Season 7 Episode 10

Witchness Protection

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2004 on The WB

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  • Go Seer.

    It's funny to note, that Paige hated Richard's addiction to magic and instead of accepting his issues she kept trying to change him. And when it didn't work she took it out on him. Brody has issues with avatars and instead of accepting him for all of him or not choosing him she chooses him and tells him off everything he opens his mouth about avatars. Yes it gets old to listen to I'm sure. But she does it in a bad way.

    I thought the sisters overreacted a bit to seeing Kyra. I mean yes it's a demon so the initial reaction is fair enough but once Leo says we have to protect her they seem a bit crazed. Like come on you've protected demons before.

    BUT I do love me some Charisma Carpenter. Loved her in Angel, and Supernatural and she's funny here too. I thought she was a fun-loving Seer opposed to the other Seer (Debbie Morgan?) who was also amazing. "I know I know, I wouldn't actually have a soul, but I could live with that" . ha loved that.

    And here is where Paige does her typically annoyingly pathetic stupid self where she should just eff herself. And I hated that she knew about Sheridan being in a mental hospital. And Paige constantly turning it onto Leo. Just urgh so much hatred towards Paige this episode. She's acting like she's damn brainwashed and everyone else is evil. Her argument at the end acting like Kyle is any more trustworthy than Kyra who's done nothing bad to them is annoying, her argument that everything puts to them being evil is stupid, her acting like Phoebe (who received the vision and told Piper how good it was) is less trustworthy than Brody... is annoying.

    Everyone else make this episode alright though.
  • Witchness Protection

    Witchness Protection was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and full of character and significant plot development. It was awesome to see Guest Star Charsima Carpenter reprise her role as The Seer. She was awesome in her role and her story was touching to see her interact with Phoebe and sad what happened to her in the end. I liked how Paige and Kyles relations continued to progress as well. The sisters learn the truth about Leo and in the end decide to hear what the Avatars have to say. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Classic Charisma


    Witchness Protection-The Avatars enlist Leo to protect the Seer because she has information that could help them destroy the demons. Meanwhile, Brody reveals a secret to Paige, and Phoebe and Darryl continue to investigate Brody.

    Charisma Carpenter is probably one of the most underrated actresses on TV in the last 15 years. Her work on Buffy and Angel saw the character of Cordelia grow from a loud-mouth, insulting teen queen to a selfless, messenger from the Powers That Be. Sure the writing from Buffy and Angel was great, but it was Charisma'sirresistiblecharm and excellentdeliverythat made her such a standout on both series. It's obvious the writers on Charmed saw this and brought Charisma on for an 3-episode arc that ends with this terrific gem! We've gotten some great scenes with Kira the Seer in "Cheaper By The Coven" and "Styx Feet Under", here we get a fullappearance and it ends up being one of the best Charmed episode since the end of Season 3. Kira isn't just a character spewing countlessone-liners, she's one of the most well development demons the writers have created in a while and her interaction with all the characters felt very genuine, especially her bonding with Phoebe. It's also great seeing how Kira wants to be human, showing a different side to demons, especially considering all the demons of late have been getting very generic and one-dimensional.

    Another great development is the introduction of Zankou, played by already with delightful menace by Oded Fehr. It's about time we got a solid main villain for the sisters to face, since most of the demons since they vanquished the Source have been weak and waste of time. The scene where he kills Kira was shocking and heartbreaking, especially since she's such alikablecharacter but it does make for a great first impression from Zankou seeing he sunk into the manor, impersonated one of the sisters and killed his target with such ease.Definitelymakes things more interesting for the rest of the season. Too bad with all these great characters and developments throughout this episode, yet Paige and Kyle's part in it was pretty annoying. Paige seems prettynaiveand defensive in this episode, not to mention it's a straight up b!tch. Kyle has no idea who killed his parents and only assumes it was the Avatars, so why the h@ll is Paige soadamanton making the Avatars the enemy when Kyle himself doesn't know the whole story? Also, Kyle puts Sheridan into a coma, an innocent woman, and she doesn't even flinch or question his borderline psychotic actions? O_0 It's like Paige has lost all kinds of sense! You'd think after Richard and how obsessed she's seen Kyle act over the Avatars she'd agree with her sisters on this but I guess drama for the sake of drama is typical Charmed. sigh. Anyway, the episode ends with the sisters finally confronting the Avatars and leaves us with a lot of anticipation over what will happen next. Overall, "Witchness Protection" is a rare classic from the later years, one of the funniest and successfully well written episode, with excellent guest stars, a series stand out performance from CharismaCarpenterand solid plot movement.


