Season 1 Episode 10

Wicca Envy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 1999 on The WB

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  • An exciting episode, which gives a satisfying ending to the Rex and Hannah story line.

    When someone says “Season 1” to me, it is automatically Wicca Envy that comes to mind. It has all of those things that’s special about the first season, and it has that very specific Season 1-feeling toward it. It’s not only exciting, but original and interesting as well. Rex’ decision to get to the sister through black mail is new, even though it will be used again, and shows to be really effective. As we in the future will find out, the sisters are most voulnerable when approached as mortal sisters, rather than magical witches.

    Wicca Envy has got some great and nerv-wrecking writing, and good acting all over. The story was magnificantly built up, and the excitement grew with every minute. Leo and Piper were as cute together as always, and the rivalry between Phoebe and Prue got some new air. Prue and especially Shannen really shone in the episode. It’s no secret that Prue is my least favourite sister, but in this episode she was truly great. Although a good episode, it did feature some bad parts, the biggest being Andy. He continues to bore me to no end, and his complete turn over from last episode’s suspicion and paranioa toward Prue makes no sense whatsoever. At times the episode also moved a tad too slow for my liking, but still ended with a blst. The final show-down with Rex and Hannah was really well-written and acted out, and it gave a satisfying ending to the duo. I’m probably one of the only ones in the world who actually liked the two of them, especially Hannah. They were great together and had awsome charac ters, and although necessary, it was hard to see them go.

    All in all, Wicca Envy is a classic Charmed episode with great writing, acting and story.