Season 4 Episode 22

Witch Way Now?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

The Charmed Ones must decide if they want to remain magical.

Cole keeps coming to her, the latest through a psychic on television. Phoebe does a lost love spell, which transports her to the wasteland, where all vanquished demons go. She finds Cole and The Angel of Destiny comes, offering the Charmed Ones a reward for vanquishing the Source - a life free of demons. Phoebe loves the idea - after all she has been through, she is ready to give up being a witch and live a normal life. Phoebe goes to tell Cole of their decision to give up their powers. She tells him they tried all they could to keep their love going, but love wasn't enough. We both need to move on.

Paige is the only Charmed One who wants to keep her magic powers because without them, she wouldn't have sisters. Tells them to think of all the good they have done. She creates a spell to find Selena, a supposed witch-hunter.

Piper wants to give up her powers because it was magic that led to her not being able to get pregnant. When Darryl tells them that they are under surveillance by an FBI agent (Jackman) who thinks it's odd they are witnesses for multiple crimes, Piper freezes him while Phoebe does her spell. When the agent comes into the manor, he has an amulet that makes him immune to their powers. He shows them files of pictures he has of them. He has researched them, and knows their genealogy, too. He tells the Charmed Ones he is looking for a witch-hunter named Selena, who is the latest serial killer. If they get her for him, he will give them the files. Being the good witches they are, they agree to help Jackman find Selena.

Living in the wasteland, Cole must run from the beast who feeds off demon's powers. He wants Phoebe to get the Grimwar and save him. He refuses to move on without Phoebe. Cole kills the beast by taking the powers of other demons. He continues to come to Phoebe.

When the Charmed Ones go to get Selena, they find it odd that she has bodyguards. The bodyguards try shooting them, but Piper freezes everything and they get Selena and take her to the manor. Jackman comes for her, and tells them that all witches are the same - just because they have powers they think they are better. Gives them a warrant for Selena's arrest, and says he will give them the files when she is in jail. They grow suspicious of Jackman, and Leo and Darryl tell them that Jackman is actually the witch-hunter and Selena the daughter of a witch. The Charmed Ones go after Jackman. Jackman is burning Selena at the stake, and has placed amulets all around, leaving them powerless. Phoebe uses her martial arts to fight him, and when Jackman pulls out a gun, Cole appears and switches Jackman and Phoebe's positions, forcing the bullet to strike Jackman, killing him. Cole tells Phoebe he will not give up on them, and will love her forever. Selena testifies on behalf of the Charmed Ones, and Leo tells them he orbed the files into a volcano. When the Angel of Destiny comes for their final decision, Phoebe says it felt good to save someone and she didn't like not having her powers, so they did not want to lose their powers. Piper agrees that it is who they are, and the Angel of Destiny says that Piper and Leo's destinies would not have been changed. Piper realizes she is pregnant.