Season 4 Episode 22

Witch Way Now?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2002 on The WB

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  • They always come back

    It was always going to be hard to follow the evil Phoebe arc and, frankly, they should have waited until next season. This installment would have made a great season opener but, as a finale, it's pretty weak.

    The exposure plot has been done several times before (and far more successfully) and to dredge it up again seems a bit of a cop out by Brad Kern. The witchhunter was dull and his storyline felt rushed. They should have let him keep his secret until next season. First missed opportunity.

    Offering the Charmed Ones a reward for vanquishing the Source was a nice touch and I did like the Angel of Destiny - good idea and good guest actor. Would have been interesting for them to have given up their powers for a few episodes but I guess that wouldn't have been popular with the viewers. Second missed opportunity.

    While it's great to see Julian again, I can't help wondering whether bringing Cole back was the right thing to do. At any rate, they should have waited until next season to do it. I liked the concept of the demonic wasteland but the set looked rubbish and what was that snake thing about? Alyssa and Julian must have felt like a right pair of berks standing on that rock. Still, it's good to see Cole finally free of the Source and it'll be interesting to see what his new powers are.

    In my view, the previous episode would have made the perfect finale - a demonic bloodbath to tie up the Source storyline and the season ending with Cole's voice drifting through the curtains. Third (and biggest) missed opportunity.

    So here we are at the halfway point in the series. As we say thank you and farewell to Constance Burge I've got a horrible feeling we may already have seen the best half.

    Thanks largely to 'Bite Me' and 'Womb Raider', this season's body count stands at a whopping 116 evil beings. The list comprises 75 demons, 26 vampires, 6 warlocks, 3 furies, 2 ghosts, 2 mortals, 1 darklighter and 1 wizard. Of these, 12 were vanquished by Cole and 29 (including all but one of the vampires) by the Source. Who says good and evil can't work together?
  • The Angel of Destiny offers the sisters a normal life and Cole requests help from another realm.

    In a very similar ending to last season (which is a shame) Piper, Phoebe and Paige are visited by The Angel of Destiny who offers to remove their powers from them and thus, allow them to live a normal life. He does this as a reward for the fact that they finally vanquished the Source. As it was before, it is certainly something to consider, but the sense of Deja Vu makes it just a little bit predictable.

    Meanwhile, Cole, trapped in another dimension, is calling for help to be released which poses more problems, particularly for Phoebe. Everything ends on a high note though when Piper discovers that she is pregnant.
  • Witch Way Now?

    "Witch Way Now?" was a perfectly entertaining and superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the character and plot development were both deep and engaging. The story was well crafted and put together and I liked the way things turned out. It was cool to see the Angel of Destiny and learn of his proposal for the sisters. I liked how Cole contacted Phoebe with barely a shadow and gave her some hope for him. It was also intriguing to see how the major story line unfolded. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Another good one.

    My biggest hatred of this episode is "Oh because it's to do with the charmed ones, then it's majority rules" how the hell does that make sense?! They are the power of THREE, so to me it should've been a unanimous or not at all vote. And even if majority rules were allowed, I found it unfair as a sister thing to do to force someone to give up their powers because you're sick of them.

    I actually didn't mind the FBI storyline. It was interesting and obviously the angel timed it to give them something to help them decide. The Cole storyline was a bit weak, but I kind of liked it. And when it comes to his eventual death, I will be here talking about how his 'evilness' is not even his fault I reckon.

    I did love in the end how the Angel told them they were pregnant :')
  • How Charmed can sell more DVDs - Probably has two endings.

    When this was filmed at the end of Season 4, they were still in talks with the actresses, and they didn't know if they wanted to do another season. It was probably filmed with an alternative ending, in case they had to tie up the series. In this episode, after the Angel of Destiny offers her a "normal" unmagical life, Phoebe laments that she is unable to have a child while she is "doing (acting).

