Season 5 Episode 5

Witches in Tights

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on The WB

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  • Alright.

    Not going to lie the end annoyed me with Phoebe being suspicious of Cole for no reason. "I've taken care of it" *runs away* "omg omg omg what does that mean" .. well actually it means nothing (and I honestly thought he said it in such a chilled way that I could be lead to believe all he did was pay the man off or something). I know we know he killed him but when it's her first thought, you have to wonder why he even bothers trying anymore. I think he did better than most others do in their lives.

    Not a bad episode, was interesting to see. I didn't like the Elder. You just demand this and that, you want respect well show respect for the owners of the house you are in.

    I also hate this projection power. While this kids power is pretty straight forward. The one Billie gets later on is extreemmmeellly over the top. Not only does she have projection she has Prue's power, she can move things with her mind, summon things, transport herself, I'm sorry but that's ridiculous. That is NOT one power but more of that later I guess.

    Finally, I HATED Paige in this episode. Piper needs to run her club, Phoebe needs to do her column, Paige and Phoebe were the ones going behind Pipers back with the elder, but when he randomly shows up (10 hours before he even NEEDED to be there!), they just expect Piper to take care of him? No, god Paige expecting them to give up important things so she can go screw somebody? Just wow.
  • Witches in Tights

    Witches in Tights was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was pretty interesting and a new take on superpowers. I liked how every thing intertwined for some great character and plot development. The sisters looked great in their superhero gear and it was fun watching them in action. The ending was awesome and I was very entertained. The guest actors were great and played their parts well! I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Charmed goes Comic Con

    This is really an amazing run here for Charmed through the first half of Season 5. Well, that great run kind of takes a 2 episode hiatus, as after a couple excellently dark episodes, we have what was intended to be a more lighthearted and comical break.

    The comedy works just good enough to sort of cover for the highly unoriginal plot, demon bullying male witch into doing evil, and the somewhat preposterous though creative subplot of an Elder retiring and giving up his power to an adolescent. We have our first exposure to projection here, though it is quite a bit different than we see later with Billie. What is the same is how ridiculously powerful it is, as the kid can basically make whatever he wants happen by just drawing it. There is an excellent layering of bads here with the demon, the Aggressor, and the slimy slumlord all to be dealt with. I also enjoyed the ladies' outfits, especially Paige's. They all seemed to have fun with their roles.

    The Elder was exceedingly annoying. I guess they wanted to continue Piper's infamous antagonistic relationship with them. I totally didn't buy the notion that an Elder would pass his powers to some teenager. My respect for the Elders is completely blown.

    The writers got some good use out of Cole and Phoebe this episode, and that subplot has the best ending, as once again we see Cole slipping more and more over the edge. Yes, I was glad he barbecued the slumlord, but it wasn't necessary. A threat on the weasel's life I'm sure would have been enough.
  • It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's...Not That Bad!

    Witches in Tights-When a demon coerces a boy into turning him into an evil comic book villain so he can steal an Elder's powers, the boy transforms The Charmed Ones into comic book heroes with superhuman strengths to prevent this from happening. Brad Kern and his crazy writing corherts continue the silly of Season 5 with "Witches In Tights". If the cheesy title wasn't a give away, this episode is centered guessed it...superheroes! Mermaids, fairytales, now superheroes!! It's like the writers were trying desperately to appeal to the 7-13 demographic to gain more viewers during the 5th season. And you wonder why Shannen Dorethy called this show childish when she got the boot. But in terms of silliness, I'm all for a little comic book action of Charmed. Sue me! My innner comic bbok geek couldn't get enough off watching the sister speed around San Fransico and unleash their powers, especially during that brief yet impressive fight bewtween the sisters and the Aggressor. The series' production values definately went up as it's obvious during the previous seasons we would have not seen the sister leap tall buildings in a single bound so seamlessly. You can tell the 3 leads were having a blast, especially when Paige and Phoebe are commenting on each other's costumes.

    With such all the guilty pleasure goodness surrounding the comic book superhero aspects of the story, it's a shame we don't get enough of it and the rest of the episode couldn't be more generic for Charmed. Arnon (surprising played by future Supernatural star Mark Sheppard) is your typical demon of the week fare and Andrew James Allen is forgettable as Kevin, which is disappointing considering he becomes a Elder at the end, taking Rames' powers. Speaking of Rames, he actually the only real other highlight of the epsiode. Gerry Becker brought a charm and earthy quality to the character, especially considering how the Elders have been built as being so strict and serious over the series. I liked his talks with Leo, especially telling him about how powerful his son is going to be. At this point, the mystery surrounding the baby's power and destiny is the only thing going for Season 5 so far. I mean Cole and Phoebe saga once again rears it's ugly head at the end when Cole stupidly kills Ed Miller before Phoebe gets there. I mean it seemed the writers were finally giving Cole a break by him actually having genuine concerns and not just being obsessed with Phoebe for a change but nope, that couldn't last long. Speaking of Phoebe, I'm noticing when she doesn't complaing about Cole, she's complaing about work. It's sad seeing such a fun character turn into such a walking whinner. But a las, it only gets worse. "Witches in Tighes" is pretty fun, despite all the usual Charmed buzzkills.

