Season 2 Episode 1

Witch Trial

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 1999 on The WB

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  • Alright episode

    One thing I don't like is how 'calm' Prue was at the end of S1 and seemed like she wanted to go on fighting FOR Andy, and then this episode comes along and while I like that they still care about Andy it's like.. Prue's torment and the whole 'Power of One' MUST mean Prue, was annoying. Especially since Phoebe is the only one who seemingly cares about being a witch, I feel like she's the strongest, internally and physically. Prue looking completely clueless at the sight of a demon and staring at her hand... just... felt wrong after the end of last season, especially her CONSTANT looking away into the abyss thinking about herself. It just felt very 'oh woe is me'.

    I never liked Dan, felt he was creepy and over the top as far as him and Piper went. But it was cute to give Piper another man. And people need to stop complaining about that. Piper yes loves Leo, he also said they can NEVER be together, it'd never happen and she wants him to go save people. So why would she mope, it makes sense she tries to move on, even if her feelings are still there.

    But Jenny - no. She's annoying and whiny. I understand why she's mopy if she has to live with an uncle while her mum is away, but still.. especially the neighbour just walking into their house, at least knock first.

    Did like Abraxas, liked the idea that he's reading the book backwards and since the book can't leave the house must mean it's still there.

    Fashion: I like Pipers hair, and how it seems to naturally grow throughout the course of the show. Well for the most part all the girls hair seems to grow at a natural speed unlike other shows where one season it's shoulder length and a month later it's half way down their back.

    I also liked Phoebe's blue dress, colour was vibrant and suited her.

    Favourites - first bit of P3!

    Them stripping in the park and Pipers "What where!" (is Grams).

    "you could lose your shirt"

    "well wouldn't be the first time today"

    But my god.

    "Why couldn't I figure out how to save Andy" YOU DIDN'T EVEN TRY. Besides the obvious, you could've let time reverse itself again. You could have done many many things that are not restricted to locking him whether at his place, in a room, or going to the cops and having him arrested for something to drop the charges later (get him in a jail cell for a night at least). Like there were MANY things they could've TRIED.
  • Witch Trial

    Witch Trial was a great second season premier of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because it was a good mix of what makes the show fun. The story was interesting and the character development along with plot development was also good. There was magic and mischief and new discoveries as well. I thought there would have been a little more intensity in the episode but I was definitely satisfied. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!
  • The Book of Shadows takes a trip to the Astral Plane, and suddenly all that was done is threatened with being undone.

    Season 2 is off to a rolling start in highly original fashion. In Abraxas we actually have a demon that looks every bit like a demon, in fact, maybe more like a devil. His modus operandi of undoing the magic of the past brings several already defeated enemies back into the sisters' lives.

    Obviously, the sisters have a much easier time with all of them this time around. This is a Prue and Phoebe centered episode, which seems pretty standard for Seasons 1 and 2 when Leo isn't around. Piper has little role other than to hitch along with the magical evangelist, Phoebe, and make out with some random guy. This is explained by Leo being gone for a whole "couple weeks." Seriously? Is Piper the horniest 20-something in San Fran? She can't go a whole couple weeks of her supposed true love being gone without making out with someone else? This insanity unfortunately would continue all through the series whenever Leo isn't around. Ironically, the goddess of love herself, Phoebe, hasn't had a boyfriend the entire duration of the show so far. And yet, she continues to bash Piper about being "due." Idiotic. But I'm trying to keep an open mind.

    The introduction of the neighbors is mostly annoying to me, and their inclusion in the cast credits is certainly a reason for alarm. But again, I'm going to try to approach the whole Dan story arc with an open mind. At least so far, he seems more tolerable than the little girl, whose reason for being on the show obviously is not revealed in this episode. I'm hoping it isn't to talk about tampons.

    Prue is mostly trying to get over the loss of Andy this episode. Even if a little overplayed, it is still understandable. She, surprisingly, becomes our first sister to want to not be a witch any more. This is, of course, repeated several times with all the sisters falling victim at some point in the series. I always find it irritating. Considering all the lives the sisters save and the good that they do, giving up would be the most selfish thing imaginable. It would be almost evil. However, I do admit it can be realistic at times, and in this episode here, we have one of our more realistic manifestations of the conflict. The scene with Darryl is a very good one, and it is great that he is still around. I would think the sisters owe him the true story of what happened to Andy. I was disappointed we didn't get that yet.