    Are you listing, studio execs for Charmed? Here's how to sell more DVDs, from this dying franchise: Please, please give us the out-takes and alternative endings that must be in your film vaults and personal collections. Please do a quality set, not a quick knockoff and pay one or more of the original actresses, Like Alyssa Milano and directors to give us several real commentaries. Give us the crude and charming unaired pilots and alternative endings, even without music. Real collectors want them, trust me. Do a reunion special interview and put it in the set! Here is an example: See the Joss Whedon "The Chosen" collection of Buffy. It became a best-seller because it did specials right. Do this and you will make it worthwhile for fans like me to buy the whole series all over again.
  • More like the beginning of the rest rather than an ending...

    Season 4's very average finale is the infamous Charmed juggling act with 3 main threads weaving at once. The Angel of Destiny thread is annoying, but it makes complete sense that after vanquishing the Source the sisters would get the chance to get out of the wicca business. It is kind of hard to believe that Phoebe would want to give up her powers, even with everything she has been through; she has always been the wiccan heart of the manor. This thread though does have the great reveal at the end with Piper's pregnancy, and this thread does the work of healing the rift between Phoebe and Paige, as evidenced by their hug at the end.

    The second thread is actually very good and would have made an excellent regular episode if it had been utilized that way. Bruce Campbell is always a welcome guest, and it was a pretty good twist that he ended up being the witch hunter in the end. Though also annoying, the exposure threat was a smart tie in to last season's finale. This thread, and Bruce Campbell, should have been given more time instead of being crowded out by the 3rd thread.

    The last thread, involving Cole's return from the wasteland, I am pretty much ambivalent about. I liked the depiction of the Wasteland and Cole's collection of powers. But I also hated that Cole's return ruins the finality of Long Live the Queen, and I hate that Phoebe has miraculously done a 180 on him. Frankly, the real problem here is that this thread is completely unnecessary to the rest of the episode, and I think should have been saved for the opener of Season 5, which is two parts anyway. Yeah, the end would have had to be changed, but it is also unfortunate having Cole save Phoebe again just 2 episodes after she vanquished him.

    On an aside, Paige looked fabulous in this episode in the white dress. Loved it. This episode did a lot to show how close her and Piper have become, which is a big change from the beginning of the season. And Rose's acting in this episode is an absolute stand out.

    Season 4 is perhaps the most important season for Charmed. It proved that the series could still be good without Prue. It is arguably the darkest season, and with the best season opener and two great story lines with the vanquish of the Source and of Cole, it is certainly among the 2 or 3 best seasons of Charmed.
  • The Angel Of Destiny calls on the charmed ones.

    The Angel of Destiny calls on the charmed ones, to give them news that will change their lives the news is that because the charmed ones vanquished the source of all evil The Angel of Destiny is giving them a once in a life time chance to relinquish their powers and become mortal, Paige isn't too keen on the offer but Phoebe and Piper are becasue they have been doing the whole charmed thing for about four years and Paige only one, Meanwhile because Cole has a heart he is still alive in the demonic wasteland and he also contacs Phoebe and he finds out a way to get out of the demonic wasteland and strenghten him.
    also an F.B.I agent called Jackmen investigates the charmed ones and makes a deal with them to catch a witch hunter and arrest her but the witch hunter turns out to be agent Jackmen and his victim turns out to be a witch in hiding that the charmed ones helped Jackmen get. In the end will the Charmed ones save their inoccent they helped catch for their bad guy ??? and will they give up their powers ??? and will a Charmed one find out great news about her future ???
  • Other Brilliant Finale

    In this season finale of season 4, I like a lot of this finale because for me was the best way to close this season, This episode was great. The Angel of destiny and the Selena story was definatelly well done.In the End Piper discovers that she is pregnant, other brilliant end for this season and a great story for the next season, Unfortunatelly this was the last episode with Constance Burge on the show, in my opinion, she had to be the Executive Producer on season 5 and not Crap Kern.Bye-bye Constance Burge thank you for 4 years of great entertainning.

