. It was a lot of fun and a type of scene Charmed seems to do well.

    On the note of Andy now he seems more serious and more like a proper cop, not jumping to conclusions all the time I find his character to be better balanced and more interesting. Leo also who shows that he isn't just a handyman but having seen later episodes I already knew that anyway.
  • The Frame Game

    Wicca Envy-When Prue is framed by Rex for stealing from the auction house, it's up to Piper and Phoebe to uncover that Rex is actually a warlock. A dark and intelligent episode that sees Rex and Hannah forming their mostly sinister plan yet. It's nice to see a pair of demons who don't just attack without any real thought against the sisters as this awesome twosome create an elaborate plan to succeed in the end. The framing of Prue is a brilliant plot development and the way Rex uses his astral projection to set all the right pieces to get her arrest are well written. I loved that the sisters always tried to check to steps ahead of them, but ultimately had to give up their powers for Rex's demand. Another great development is revelation of Leo being a whitelighter, of course, at this point, we didn't know what he was or what whitelighters were, but the scene where he restores the the sisters' power is stunning scene and how how the sisters never knew this.

    The special effects continue to get better this point in the series with Rex's astral projection being a highlight. Then there's Hannah turning into a panther to kill the sisters and the sisters casting the reliquishing spell. One scene in particular I loved was when Andy and Darryl search Prue's room for the terra, Piper keeps freezing them everytime they get close to finding. It's a hilarious scene, especially when Rex whispers into Piper's ear and she feels like getting shrink. The episode ends with a brilliant ending as the sisters burn the relinquishing spell which shows all 3 growing to love being witches and embracing their destiny without any regrets. "Wicca Envy" is strongest and most well written episode this season thus far with great storytelling and 2 great villains in Rex and Hannah, it's just too bad their arc ended so soon though.
  • This episode is mischeiveness. A warlock tryies to take the sisters powers away from them. But at the end there is a twist to the whole story line when Leo helps out.

    In this episode Rex a bad warlock tricks the cops in believing that Prue had stolen the priceless tiara and puts her in jail. But before all this happens Rex trys to win over Phoebe by taking her to a concert to win her heart. Then Phoebe realizes that this is just to get at Prue. So, the sisters soon releases what is going on and they use there power to break Prue out of jail to capture Rex in the act. They had to take there powers away and capture them in a box and give it to Rex and when they did they realized that Hannah was also involved. While back at the manor Leo is restoring there powers and all there magic spells in the book of shadows. The sisters still don't know how they got there powers back. It is all a mystery to them. Rex and Hannah were destoryed.
  • The end of Rex and Hannah!

    The evil warlock Rex Buckland uses astral projection to control the mind of Prue and make her steal a one million dollars tiara. Rex and Hannah frame Prue, trying to destroy The Power of Three and stop The Charmed Ones. When Prue is arrested, Phoebe and Piper look for evidences to prove the innocence of their sister and disclose the truth about Rex. However, he blackmails the three sisters, forcing them to use a stripping spell from The Book of Shadows and lose their powers. But a guardian angel restores their powers and The Book of Shadows.

    "Wicca Envy" is a great episode of "Charmed", with revelations and conclusions. The power of the diabolic Rex and Hannah are disclosed and the greatest surprise is the power of another mysterious character, a sort of a guardian angel of the Halliwell sisters.
  • Things hot up when Rex uses his powers of astral projection and mind control to frame Prue for theft and murder and blackmail the sisters into relinquishing their powers to save Prue for a lifetime in prison

    A jam packed episode full of blackmail, mind control, and the vanquishing of one of the most gruesome duo in Charmed

    The episode is spectacular in the fact that Rex and Hannah use blackmail instead of rampaging, it makes the episode more intense and real and also makes you more worried for Prue's fate

    The battle sequence at the end is very different than most vanquishings making it more innovating, intense and exciting. The acting is great from all of the characters especially when the girls are faced with Hannah the panther

    The best scene was when Leo healed the book (great character development)enabling Piper to freeze the panther and Prue to move Rex in the big cats path, when time unfroze Hannah inadvertantly killed Rex and the two warlocks when up in flames. Amazing material

    In my opinion the greatest episode of season 1
  • Midseason maelstrom

    Piper gets Leo, Prue gets locked up and Rex and Hannah get their comeuppance in a pretty action packed hour of Charmed.

    As in the last episode (The Witch is Back), there is only one plot this week and this time everyone is involved, including Leo. Using his new power of astral projection, Rex tricks Prue into stealing a priceless tiara from work then tips Andy off. Hannah then frames her for murder and she ends up clapped in gaol with Rex demanding the sisters' powers for her freedom.

    The way Rex uses blackmail, rather than magic, to get the sisters to give up their powers is cleverly done, and certainly makes the storyline less predictable than usual. There is also a wonderful balance of drama and humour. On the one hand, the relinquishing spell is tinged with sadness; on the other, Andy and Darryl's search of the house is pure panto. I never really rated Rex as a warlock but I'll miss Hannah's b*tchiness towards Prue.

    We learn a lot about Leo in this episode. His fledgling relationship with Piper certainly starts with a bang and it's a shame he has to leave almost straight away. For a while, it does look as if he might turn out to be a warlock - the scene where he is listening at the door is genuinely tense - but this turns out not to be the case. I'm not sure how he is able to open the chests with a wave of his hand as this is not one of his powers. I am guessing the writers were still playing around at this stage.

    There's so much going on it's hard to believe it's only episode ten. Keep up the good work!
  • Prue is prime suspect in a murder

    When Prue is framed for the mureder of a Bucklands employee by Rex and Hannah Piper and Phoebe must prove her innocense and find out who the real killer is. Rex uses astral projection to put thoughts into other peoples mind and control them. Rex takes a photo of Piper and Phoebe breaking Prue out of jail and blackmails them with it. He wants there powers or he will hand it over to the police. The girls give away there powers and are surprised when they get them back, unaware that Leo healed the book of shadows. The charmed ones kill Rex and Hannah.

    Another good instalment
  • Brilliant episode and finally Rex and Hannah are vanquished !!

    Rex tries to frame Prue for stealing a tiara by manipulating the sisters--and the police--with a process in which he implants subliminal thoughts in their heads. Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Phoebe enjoys the attention Rex gives her.
    Great episode the charmed ones finnaly vanquish Rex and Hannah and i can say it was a fantastic vanquish at that !!
  • nice episode

    this was a cool episode! so it finally ends for hannah and rex. i really didnt like them. it was cool when they got there ppowers back. it looked cool when the powers were floating in the air. hannah killed rex!!!! that as cool. shhe turns into a tiger or what ever it was. i loved it. and when they broke out of jail!!
  • funny and fun

    I think this episode was really interesting. It was really interesting how the demon as able to insert a thought into the sisters and they not know. I loved the part when the police were in Pru's room looking for the tiara and each time the girls moved it the demon would mind set the police where to look. I loved the ending when Pru moved him in front of the panther. He got his just due. It is really great that the writers can add comedy to this drama series. Its what makes me coming back. And what I think keeps many people coming back
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