    I absolutely LOVES this episode because this character named Kevin who is about in 14 or 15 years old IS so perfect for this episode.I cant stop watching him in this episode! Charmed did had finally have MAIN Guest Role for him! Kevin is so brave to protect the Charmed ones, WOW!! Not bad for 14 or 15 yrs old!! This episode make me so impressed!! In the ending of this episode, Kevin was given a POWERFUL magic from retired Elder! Kevin is elder and witch!! IT is so exciting to watch this episode in while because Charmed dont have much teen roles in their shows!
  • Super-witches.

    Season 5 continues with the silly this week, as the Charmed Ones are transformed into superheroes. (Hey, as long as it aint mermaids, I'll allow it.) The action scenes are admittedly pretty decent, especially when the girls showcase their newfound abilities against the aggressor, a seriously cool bad guy for the sisters to fight against. We also have Mark Sheppard in a thankless role as a demon that can sense abilities. Is there a genre show Mark hasn't appeared in? Seriously, the man gets around.

    As for the subplots this week, it's more of the same: Phoebe is having Cole trouble; Piper is having baby trouble – her sisters keep tiptoeing around her; and Paige, well, can't seem to achieve an orb-gasm. Arf. (I'm here all night, folks.)

    There are a few chuckle-worthy moments here and there. Having an elder appear fleshes out the mythology of the show, as well as providing a few laughs, not to mention a few foreboding lines here and there about Piper's magical child, who he deemed 'special'. I also loved the bit where Leo asks Paige if she needs any help with her personal issues (ahem, her inability to 'orb') only to be shot down by Piper.

    The episode ends on a mildly interesting cliff-hanger. The writers are doing the right thing by reintroducing Cole as a considerable threat-factor. It's just a shame we have to filter through all of this comic book/fairy-tale nonsense to get to the goods. And all of the girls looked terrific in this one, especially Paige, in all of her pink leather glory (and, of course, several skimpy lingerie numbers). There's fun to be had, sure, but I would like a semi-serious storyline to come along pronto.
  • A demon makes a young boys drawings come to life and when the boy draws the Halliwell sisters as superheroes they end up in a horrible situation.

    I love the idea of the Charmed Ones becoming comic book heroes, but I felt that they should have stayed like that for a few more days instead of just the one night. But then on the other hand I think that they are strong enough without superhero abilities and that the episode is a bit silly. Really I cannot decide if this is an episode to watch or not. If I was in charge of making this episode then I would change their outfits so that they actually had tights but also stick with the tight leather. I would also make a rule saying that they cannot change into their human form for a week or something.
  • Comic book capers with the Charmed Ones

    Some interesting ideas this week and some good special effects but a real let down of a storyline.

    It's pretty formulaic stuff. A young witch is duped into using his power for evil and the Charmed Ones must rescue him and (you've guessed it) kill the baddie. This is the fourth time they've used this plot. The boy's power is rather odd - he draws things and they appear - and both he and the sisters end up dashing round town in silly costumes. I'm sure the idea of having the Charmed Ones transformed into superheroes looked great on paper (no pun intended) but the outcome is rather childish. Where was the witchcraft in all this?

    The slum landlord subplot doesn't go anywhere and seems to have been written purely to give Cole something to do. The ending is rushed and the vanquish is clearly an afterthought; the actor does not react at all when the flames appear and his rather feeble cry of "No!" is blatantly added in the editing room. Nul points!

    On the upside, it was good to meet one of the elders at last and having his powers pass to Kevin made a good twist (although I'd question how useful Kevin is going to be as an elder). I quite liked the Aggressor costume and the effects when he is zipping around are rather nifty. Good opening scene too.

    Have the writers any idea what an equinox is? Arnon describes it as a once in a lifetime event when, in fact, we get two each year (on 21st March and 21st September). Please do your research!

    Why is it called "Witches in Tights" anyway? None of the costumes involves tights. I think "silly" just about sums it up.
  • A wonderful way to make a horrible episode about a great story.

