Season 4 Episode 22

Witch Way Now?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2002 on The WB

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  • Ho-hunters, pain-in-the-ass-boyfriends and pregnant witches.

    Now, THIS is why I watch Charmed.
    Good writing, good storytelling and great character development. A wonderful end to the wonderful season 4, not perfect but almost.

    None of the three sisters was annoying, none of them had to be trashy. They all had their own good storylines and character development.

    It all began with Phoebe watching tv, some crazy ho-ho is sucking Phoebe’s feet until the medium on the tv changes her voice into Cole and speaks out to Pheobe.

    I was glad to see Cole back, sort of. I think he should have stayed dead when he died, it was a wonderful closure to a wonderful character. I loved him but once is enough. Bringing him back made his wonderful goodbye seem pointless. But on the other side, I enjoyed his scenes and he brought some neat special effects and a wonderful scene between him and Miss Milano.

    So anyway, this episode is mostly about the Angel of Destiny offering the sisters to change their destiny by giving her powers away. Paige doesn’t want to, she loves being a witch but both Phoebe and Piper aren’t sure. Phoebe has had enough after being the queen-ho of the bad guys and Piper can’t get pregnant cause of it.

    Meanwhile there is a man stalking them, he eventually caught them with a tape and some pictures. He wants them to catch a witch-hunter but after they do. They realise that he was the witch-hunter and they helped him catch a witch.

    The good storyline of this episode was that the had to fight as humans, no powers. This is what Charmed should have done more often. Make them fight, make them suffer. Make them actually have trouble winning, it’s usually boom-stick. They always win so easily, it was refreshing to see them helpless. I loved Piper’s courage to save the girl and Phoebe’s to try to stop the stinky man. But the smelly man tries to shoot her anyway, but Cole who has stolen powers of other demons (the way he accidentally stepped on a power was a bit lame btw) is now back and he changes Phoebe for the smelly man and his bullet comes into him. Ha! He shot himself. Great scene.

    When the Angel of destiny comes back he offers the sisters the same but this time, Phoebe changed her mind. She realised how much it sucks to be helpless and powerless. Also, we learn that Piper and Leo are pregnant, yay.

    ‘Witch Way Now’ was definitely one of the Charmed highlight episodes. It wasn’t perfect, a few cheesy moments. But most of it was great, Charmed in a good cheesy way. I loved all three girl’s performances and Piper finally getting pregnant.