    Decent vanquish at the end, though it was an awfully quick jump to the front of the book, but the show is only an hour afterall. And any time Grams is involved, it is a good thing. Its not Charmed Again, but it is a strong start to Season 2.
  • I love this show.

    This episode contained everything needed to make a great episode of Charmed - crying, tantrums, sisterly chats, humour, and of course, an evil being that can't just be vanquished by a rhyming couplet, they actually have to work hard. I felt extremely sorry for Prue when she started crying over Andy but not too sorry for any of them - how can they all look that amazing when they have just rolled out of bed? I know its television, but it's still not fair.
  • Pointless Nudity Alert!

    This is an excellent start to the second season and sees the writers relying on old storylines to good effect, unlike the latest episodes, which just re-use old ideas and don't add anything original to it.

    Witch Trial sees the sisters celebrating their one-year anniversary of being witches. Prue isn't over Andy's death and this has begun restricting her powers, as she believes moving on will be forgetting her true love. Meanwhile, a demon steals the Book of Shadows and begins reading it backwards, bringing back demons from the past including the Woogyman and Jeremy.

    Usually I hate episodes with boring new characters, gratuitous nudity and unoriginal ideas but I really enjoyed this. There are tons of sisterly moments and the realization that "the power of one" hinted at in the book actually meant the sisters acting as one was a good twist, immediately making those who dislike Prue's slightly "me me me" attitude sit down in shame. It was really cool seeing old bad guys get resurrected but it was annoying that Nicholas was played by a different actor. Couldn't they have brought back a demon whose actor was actually available?

    The only bad point about this episode was the introduction of Dan and Jenny Gordon. At least Dan served a point, kinda, but Jenny was just completely pointless. She suddenly popped up, got into the opening credits, asked for tampons, asked for sex advice and then just vanished. I'm grasping for a "why?" here. Complete waste of time.

    Shannen Doherty was the standout actress of the episode and her breakdown over Andy's death was truly heartbreaking to watch. Holly was also good, especially seeing her blatant embarrassment about stripping off in the park for the wiccan ceremony. Alyssa also acted well but her painfully obvious capped teeth annoyed the hell out of me...

    This is probably the best season premiere Charmed ever had. It successfully opened up a ton of new storylines whilst still remembered those left over from season one.

    Rating: B+
  • They have been witches now for one year.

    It's good to see that the fashion for the show has increased in a good way because season one was dreadful. There is still room for improvement though. Why were Piper and Phoebe mad at Prue because just because she is the eldest doesn't mean that vanquishing this demon is all down to her.
  • a demon steals the book of shadows and Prue is gun shy.

    I'm very conflicted about this episode. There were a few things I really disliked. One of them was the funny looking demon. The other was Prue being weak. It was an interesting storyline that Prue was having problems with being a witch after Andy's death. But once they were facing the demon in the attic (by the way I thought it was a silly plan. Prue was supposed to hold off the demon while Phoebe and Piper got the book back. Wouldn't it make more sense to have Piper freeze him ?) Prue couldn't go through with it. That seemed out of character to me as I think she would overcome her problems once her sisters were in danger. The fact that I'm conflicted comes in because the next scene is one of my favorites in the whole series. The sisters at first yell at Prue and she starts crying over what happened to Andy and her sisters confort her and explain how it wasn't her fault. It gets me every time.
  • JEER!

    The first episode of the season, I have to admit after seeing such a mediocre episode, I just about gave up hope! Here, a demon named Abraxis, who exists in a parallel dimension steals the book of shadows and sends old (from season one) demons after the witches--can you say file footage? "Heartbreak City"--Episode 32 --In this episode, cupid's "bows and arrows" have been stolen, actually his ring, and he can't put people together to fall in love. AHh, people hate eachother now, and it's Valentine's Day for crying out loud, and what will the sisters do?! Okay, as a concerned television viewer, I have some advice to all television shows out there, so get where you can hear me really well: Do not have a Valentine's Day special. No one wants to watch a Valentine's Day special. At all. Period. Exclamation point. New paragraph.
  • Horned and dangerous

    It's one year since the sisters became witches and, to help them celebrate, a demon appears from nowhere and snatches the Book of Shadows. The Charmed Ones must get it back before he reads the whole book back to front and robs them of their powers.

    Pretty good storyline, this, and all the more so because, in reading the spells backwards, Abraxas manages to bring back several of the demons and warlocks vanquished in Season One. I love continuity like this and it's particularly good to see Jeremy back, if only for a few minutes.

