Season 6 Episode 21

Witch Wars

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 09, 2004 on The WB

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  • A good one.

    While it's interesting to think of Phoebe's stats ideas and the whole "someone close to home" and obviously Gideon was feeling that pressure, but he was right. Those stats are designed based on real, normal lives, the newspapers don't take into account demons committing crimes so it's kind of silly. But her flow chart isn't going to point to someone guilty, it's not like it'd highlight Gideon. He looks as innocent as anyone.

    Really Sigmund, the man just let a witch die, you think he's going to let you ruin his plan now, stupid. I'm glad Sigmund finally said that what if just being attacked is what turns Wyatt.

    Gotta love when Piper says "what if it's Gideon"

    I have actually always liked this episode, i enjoyed when they joked about how humans invented reality TV first. It's a good concept, and yeah maybe not done the best, it was still good.
  • Witch Wars

    Witch Wars was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to see Gideon scheming to distract the sisters so he could could enact his plan for Wyatt. The idea of the Demon's tv show Witch Wars was fun and entertaining! I liked the camp factor of the episode and also enjoyed the ending. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!
  • Phoebe gets demonic powers again, and that is BAD for a barful of demons.

    After the writers had a bout of temporary insanity the last couple episodes, Season 6 ends with a bang with this entertaining episode and then the sensational season finale. At times, this episode may seem a little silly or contrived, but this is an episode of action, action and more action. The couple that runs the game is interesting to say the least, and their difficulty in keeping their hands off of each other is comical at times. We have a good assortment of bad guys harassing the sisters and once again a magical dagger that steals powers. Gildart Jackson is better than ever as the big bad Gideon, and with the ending you see that he is clearly spinning out of control, crossing the line from obsession to evil. This episode has one of the greatest climaxes of the entire series, and probably had to be one of Alyssa's favorite episodes. She basically became the demons' worst nightmare once she got the powers. Her turning to the screen to threaten the demons and then shimmering into the bar might have been a little improbable, but still, it was awesome to see her rain hell down on a bar of demons. Great stuff. I agree, too bad she had to give all the powers back. I imagine keeping demonic powers would probably corrupt.

    Prime time pandemonium

    A clever, if unsubtle, swipe at the world of reality television, 'Witch Wars' sees the Charmed Ones tricked into taking part in a live demonic gameshow. This may sound daft but it actually sets up some great action scenes.

    Unfortunately, the story isn't the greatest. The outcome of the game is about as surprising as snow in the Arctic - the Charmed Ones win and all the competitors die. And why is Chris so convinced the demons organising the show are the ones who turn Wyatt evil? They never get anywhere near him. The writers seem a little too hasty to get Gideon off the hook.

    However, if you like seeing baddies blown up then this is a classic. First the winner kills the other contestants then he gets knifed by the host. Even the viewers get in on the act. At the rate demons kill each other, and given how few children they seem to have, it's amazing there are any left.

    Phoebe's killing spree at the bar is superb. Such a shame she doesn't get to keep her new power. Ok, so she nicked it off a demon but so what? The elders didn't intervene when she had the Source's powers so why would they this time?

    Gideon has a key role this week and guest actor, Gildart Jackson, comes up with the goods. I applaud the writers for making this season's big bad an elder. His concern over killing innocents seems genuine yet at the same time he's happy to vaporise his closest friend. Truly disturbing.

    It may be a little clumsy at times but it's good value and it does get us to the season finale.

    Score: 8.9
  • Funny, Inventive, and finally some action we've been waiting for!

    So the demons decide to have a reality tv show of their own, no surprise and such a cute idea! Those who are really after Wyatt use this as an opportunity to get the sisters off of their trail as Phoebe has been coming remarkably close to figuring out who it is (just in time, too.) I really enjoyed the mix of humor and drama of this episode. We've been so aggrivated all season by several slow plot lines and the recurring season dilema of Who's After Wyatt that it's nice to finally have the sisters make some breakthroughs on that front. This season is almost over, I think we can all be thankful for that, and we finally had a fun episode with just the right amount of action, drama, and suspence. On a side note, Gideon seems to be turning into a knock off darth vader, no?
  • Something different!

