Season 4 Episode 22

Witch Way Now?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2002 on The WB

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  • A low-key finale, but a good one.

    How odd. My review for Womb Raider has mysteriously disappeared…

    (Oh, it's back again!)

    Moving right on, 'Witch Way Now' may not cap the season off in epic glory, but it's a necessary episode showcasing where the sisters began at the start of the season and how far they've come in just one year. Why the sisters have never been rewarded before now is a bit of a hum-digger. Why weren't they offered such a reward after killing The Source in 'Charmed and Dangerous'? Unless, of course, the elders knew he wasn't really dead, but surely they would have informed the girls, or are they just that cruel?

    There's a lot of toing and froing in this episode and it's a rare thing for the show to have the sisters spend the majority of the hour weighing out the pros and cons of a situation. Usually we have one sister acting irrational, guns a blazing, but all three leads present relevant arguments in a mostly calm and collected manner. I did like how Paige and Piper switched sides, as it was Piper at the start of the year embracing Magic, while Paige reluctantly learned the way of the craft. Now Piper, realising countless battles with demons has left her unable to have a child, puts her priorities straight. Both have strong arguments, so it was nice to have both voice their own opinions like adults and not as bratty sisters.

    If you begin to think about the Cole storyline too much you may experience a migraine. In season 5 the writers get so confused by how they want to represent Cole it sometimes makes for baffling viewing. Here we only see hints of the man they take to the nth degree; a love-sick half demon consumed by his obsession with Phoebe. But when did Phoebe get over Cole? He's not the Source anymore so we know he's not technically evil. He won that battle. Why is he in the wasteland anyways? His demonic half was vanquished in 'Black as Cole' right? I'm just saying, if my squeeze found a way back after dying, I'd be a little on the happy side of life. Instead Phoebe doesn't know what to think, Witch Way to Turn (arf!) and spends most of the episode looking confused. Cole is good from where I'm standing; he just comes with a few noticeable upgrades now.

    I enjoyed the witch hunter plot, even if it did play out exactly how I imagined it would. I enjoyed the action scenes; Phoebe kicks some serious booty in this one. Bruce Campbell, a genre fave, tones it down, but plays each scene with a knowing wink. The twist was appreciated, and Brad Kern certainly knows how to direct a camera, and so the episode also looked up to par.

    I also enjoyed the cliff-hanger, angst-free, thank goodness. And so Piper is pregnant. If there's one thing that kills a show, it's the baby storyline. But I'll let the Halliwells rejoice for now. Until season five…

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