  • I felt like i had phoebe's pain when she had to kill cole.

    She Loved him and he loved her but, they came from very different worlds. She didn't want to kill him but, she HAD to. That was the hardest thing she had to do, She lost her baby(though it was never really hers)to the Seer, and she had to kill her husband, she wanted to be good and bad but, she couldn't, her love to for her sisters was stronger than (a little bit)her love for him. She had the baby to remind her of cole but, the baby was never really hers. Was her love for him true or too true???????????? Or was it even love at all?????!!!!!
  • The season comes to an end and Piper, Paige and Phoebe have to decide if they will give up on magic or not...

    a really nice episode. The sisters get their chance of having a normal life except Paige isn't so sure if this is the right decision and wants to remain a witch. But Piper and Phoebe are sick of being a witch and all the trouble that comes along with it and want a normal life.

    But in the meantime they are also being watched and a man comes after them and says they need to help him capture a witch hunter (?) not sure what it was name again. Anyhow it seems that the guy himself is hunting after witches and wants to set the girl on fire but the sisters find out soon enough but they can't use their powers. Cole comes to the rescue who has achieved some new powers after Phoebe told him she can't save him because they're giving up their powers. He saves Phoebe and the other witch is also being saved. Cole says he'll never give up as the sisters go back home

    They make the decision to remain witches because it felt good, which makes Paige really happy as Piper doesn't seem to be so happy. But the angel has a surprise which Phoebe unravels pretty quickly and Piper is pregnant!

    Overall a nice episode, we see that they are finally getting the chance of their lives but in the end they decide not to and it's really great that Piper's dream of having a child comes true. Overall an excellent episode.
  • Ho-hunters, pain-in-the-ass-boyfriends and pregnant witches.

    Now, THIS is why I watch Charmed.
    Good writing, good storytelling and great character development. A wonderful end to the wonderful season 4, not perfect but almost.

    None of the three sisters was annoying, none of them had to be trashy. They all had their own good storylines and character development.

    It all began with Phoebe watching tv, some crazy ho-ho is sucking Phoebe’s feet until the medium on the tv changes her voice into Cole and speaks out to Pheobe.

    I was glad to see Cole back, sort of. I think he should have stayed dead when he died, it was a wonderful closure to a wonderful character. I loved him but once is enough. Bringing him back made his wonderful goodbye seem pointless. But on the other side, I enjoyed his scenes and he brought some neat special effects and a wonderful scene between him and Miss Milano.

    So anyway, this episode is mostly about the Angel of Destiny offering the sisters to change their destiny by giving her powers away. Paige doesn’t want to, she loves being a witch but both Phoebe and Piper aren’t sure. Phoebe has had enough after being the queen-ho of the bad guys and Piper can’t get pregnant cause of it.

    Meanwhile there is a man stalking them, he eventually caught them with a tape and some pictures. He wants them to catch a witch-hunter but after they do. They realise that he was the witch-hunter and they helped him catch a witch.

    The good storyline of this episode was that the had to fight as humans, no powers. This is what Charmed should have done more often. Make them fight, make them suffer. Make them actually have trouble winning, it’s usually boom-stick. They always win so easily, it was refreshing to see them helpless. I loved Piper’s courage to save the girl and Phoebe’s to try to stop the stinky man. But the smelly man tries to shoot her anyway, but Cole who has stolen powers of other demons (the way he accidentally stepped on a power was a bit lame btw) is now back and he changes Phoebe for the smelly man and his bullet comes into him. Ha! He shot himself. Great scene.

    When the Angel of destiny comes back he offers the sisters the same but this time, Phoebe changed her mind. She realised how much it sucks to be helpless and powerless. Also, we learn that Piper and Leo are pregnant, yay.