    To vanquish Abraxas, the sisters have to delve into their wiccan side. I love it when they do this. As ever, Phoebe is the one making all the connections.

    Prue is still reeling from Andy's death and, when Phoebe and Piper tell her it's up to her to vanquish the demon, she buckles under the pressure and bursts into tears. I'm glad the writers did this; after her cool reaction to his death, it is touching to see her so vulnerable. Top marks to Shannen for a very emotional scene.

    This is a pacy episode with almost too much going on. Having introduced P3, we then get to meet the Halliwells' new neighbours, and this time they aren't shapeshifters. Surprise, surprise, one of them is a hunky bloke - I wonder which sister he'll end up with?

    The episode reveals that Grams has been the one flipping the pages of the BoS for them. Nice idea, but I did think her appearance at the end was a bit drippy. I liked Abraxas though. Charmed was so much better when the demons actually looked like demons.
  • A hideous horned demon takes the book of shadows into another plane of existance and reads the spells backwards bringing back past foes. Meanwhile Prue and Phoebe give Piper enough money to help finance her own club.

    My favourite season opener. Witch Trial has an intriguing although rather annoying demon (Abraxas)who is the first evil being to steal the BOS. I enjoyed seeing Jeremy, Woogyman and Nicholas from the first season return to face the girls again. Although I was a little miffed that Nicholas was played by someone else. Nevertheless it's great to see that the demons vanquishes have not changed

    We are also introduced to new neighbours Dan and Jenny Gordon, and I immediately found them very annoying. Dan appeared rather smug, and his flirting with Phoebe was rather sickening and Jenny showed up and started discussing tampons with Phoebe, okay where did this come from, I don't frankly care about this new whiney girls tampon issues.

    I liked how Phoebe is getting into the art of wicca but however out of the blue when Piper and Phoebe turn up for a wicca gathering to talk to the leader Stevie, they strip nude. Tampons, Nudity, what next.

    Prue's scenario is much more interesting we see deep down that she does have feelings which Shannen Doherty shows accurately and accordingly; her feelings about having lost Andy are very heartfelt and I loved that Darryl was able to show more of a caring, sensitive side when he hugged her and told her that Andy said that if anything were to happen to him it would not be her fault. I pariclualry liked how Piper abd Phoebe were also their for Prue and supported her saying that she shouldn't blame herself. This episode for me just demonstrates the fact that the Prue seasons had much better and meaningful sisterly bonding, hardly seen in later seasons.

    After Prue settles her issues the girls get down to business and vanquish Abraxas returning the book. I must say that the vanquish was awesome- with the girls chanting the BOS spell(which gave them their powers a year ago) around a stone altar. Abraxas appeared, electricity surrounds him and he goes up in a puff of smoke. Very original yet spectacular ending to a creepy demon

    Finally Prue and Phoebe help finance Piper's club by setting a mortgage on the house. Personally I don't know why out of the blue, Piper wanted a club instead of a restuarant but however I do honour her choice.

    Overall a smashing season opener with much better special effects, some silly moments, interesting demon and annoying neighbours (luckily not for long). Should be watched!
  • The First Anniversary of the Charmed Ones

    Phoebe suggests a celebration of their first anniversay as witches to her sisters, but Prue misses Andy and blames herself for his death, and Piper is trying to raise a loan to buy a club. Suddenly, a demon named Abraxas steals the Book of Shadows and reads the spells backwards, undoing them and bringing Jeremy, Nicholas and the Woogyman back. The Halliwell sisters have to use the Power of Three to retrieve their book and vanquish Abraxas.

    "Witch Trial" is a good episode of "Charmed". Phoebe is smarter in this episode. Prue is resolving her guilty complex and Piper is chasing her dream of having her own business.
  • Deja Vu all over again, again!

    Probably one of my favourite season openers and I've always loved the way the episode starts with a bang which is why I like most episodes written by Brad Kern.

    The first thing I noticed watching this episode was that Holly (Piper) had finally gotten ridden of that god awful fringe. It really did bug me throughout season one. She seemed a lot more confident around other people and this becomes more evident throughout season two. To see Prue dealing with the death of Andy was tear jerking and I think Shannen did a great job portraying the grieving girlfriend.

    Abraxas was a very well thought out demon and I like how, instead of just attacking the sisters like most other demons have/do, he manages to steal the book and use it against them. The re-appearance of some older demons was a good addition to the episode too!

    Now, for the bad part - This episode marks the introduction of Dan who is, for me, the most annoying character on Charmed and really put a downer on season two.

