Season 5 Episode 5

Witches in Tights

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on The WB

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  • Charmed goes Comic Con

    This is really an amazing run here for Charmed through the first half of Season 5. Well, that great run kind of takes a 2 episode hiatus, as after a couple excellently dark episodes, we have what was intended to be a more lighthearted and comical break.

    The comedy works just good enough to sort of cover for the highly unoriginal plot, demon bullying male witch into doing evil, and the somewhat preposterous though creative subplot of an Elder retiring and giving up his power to an adolescent. We have our first exposure to projection here, though it is quite a bit different than we see later with Billie. What is the same is how ridiculously powerful it is, as the kid can basically make whatever he wants happen by just drawing it. There is an excellent layering of bads here with the demon, the Aggressor, and the slimy slumlord all to be dealt with. I also enjoyed the ladies' outfits, especially Paige's. They all seemed to have fun with their roles.

    The Elder was exceedingly annoying. I guess they wanted to continue Piper's infamous antagonistic relationship with them. I totally didn't buy the notion that an Elder would pass his powers to some teenager. My respect for the Elders is completely blown.

    The writers got some good use out of Cole and Phoebe this episode, and that subplot has the best ending, as once again we see Cole slipping more and more over the edge. Yes, I was glad he barbecued the slumlord, but it wasn't necessary. A threat on the weasel's life I'm sure would have been enough.