Season 4 Episode 22

Witch Way Now?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2002 on The WB

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  • Destiny's Witches

    Witch Way Now?-When the Angel of Destiny offers the sisters a chance to relinquish their powers and lead normal lives as a reward for vanquishing the Source of All Evil, their decision is put on the back burner. The sisters try to avoid an FBI agent who has them under surveillance, while also dealing with Cole's calls for help, who is trapped in another realm, holding onto his love for Phoebe. Plus, Piper remarkably finds out that she is pregnant.

    Like Season 2, Season 4 ended on a bizarre note with an episode that was a typical demon of the week. "Witch Way Now" is not a bad episode by any means, it's rather good, but it's a weak finale, especially after a string of dark and spectacular episodes this season. Anyway, this episode sees the sisters getting the ultimate reward when the Angel of Destiny offers them a chance to live Charmed-free lives without demons or magic ever again. Of course, the sisters would chose to keep their powers in the end, but the dilemma does bring some great scenes between the sisters. It makes sense that Piper would want give up her powers, but Phoebe wanting the same is a bit of a shock. One of the highlights from the 4th season is Phoebe's maturity from beginning to end. She literally went from the rebellious, light hearted youngest sister to a very mature looking, level headed middle sister which was written with time and care. Phoebe's decision while a shocking, is believeable with all that she's been through this season with Cole and her unborn demonic child. But Paige's reasons for wanting to stay a witch are the most convincing and heartbreaking as she would never have sisters if she wasn't a witch. The witch hunter storyline is flat though and it's a shame that such a brilliant actor as Bruce Campbell was left with some worthless material as Agent Jackman. The twist toward the end was quite predictable, but the climax was at least pretty action packed with the sisters being powerless and going through some extreme lengths to save their innocent. It just goes to show that being witches and protecting the innocent in the sisters blood whether they chose to relinquish their powers or not. The episode ends with the most wonderful news all season as Angel of Destiny reveals Piper's pregnancy which is a great storyline that develops next season. Again, the only downside is Cole. While it's was interesting to see the demonic wasteland and Cole scoring some new powers, the character is now being dragged with no need for the writers to keep him on the series at this point. This is one of the reasons why the next 4 seasons of Charmed really destoryed the series, the writer just lost all their creativity and dragged out storylines that should have just died earlier on. While Season 5-8 had their share of great even superb episodes, the series just never lived up to brilliance of the first 4 seasons, especially with Constance Burge exiting to series after this episode. Her absence literally left Charmed in chaos with Brad Kern in complete control of the series, which it would never fully recover from. "Witch Way Now" may be a decent episode, but it's the ending of an era as Charmed would never be the same again after this episode.