    Apart from that, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It had a good mix of darkness and humour and wasn't too over the top for what it did.
  • Didn't We Vanquish You Already?

    Witch Trial-On their first anniversary of becoming witches, the sisters face a cloven-hoofed demon called Abraxas, that steals the Book of Shadows and undoes the spells they've cast, releasing old vanquished enemies of the Charmed Ones. If the demon undoes the spell that granted them their powers, they will come back to living normal lives. Phoebe: "Then Prue can kick some astral ass with the power of one!"

    With season one jitters out of the way, Charmed returns with a stellar second season premiere which lands on the sisters 1 year anniversery since they've been witches. But of course, there's a powerful demon on the loose and it's manages to take the Book of Shadows. All 3 leads return, and you can already sense they're much more comfortable and stronger in their roles as Prue, Piper and Phoebe. I love the scenes with the sisters trying to figure out what happened to Book of Shadows as we revisit the spirt board and Phoebe realizes the power of the triqutra, that it symbolizes the power of 3. Also, the scene where Piper and Phoebe get naked with a bunch of fellow witches is quite hilarious if not a bit random.

    Abraxas is a terrific villain and looking devlishly creepy. I loved the concept of him demonizing a witch's power and unvanquishing the past demons the Charmed Ones had vanquished before. It was great seeing Jeremy and the Woogyman back, but it's too bad a different actor was chosen to play the warlock Nicholas as it was more awkward scene than suspenseful. The scene where the sister vanquish Abraxas is done in a stunning Charmed style as they use the Power of 3 to send him back to hell...literally. I especially loved Phoebe's line:

    Phoebe (after vanquishing Abraxas): And we didn't even have to get naked! Shannen Doherty is at the center of the episode and is brillaint throughout as Prue still deals with the lost of Andy. The scene where Prue finally breaks down about losing him and about the responsiblity of being the oldest is powerful little scene as you truly feel sorry for Prue and the burden she carries within her everyday. But I love how Piper and Phoebe embrace her, letting her know she will always be there for her as it's a wonderful sister moment. I also loved Grams appearence at the end and how we find out she's the one who flips the Book of Shadows randomly. The only downside is the introduction of Dan Gordan and his niece, Jenny who have to be the most boring recurring characters Charmed ever had. All and All, "Witch Trial" is a stellar season starter which excellent sister moments, touching scenes, a great peformance from Shannen Doherty and impressive villain.
  • A very good start to Season 2 as The Book of Shadows is stolen and the Halliwell sisters celebrate their first anniversary as The Charmed Ones.

    On the first anniversary of receiving their magical powers following Phoebe's return to Halliwell Manor, the sisters are stunned when a demon named Abraxas gets into the attic and steals The Book of Shadows and takes it to the astral plane. The theft of the book unleashes several demons which the girls have already vanquished in the past but that is really the least of their problems as they have to not only get the book back, but they have to do so within a very limited amount of time so that they can get rid of Abraxas and get on with what they do best.

    A very entertaining episode with plenty of action to thrill even the most reluctant viewer.
  • A Demon removes the Book of Shadows from the manor and starts undoing the spells in the book. This brings back nemesis who have been vanquished. The sisters have to recover the book before the end of the equinox or be destroyed along with the book.

    A good start to season two with the introduction of a few new characters and a return to some old bad traits the sisters had early in the series.

    Two rules the sisters should always follow. When they work together good things happen. When they don't work together or don't listen to each other bad things happen. Pretty basic huh? Well they really should know better by now.

    Some fun stuff in this episode with the nude witches, Phoebe is getting smarter all the time, and the whole new girl next door with the hot uncle! Should make for a great season.

    Abraxis was not so tough just difficult to deal with. Phoebe worked out the puzzle that the book has not left the house. Once the sisters worked together he seemed pretty easy to defeat. Somehow Prue seemed to lose it there for a while and by doing that put herself and her sisters in danger. Despite the bad time she is having over Andy she should know better. Unfortunately I see this as a plot flaw in this series and I think we'll continue to see it going forward. One of the sisters loses faith or doesn't think something is important and we're off again on another ride.

    So other than a few flaws in the storyline that were used to move the plot forward this was a very enjoyable episode. Remember Prue, if Phoebe calls don't ever say I'll call her back. This has happened a few times now and it always ends badly. Should be a fun season. Thanks for reading...
  • The second season premiere as the Charmed Ones celebrate their anniversary, Prue has a tough time fighting demons, and a demon brings back demons from the past.

