Season 5 Episode 5

Witches in Tights

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on The WB

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  • It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's...Not That Bad!

    Witches in Tights-When a demon coerces a boy into turning him into an evil comic book villain so he can steal an Elder's powers, the boy transforms The Charmed Ones into comic book heroes with superhuman strengths to prevent this from happening. Brad Kern and his crazy writing corherts continue the silly of Season 5 with "Witches In Tights". If the cheesy title wasn't a give away, this episode is centered guessed it...superheroes! Mermaids, fairytales, now superheroes!! It's like the writers were trying desperately to appeal to the 7-13 demographic to gain more viewers during the 5th season. And you wonder why Shannen Dorethy called this show childish when she got the boot. But in terms of silliness, I'm all for a little comic book action of Charmed. Sue me! My innner comic bbok geek couldn't get enough off watching the sister speed around San Fransico and unleash their powers, especially during that brief yet impressive fight bewtween the sisters and the Aggressor. The series' production values definately went up as it's obvious during the previous seasons we would have not seen the sister leap tall buildings in a single bound so seamlessly. You can tell the 3 leads were having a blast, especially when Paige and Phoebe are commenting on each other's costumes.

    With such all the guilty pleasure goodness surrounding the comic book superhero aspects of the story, it's a shame we don't get enough of it and the rest of the episode couldn't be more generic for Charmed. Arnon (surprising played by future Supernatural star Mark Sheppard) is your typical demon of the week fare and Andrew James Allen is forgettable as Kevin, which is disappointing considering he becomes a Elder at the end, taking Rames' powers. Speaking of Rames, he actually the only real other highlight of the epsiode. Gerry Becker brought a charm and earthy quality to the character, especially considering how the Elders have been built as being so strict and serious over the series. I liked his talks with Leo, especially telling him about how powerful his son is going to be. At this point, the mystery surrounding the baby's power and destiny is the only thing going for Season 5 so far. I mean Cole and Phoebe saga once again rears it's ugly head at the end when Cole stupidly kills Ed Miller before Phoebe gets there. I mean it seemed the writers were finally giving Cole a break by him actually having genuine concerns and not just being obsessed with Phoebe for a change but nope, that couldn't last long. Speaking of Phoebe, I'm noticing when she doesn't complaing about Cole, she's complaing about work. It's sad seeing such a fun character turn into such a walking whinner. But a las, it only gets worse. "Witches in Tighes" is pretty fun, despite all the usual Charmed buzzkills.