    This was a really good episode!

    The demons have come up with the concept of reality tv, ( I didn't even realise they had tv!)
    Two demons made a show.. witch wars! The evil Gideon convinces them to get demons to hunt the charmed ones, so that they are distracted from finding out he is after wyatt.

    It's a good ep with some cool effects and it is a very interesting concept!
  • Brilliant and very new and cool.

    Aware that Piper, Phoebe and Paige are on the verge of discovering that he is after Wyatt, Gideon comes across two demons and makes a deal to put the girls on a demonic reality show where demons compete in a series of challenges to hunt down witches, with the winning demon acquiring the witches' powers and if not the owner earns the demons powers. Meanwhile, Chris sheds a bombshell when he informs the sisters that whoever is after Wyatt will get to him before Chris is born which is quite soon.

    Very good episode and different to see this it was very new and they never depended on other episdoe like they usually do and it was cool to see Phoebe with demonic powers !!
  • The Charmed Ones find themselves the unwilling participants of a demonic reality television game show, where no-good, nefarious contestants attempt to steal the good witches magical powers. Will Gideon's evil, "Running Man"-inspired plot spell doom?

    I was not a huge fan of the season three casting changes and felt that the show's production values and writing was on the steady decline. However, this episode really stands out in terms of its storyline. It is well written, with a good blend of adventure, humor and nice jabs at reality television. In many ways it reflects what was great about the first two seasons. Overall, I would have to say that sixth season was -- in terms of the writing -- generally better then the third, forth and fifth season. Their were a few good episodes in seasons 3 - 5, but fans of the first two seasons will really begin to see some of the show's initial magic return in season 6.
  • awesome.

    Demons are trying to kill the charmed ones on reality tv. I like this episode a lot and i think using reality tv was a great idea for an episode of charmed and we finaly get to see who has been after wyatt all this time.

    This is a really good episode (in my opinion season 6's best episode) and it was a little bit funny when piper was talking to wyatt's pre school teacher about the 3 year old girl taking a block or something off him.

    overall: this is in my opinion the best episode of charmed's sixth season.
  • Nobody's Watching

    Yawn. If there was ever an episode of Charmed which you needed to have on in the background to make you fall asleep, then this is it. Witch Wars is another case of Charmed taking an interesting storyline... but then shaking it of all its potential.

    Witch Wars has the sisters discovering that they are being secretly filmed for a reality show for demons in which a bunch of demons compete to be winner by being the first one to successfully manage to kill the Charmed Ones.

    See, good storyline. It could have been really good, an episode which had some fun scenes, a neat story idea, and some good drama. Well ignore all that! This episode is just plain bad. The idea of a reality series for demons and starring the sisters is one of the best (and original) ideas they've had all season but the writers completely fail to exploit such a brilliant concept and instead rely on boring, ordinary plot developments and contrived twists.

    It's a shame that Phoebe couldn't keep her new powers. Yeah, they were demonic powers but the sisters have broken the rules dozens of times now, why couldn't Phoebe keep them? The only thing is episode did well was by evolving the character of Gideon. He's gradually becoming a very good villain and by killing his annoying sidekick Sigmund, it shows that he's taking no prisoners in his fight to kill Wyatt.

    Rating: F
  • enough reality shows

    I didn't care for this episode very much because I am kinda sick of all the real reality shows on TV as it is but to incorporate one into the show was a bit to much. I didn't care for the plot or the acting in this one. I think they over acted in this episode. The antics of the sisters which is usually very entertaining was not at all entertaining in this episode nor was it fun to watch. It was a bit on the boring side which is very unusual since most of their episodes are very edge of the seat.