    The second season premiere after the death of Andy Tredeau (former star T.W. King), and i was so disappointed with the death of Andy. I really liked him. I liked the effect that his death had on Prue (Shannen Doherty), as I thought that it was very realistic. Abraxas, while not my favorite demon, as i like the ones that really threaten the Charmed Ones, i loved the way that he made the Charmed Ones really become the Charmed Ones. The bond that is there and the way they fight him and vanquish him is by using the power of one, what the triquetra symbolizes. And an introduction of new characters, Jenny (Karis Paige Bryant) and Dan Gordon (Greg Vaughan). This was a good season premiere.
  • The Sisters Decide To Soldier On (With A Little Help From Grams)

    This was a great episode, and a great way to open the second season with a bang. A real tugger at the heart strings, this one (mixed, as always, with 'kick-ass' merriment and laughter). Prue (kudos to Shannon Doherty) is having trouble dealing with the loss of Andy, for which she feels responsible. This leads her to question her life as a witch, just when the sisters are about to be challenged and tested. Their first anniversary will be marked by a dangerous Rite of Passage - either they will learn to stand as one, or, divided, they will fail.
    Fortunately they receive a great assist from Grams as they grapple with Abraxas (no, not the Santana album run amok, but a powerful demon who steals the Book Of Shadows and uses it to bring back 'vanquished' demons for another shot at the sisters. Without the Book, they must recall the spells they used from memory - they must stand on their own, without their 'crutch' (but they will never stand alone as long as Grams 'looks after them' with love - the power of three plus one).
  • Watch out there's an Abraxas and a Grams in the attic

    For a season opener this was alright. We also get a demon in full demon makeup with horns and everything, something we haven't seen for quite a while. Unfortunately it got just a little too sentimental for me.

    I'm glad that Andy is not forgotten straight off as he was a major part of Prue's life. Her visit to see Morris was a good scene but her subsequent feeling of not wanting to be a witch was just stupid. However, they nicely tied the old lady at the Auction house (who'd lost her husband) into Prue's plot.

    Other plot strands came from Piper who having seen the later series I've been wondering about how she came to own a club. Apparently it's cheaper and less risky than opening a Restaurant which is what she really wanted to do. Why she was snogging the guy who was giving her the loan I don't know though, it wasn't necessary (although the title song to the series most refers to Piper obviously as she really needs to be loved), Leo hasn't been gone that long.

    Phoebe's plot intersects with their new neighbours when she connects with the teenage girl next door. She has temporarily moved in with her Uncle who doesn't understand her women problems. Phoebe offers to give her free tampons. Why they've introduced a kid as a regular I don't know although this seems to indicate wanting someone going through puberty in the show. Possibly because Buffy had it's metaphors at the time or something and Charmed wanted to get in on it. We'll see where this goes although the Uncle is more likely to get the main attention.

    The main plot though is Abraxas the demon who steals and reads the book of shadows backwards releasing past vanquished foes. Is that the same Nicholas as last season is all I could think. It was serviceable but it was how it intersected with other plot strands that made it worth it.

    Last bit of knowledge, the book of Shadows doesn't have a mind of it's own. It's a ghostly Grams who flicks through the pages. Ahhh, I wanted it to lose control like the book of the dead at some point.
  • Abraxas steals the book of shadows and plans to read it all backwards making old demons the sisters vanquished back. And if Abraxas reads the spell Phoebe read to become witches they will no longer be witches.

    The second season of Charmed marks the first anniversary of the Halliwell sisters' matriculation from mortals to benevolent witches. In honor of this milestone, Piper decides to open a nightclub. But this event is put on hold when Piper and her sisters, Prue and Phoebe, lose their precious "Book of Shadows" to the demon Abraxas, who sets out to read every spell in the book backwards which means that all of the evil the sisters vanquished will soon be back and if Abraxas reads the spell that Phoebe read one year ago to become witches means that not only demons come back but their powers will be gone forever !!!
  • First Episode of season 2. Powerful demon is able to steal the BOS; Prue deals with loss of Andy; New characters introduced; Piper almost persues dream job (opening club instead of resturant) Poor flow to the episode.

    There is a lot of new things are going on in this episode. A demon has actually stolen the BOS, Piper is trying to buy a building for her club, Prue is dealing with Andy's death and being a witch, new characters are introduced (neighbors Dan & Jenny, and Morris obviously will be picking up where Andy left off being the police liaison.), and the one year anniversary of the girls discovering they are witches falls on the Autumnal Equinox.