    ‘Witch Way Now’ was definitely one of the Charmed highlight episodes. It wasn’t perfect, a few cheesy moments. But most of it was great, Charmed in a good cheesy way. I loved all three girl’s performances and Piper finally getting pregnant.
  • Piper & Leo are pregnant!

    This was a great season finale, but not as great as All Hell Breaks Loose.

    Cole is Back!!! I'm so glad that ths season finale had Cole in it. I was wondering if that was the last we'd see of him for a while.

    The angel of destiny comes along & offers the sisters a chance at a normal demon & magic free life.

    Paige is against it but Piper & Pheobe want a normal magic free life.

    Once a demon always a demon. Why couldn't Cole stay good now that he is free of the source. But still,

    I love evil Cole more. He's much more cool.

    The Angel of destiny was cool, I just loved him. Special guest Bruce Campbell was ok, although his acting was a little bad.

    And the best news of all right at the end, Piper & Leo are having a baby!!! I was so happy when the angel of destiny hinted it to them.
  • The Angel of Destiny calls on the sisters to tell them that he can give them a normal life but first they must save one more innocent from supposed Agent Jackman. Cole contacts Phoebe in the demonic wasteland. A happy surprise comes at the end when Piper

    I am so excited that Piper and Leo finally get pregnant, they deserve it so much. I am getting a little tired of Cole and Phoebe, why can't she just let him go? He was evil and he tried to turn her evil and imprenated her with the spawn of the Source- pure evil. But it was very interesting how Cole can survive in the wasteland while no other demons can. In the end when the angel of destiny told them that Piper was finally going to have kids i was so happy that I almost cried, it was adorable how excited Phoebe and Paige were that they were going to be aunts.
  • When the Angel of Destiny offers the sisters a chance to relinquish their powers and lead normal lives as a reward for vanquishing the Source of All Evil, their decision is put on the back burner. Plus, Piper remarkably finds out that she is pregnant.

    This was really a great episode. I feel that the end of the plot arc was tied up with great satisfaction. The darkness of this episode was refreshing. The sisters also bond a lot better. You can sense the closeness and the sharing of empathy as tragedy is shared among the house. Though the sisters are offered numerous opportunities to rid themselves of their powers and lead normal lives, this show allows the sisters to attempt a life without magic (or at least having it as a first resort. The pregnancy of Piper is not completely unexpected. This has been a topic for some time within the season, and with the big plot runners ending in this episode, the writers need something to start off next season with.

    Overall, great episode.
  • While Destiny offers the sisters a chance to be free of demon fighting and spells, The Charmed Ones deal with a witch hunter.

    Finally, an episode without it revolving around the whole Cole/Phoebe storyline. I thought this episode was cool because it sort of took a break from demons and turned focus to a witch hunter. Phoebe also got to kick a little ass at the end. I felt bad for Paige because she was just staring to love being a witch and they were so close to giving up there powers. I could see how they wanted to especially Piper because she wanted to have a child. I think Leo was missing from this episode but who cares. I found it funny at the end when Phoebe put her head up to Piper's stomach to say hi to the baby.
  • "We Angels always involve ourselves in Destiny. Michal Angelo, Mozart... Britney Spears..." Angel of Destiny

    Another fine episode of Charmed. finally the power of three is restored and the sisters are sisters again!!!

    Paige has been a great addition to the family and has settled in quite nicely. phoebe and piper treat her like a sister - and so they should do really!!!

    the episode ends on a high note with Piper finding out she is pregnant. its an happy ending, something unsual for the show. the angel is clearly pleased with the news too - did he help with Piper's Pregnancy?

    overall good stuff but its a shame season five wasn't up to par with this great season.
  • Destiny's Witches

    Witch Way Now?-When the Angel of Destiny offers the sisters a chance to relinquish their powers and lead normal lives as a reward for vanquishing the Source of All Evil, their decision is put on the back burner. The sisters try to avoid an FBI agent who has them under surveillance, while also dealing with Cole's calls for help, who is trapped in another realm, holding onto his love for Phoebe. Plus, Piper remarkably finds out that she is pregnant.

