Season 5 Episode 5

Witches in Tights

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on The WB

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  • Super-witches.

    Season 5 continues with the silly this week, as the Charmed Ones are transformed into superheroes. (Hey, as long as it aint mermaids, I'll allow it.) The action scenes are admittedly pretty decent, especially when the girls showcase their newfound abilities against the aggressor, a seriously cool bad guy for the sisters to fight against. We also have Mark Sheppard in a thankless role as a demon that can sense abilities. Is there a genre show Mark hasn't appeared in? Seriously, the man gets around.

    As for the subplots this week, it's more of the same: Phoebe is having Cole trouble; Piper is having baby trouble – her sisters keep tiptoeing around her; and Paige, well, can't seem to achieve an orb-gasm. Arf. (I'm here all night, folks.)

    There are a few chuckle-worthy moments here and there. Having an elder appear fleshes out the mythology of the show, as well as providing a few laughs, not to mention a few foreboding lines here and there about Piper's magical child, who he deemed 'special'. I also loved the bit where Leo asks Paige if she needs any help with her personal issues (ahem, her inability to 'orb') only to be shot down by Piper.

    The episode ends on a mildly interesting cliff-hanger. The writers are doing the right thing by reintroducing Cole as a considerable threat-factor. It's just a shame we have to filter through all of this comic book/fairy-tale nonsense to get to the goods. And all of the girls looked terrific in this one, especially Paige, in all of her pink leather glory (and, of course, several skimpy lingerie numbers). There's fun to be had, sure, but I would like a semi-serious storyline to come along pronto.
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