Season 1 Episode 10

Wicca Envy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 1999 on The WB

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  • Rex and Hannah see their end, and Leo comes to the rescue for the first of many, many times.

    A strength of Charmed was always how quickly it moved through its story lines. We see that here as the Rex and Hannah story line ends in only the 10th episode. This episode marks the first time that we see Leo use his powers, even if some aren't the right powers. It is the first time that we see Leo heal something: the BOS of all things. It is the first time that we see someone orb, as Leo does at the end, cool, and it is also the first time that Leo leaves Piper for a while. Poor girl. The sisters have already established a fabulous chemistry by this point, like true sisterhood, something that would also remain a strength of the series throughout. Alyssa has clearly lost weight since the first episodes were shot, and she is rapidly becoming the hot sister of the series. Holly has totally settled into her role as Piper, and Shannen was always good. Rex gets a lot of action here, and he is suave, sophisticated, and evilly overconfident. Hannah is pretty much a one hit bad guy sidekick, but she is at least nice to look at. We have a lot of magical powers at play here, including a heavy introduction to astral projection. Useful that. The vanquish at the end is rather easy, but it is kind of comical. What was with the fiery immolation at the end? The Source already?

    I would give this conclusion to a story arc a higher rating, but the conflict was somewhat idiotic. Certainly, a warlock trying to blackmail the sisters for their powers is a new one, but why would Rex fulfill his end of the bargain again? And since there is no reason, why would the sisters fulfill theirs? No reason, so instead they go with taking a "leap of faith," both strange and out of no where. Fortunately for them, an angel was watching over them.
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