    Like Season 2, Season 4 ended on a bizarre note with an episode that was a typical demon of the week. "Witch Way Now" is not a bad episode by any means, it's rather good, but it's a weak finale, especially after a string of dark and spectacular episodes this season. Anyway, this episode sees the sisters getting the ultimate reward when the Angel of Destiny offers them a chance to live Charmed-free lives without demons or magic ever again. Of course, the sisters would chose to keep their powers in the end, but the dilemma does bring some great scenes between the sisters. It makes sense that Piper would want give up her powers, but Phoebe wanting the same is a bit of a shock. One of the highlights from the 4th season is Phoebe's maturity from beginning to end. She literally went from the rebellious, light hearted youngest sister to a very mature looking, level headed middle sister which was written with time and care. Phoebe's decision while a shocking, is believeable with all that she's been through this season with Cole and her unborn demonic child. But Paige's reasons for wanting to stay a witch are the most convincing and heartbreaking as she would never have sisters if she wasn't a witch. The witch hunter storyline is flat though and it's a shame that such a brilliant actor as Bruce Campbell was left with some worthless material as Agent Jackman. The twist toward the end was quite predictable, but the climax was at least pretty action packed with the sisters being powerless and going through some extreme lengths to save their innocent. It just goes to show that being witches and protecting the innocent in the sisters blood whether they chose to relinquish their powers or not. The episode ends with the most wonderful news all season as Angel of Destiny reveals Piper's pregnancy which is a great storyline that develops next season. Again, the only downside is Cole. While it's was interesting to see the demonic wasteland and Cole scoring some new powers, the character is now being dragged with no need for the writers to keep him on the series at this point. This is one of the reasons why the next 4 seasons of Charmed really destoryed the series, the writer just lost all their creativity and dragged out storylines that should have just died earlier on. While Season 5-8 had their share of great even superb episodes, the series just never lived up to brilliance of the first 4 seasons, especially with Constance Burge exiting to series after this episode. Her absence literally left Charmed in chaos with Brad Kern in complete control of the series, which it would never fully recover from. "Witch Way Now" may be a decent episode, but it's the ending of an era as Charmed would never be the same again after this episode.
  • A year after Prue and possible exposure the Charmed ones face a similar problem only this time from an FBI agent. The Angel of Destiny pops in for a visit as well

    After a series of dark and convoluted episodes ending in the last episode this is a major change of Pace and direction. Its more like a season 2 episode than anything, and a shame that Bruce Campbell's performance is extremely mis-judged. He just seems too out of place as the FBI agent/witch-hunter. I was also disappointed by the Angel of Destiny who decides that he'll offer them the Chance to not be Witches anymore. Although Piper and Phoebe think they should relinquish their powers Paige sincerely doesn't. It felt wrong for the Angel of Destiny to even offer in my opinion let alone 2 of them consider it. Just because the Source is dead doesn't mean that they have conquered all evil beings. The one thing I felt that worked was Cole in the Wasteland. This is how he should have become the Source in the first place really instead of the whole body transfer thing. Ive seen next season and he becomes an almost obsolete character moping over his estranged wife. Like I said it's a shame this happened now rather than sooner when it would have made sense but it worked for me non the less.

    Lastly I'd just like to say that the cliff hanger where the Angel of Destiny reveals Piper is pregnant is the bizarrist thing. 'Don't you get it, she's pregnant!' shouts Phoebe, Piper's response 'I'm Pregnant!'. Blunt force Trauma my a*s, who needs a pregnancy test when you have an Angel of Destiny ey.
  • A low-key finale, but a good one.

    How odd. My review for Womb Raider has mysteriously disappeared…

    (Oh, it's back again!)