    Well, it is confusing review this episode cause since I saw it I did not like it but know I am thinking it was not so bad. Anyway my original idea was that they could have use a lot better the whole super-heroes story. They made a good fight but that was not enough for me. It was funny see the girls inside that clothes Xd But the whole episode was not only about it. The off-screen work was wonderful. The scenes with the agressor and a lot of scenes were made great. Let's remember the scenes with Piper and Paige walking through the smoke. Anyway, I would say that the story was the thing that made this episode not so great. (Not the superheroes, I mean the way the made the superheroes) I think that for a episode about superheroes that should have been so original and unforgettable they made a really forgettable and normal episode. The story about Ramus was not such original and the demon was not very scary. Besides... what about teenegers being so damn stupid!? I feel ofended by that teeneager! We are not like that... When they told him that he was going to be an elder he was like "Oh this is great no one is gonna bother me again..." Oh great, give a break. About Paige I really liked her storyline, Phoebe's one was not very interesting and Piper did not too much in her storyline.

    Well, I have to add that the writting of the episode was great. Some quotes were fantastic, specially the Piper ones.

    Let's count bad things: Horrible sets! The whole club at the beginning touched my nerves! It was so false, you knew that it was a set besides they did nothing there. In the other hand I did not like the whole airport set aswell and the little street. They could have use something better than that. Well, we have good things aswell: The effects were brilliant... The boy hunging in the roof, the plane that was flying above. I don't know but I really liked the effects here.

    Well, that is all, I am mad coz they did not a big superheroes fight but they did it ok. So I give them an 8
  • Funny

    I wish I could draw that well. I cannot draw to save my life. Those costumes were hot though. I enjoyed this episode a lot because it's kinda like living out a fantasy of being a super hero through someone else. If I could be that strong and fast and bullet proof and my name wasn't Clark Kent I would be very shocked and amazed.
  • Really good and funny.

    A young boy whose drawings magically come to life is forced by a demon to create a drawing that transforms a demon into a super villain. To help the Charmed Ones stop the demon, the boy creates a new drawing that turns Piper, Phoebe and Paige into comic book super heroines, leaving the Charmed ones with more ridicolous outfits to wear. The Charmed ones help the young boy after they are turned into super heroines, and he finds out he has a new destiny to fulfill as he is going to be an elder after another elder passes his powers on to him as the former elder retires.
  • Another well written episode... but still, it could have been better.

    Another well written episode... but still, it could have been better. I'm saying this because, ( If you have noticed ) previous 4-5 episodes were based on fairy tales and similar. First, mermaids... OK, Charmed is a SCI-FI show, but really mermaids, this show originally was about Charmed Ones fighting the demons. And, now, in these few episodes we only see some demon turning them into Cinderellas, Snow-white etc.

    In this episode some drawings become real. Again, something from some fairy-tales. So, I didn't like this episode that much, neither the 4-5 previous episodes...

    I think next episodes are much more better.
  • Supergirl Should Sue

    Superheroes. Yep, superheroes. Definitely not an excuse to get the actresses into skin-tight leather costumes! No way! This fun episode would have worked but, like most gimmicky Charmed episodes, the superhero scenes are only around 10 minutes long and the rest of the hour is filled up with boring, clichéd hunt-the-demon scenes.

    Witches in Tights has a demon using a young boy whose drawings come to life to create a superhero villain to kill the sisters and steal the powers of an Elder staying with the Halliwells. The only way to stop the demon is for the young boy to turn the Charmed Ones into superheroes themselves.

    The whole hour is extremely Charmed-lite but also really entertaining. Holly, Alyssa and Rose all look like they're having a hell of a time decked out in superhero gear and kicking demon ass with super abilities but it's a shame that these scenes only last around 10 minutes. They come and go extremely quickly and it's sad that so much of the episode is wasted on pointless storylines that they could have easily dropped from the hour.

    The most pointless subplot is that of the slimy slumlord Edward Miller, who films the sisters using their abilities. It's resolved so quickly and the final moments are extremely rushed. He pops up at Cole's apartment, gets vanquished by Cole, Phoebe arriving and being shocked at Cole's killing of the slumlord, all in the space of about 30 seconds. Talk about an anti-climax!

    Witches in Tights is another example of Charmed running on autopilot with a storyline which could have been entertaining but ends up being kind of lifeless.

    Director: David Straiton
    Writer: Mark Wilding
    Rating: B
  • The Charmed Ones are transformed in Super-Heroines because of a little boy with magical abilities. Meanwhile, Leo is with an Elder waiting for his death. The Sisters Get changed back and face the demon now himself transformed into a evil super hero.

    Well, this episode was really season 5 Charmed-esque cliché, everything is like the rest of the season, the fantasy/fairytale theme is respected and they do it quite well.

    Unfortunately, like most of the episodes, the Halliwell sisters are transformed into another "creature" and stays in that form for like 10 minutes, the storyline would have been a lot more fun and original if they would have stayed like that for much longer.

    But on the other hand, I think that the episode was quite enjoyable and it was also well done for the material that the producers had to work with.

    Overall, this episode could have had been a lot better, but it was still good.
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