    The episode doesn't flow well. It seems very choppy and almost incomplete at times. When Abraxas steals the BOS, he sends back old warlocks and demons the girls have already vanquished. Thank goodness the writers don't make the re-vanquishing of these evil doers take up too much time, because the time is rushed already. Not a bad episode, I just think it could have been better if the writers had waited an episode or two to introduce Dan and Jenny. Their storyline just seemed thrown in the mix and not really complete. I can't put my finger on it but something doesn't work in this episode. I can only conclude that the multiple storylines take away from the demon, their first anniversary, and Prue dealing with Andy's death; these three issues are critical to the main storyline and have enough substance without other things added to the plot. Piper's club and Dan's introduction could have waited an episode or two.
  • Good episode, but could have been better!

    Phoebe is celebrating the anniversary of receiving her powers and becoming a Charmed One and encourages her sisters to rejoice as she has. Her sisters, however, are concerned with other matters. Piper is dating a loan advisor whilst she is trying to buy a new nightclub and Prue is still upset over Andy’s death. After the Book of Shadows is stolen by an unknown demon, can the sisters continue with their normal lives? Phoebe is occupied with the new neighbour Dan’s niece, Jenny, who feels she needs a woman to talk to. Whilst talking, Phoebe notices the triquetra on Kit’s collar and realises a way to retrieve the Book. Still annoyed with Phoebe for taking her to a naked gathering to celebrate the autumnal equinox, Piper tries to obtain the loan but is attacked by a previous boyfriend and vanquished warlock, Jeremy. Nicholas attacks Prue at work and Piper and Phoebe face the Shadow at the manor. The girls realise that Abraxas is reading the book backwards, undoing their spells and releasing old enemies back into this world. They fear that if he turns to the first page and reads the spell which gave them their powers, they will lose their magic. The girls attempt to retrieve the Book from Abraxas ‘using the Power Of One’ which they assume to mean Prue, since she is the strongest. When Prue is unable to grab the Book from the demon, Phoebe lashes out at her and Prue reveals her guilt over Andy’s death. After talking to his partner, Morris, the girls fight the demon again, this time all of them together, working as one, thanks to some hints from Grams. They recover the Book and manage to vanquish the demon. Whilst clearing up the attic afterwards, Prue and Phoebe reveal to Piper that they have obtained the money for Piper to achieve her dream and the girls receive a special anniversary present, a visit from their Grams who reveals she has been helping them by flipping the pages of the Book of Shadows.
  • Happy Anniversary.

    One year has passed since the three Halliwell sisters became witches. A year filled with demons and warlock, loss and happiness. The second season starts with an action packed, fast paced, and humorous episode, creating a weird sense of freshness that Season One lacked.

    In Witch Trial we see the sisters fighting the demon Abraxas, who has stolen the book of shadows in order to undo what the sisters has done during the past year, and taking away their witch powers. Meanwhile, the sisters get a new neighbour.

    The main story about Abraxas is really original and interesting, and he actually poses as a threat to the sisters, who at first stand powerless before him. It’s nice to see some of their past vanquishes, as it really makes us see what they have been through just this one year.

    I love Prue’s personal sub plot, where she finds it hard to live with herself after what happened to Andy. Her moments of weakness and her heart breaking scenes with Darryl are truly amazing, and it creates so many strong emotions.

    Piper’s story about her trying to open a club is interesting and very funny, and I love the idea of P3. It becomes such a big part of the show the next few years, and this is where it first began. P3 really helped Piper grow as a character, and she’s no longer the calm, meddling middle sister. She has begun her development into a separate, independent and very lovable person.

    Phoebe, on the other hand doesn’t have much to do, except give a highly embarrassing speech to Jenny, the neighbour, about *gasp* tampons. Jenny and Dan will later on prove to be really pointless and plain bad characters, but the actually show a pretty good first appearance here. Too bad it never lasted.

    The vanquish of Abraxas was very well done, and I loved the small cameo of Jennifer Rhodes as the lovely Penny Halliwell, even though the point of her being there was rather stupid, and a bit too sweet for my liking.

    All in all, Witch Trial is one of the best Season Premieres Charmed ever did, featuring some really good humour as well as genuine emotions. A great start to a great season.
  • its great!

    this is a great episode! it shows Jeremy, the woggy man and nickolas get vanquished AGAIN! that probably sounds boring but , its not. this is a good season opener. its surprizing that piper (not pheobe) remembered the woogy man spell. and all there hair looks better now since season 1. watch this episode!