    Moving right on, 'Witch Way Now' may not cap the season off in epic glory, but it's a necessary episode showcasing where the sisters began at the start of the season and how far they've come in just one year. Why the sisters have never been rewarded before now is a bit of a hum-digger. Why weren't they offered such a reward after killing The Source in 'Charmed and Dangerous'? Unless, of course, the elders knew he wasn't really dead, but surely they would have informed the girls, or are they just that cruel?

    There's a lot of toing and froing in this episode and it's a rare thing for the show to have the sisters spend the majority of the hour weighing out the pros and cons of a situation. Usually we have one sister acting irrational, guns a blazing, but all three leads present relevant arguments in a mostly calm and collected manner. I did like how Paige and Piper switched sides, as it was Piper at the start of the year embracing Magic, while Paige reluctantly learned the way of the craft. Now Piper, realising countless battles with demons has left her unable to have a child, puts her priorities straight. Both have strong arguments, so it was nice to have both voice their own opinions like adults and not as bratty sisters.

    If you begin to think about the Cole storyline too much you may experience a migraine. In season 5 the writers get so confused by how they want to represent Cole it sometimes makes for baffling viewing. Here we only see hints of the man they take to the nth degree; a love-sick half demon consumed by his obsession with Phoebe. But when did Phoebe get over Cole? He's not the Source anymore so we know he's not technically evil. He won that battle. Why is he in the wasteland anyways? His demonic half was vanquished in 'Black as Cole' right? I'm just saying, if my squeeze found a way back after dying, I'd be a little on the happy side of life. Instead Phoebe doesn't know what to think, Witch Way to Turn (arf!) and spends most of the episode looking confused. Cole is good from where I'm standing; he just comes with a few noticeable upgrades now.

    I enjoyed the witch hunter plot, even if it did play out exactly how I imagined it would. I enjoyed the action scenes; Phoebe kicks some serious booty in this one. Bruce Campbell, a genre fave, tones it down, but plays each scene with a knowing wink. The twist was appreciated, and Brad Kern certainly knows how to direct a camera, and so the episode also looked up to par.

    I also enjoyed the cliff-hanger, angst-free, thank goodness. And so Piper is pregnant. If there's one thing that kills a show, it's the baby storyline. But I'll let the Halliwells rejoice for now. Until season five…

    Season 4 Episode Ratings:

    1. Charmed Again (Part 1) – 8/10
    2. Charmed Again (Part 2) – 7/10
    3. Hell Hath No Fury – 7/10
    4. Enter The Demon – 4.5/10
    5. Size Matters -- 7/10
    6. A Knight To Remember – 6.5/10
    7. Brain Drain – 7/10
    8. Black As Cole – 7.5/10
    9. Muse To My Ears – 5/10
    10. A Paige From The Past – 7.5/10
    11. Trial By Magic – 3/10
    12. Lost And Bound -- 4.5/10
    13. Charmed And Dangerous – 9.5/10
    14. The Three Faces Of Phoebe – 8/10
    15. Marry-Go-Round – 8/10
    16. The Fifth Halliwell – 9.5/10
    17. Saving Private Leo – 5/10
    18. Bite Me – 7/10
    19. We're Off To See The Wizard – 8/10
    20. Long Live The Queen – 9.5/10
    21. Womb Raider – 3.5/10
    22. Which Way Now? – 7/10
  • The Evil Dead Career of Bruce Campbell

    Not a fantastic season finale but a watchable one at least. Bruce Campbell, best known as Ash in the cult Evil Dead movies, is a major casting coup for Charmed but it's a shame that his character is so boring.

    It's also a shame that Brad Kern couldn't think of a more exciting finale plot than the whole "sisters getting exposed" storyline which has been done to death so many times that it's hardly exciting anymore.

    The Angel of Destiny's offer is also dull as you know that the sisters would never give up their powers anyway.

    But, at least Piper's pregnancy promises interesting storylines next season...