    Sympathy for the Seer

    Another episode which moves the season arc along while raising some interesting issues along the way.

    It all starts when the avatars ask Leo to protect someone they think will help the Charmed Ones understand their plan. Problem is, she's a demon. That's the sisters' first dilemma. She then announces she wants to become human. So do they trust her or not? It's a brilliant twist and it all adds to the blurring of good and evil which has been such a big feature this season. Top marks!

    I'm going to go with the majority and say guest actress, Charisma Carpenter, really steals the show. It's easily one of the best guest slots of the series. She puts enough fun into her character that you're willing her to turn good but never so much that you fully trust her. Even at the end I was expecting her to double cross the sisters. I'm glad she didn't.

    Thanks to Kira, Piper and Phoebe finally find out their whitelighter is an avatar. Kira then gives Phoebe a vision of Utopia. While these visions are always interesting, the choice of scene this time is a little disappointing - it's just Phoebe telling her future daughter that demons don't exist any more. Not sure how this proves anything.

    So the Underworld now has a new leader in the form of Zankou. About time! It's been way too quiet down there since the end of Season Four. I loved his prison too. Very cool. The biggest disappointment for me is Paige and Kyle's storyline. After such a big part for Kyle last week, I was expecting far more. And there's no way Paige would ditch her sisters like that.

    Still, it's a highly entertaining hour and we even end on a cliffhanger. Whatever next?

    Score: 9.4
  • Leo protects the Seer

    Leo, Piper, and the kids, have a family picture taken, as the photographer takes the picture, Leo gets a visit from the Avatars asking him to help them have the Charmed Ones see the beauty of the Avatars' ways. Phoebe has a premonition of an idyllic future when Wyatt is 8, Chris is 6, and her daughter Melinda is 4. Other demons in the episode are a Thrull Demon and a Swarm King. There is a bunch of demons who keep arguing but they agree on one thing: the Seer must die. Since the sisters are protecting the Seer, they must find Zankou.
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes. The storyline was great and I love Charisma Carpenter as the Seer, definately much better than the old Seer. I was glad to see another new demon, Zankou, introduced. It was also nice to see Paige and Kyle get closer. She really loves him. It was also very sad to see the Seer get vanquished, she and Phoebe really bonded. This is a definite must-see.
  • when the avatars send leo to protect someone who can help the charmed ones come around into believing in utopia, leo is surprised to find Charisma, a demon, to be the perfect solution to his problem.

    Charisma, a seer/oracle, is asking to be made human by the Elders in exchange for the scoop on all of her demon buddies, as well as information about the avatars.

    the sisters, but mostly phoebe, begin to wonder if it is possible that the avatars are good.

    she gives phoebe a premonition about what the world will be lik influenced by the avatars, and it comes out to be qquite a surprise.

    phoebe and charima help darryl track down sheridan, who they find in a coma as a result of something that kyle brody did.

    kyle and paige sleep together...and kyle tells paige about what he did that he isn't so proud of (sheridan).

    GREAT EPISODE! fun to watch.

    i thought i was going to cry when we see what happens to charisma...i was really pulling for her! so sadd.
  • The Best Charmed Episode Of The Whole Show!

    Witchness Protection is without a doubt the best episode I\'ve seen of the whole show and I\'ve even seen every episode of season eighth up until now. I\'m surprised that even after seven episode the Charmed cast and crew still manage to surprise me and make original episodes.

    Don\'t even get me started about Charisma Carpenter as the Seer! Her marvelous looks aren\'t anywhere near the level of her talent. I love how her character sneers at people. A very natural actress who could make an excelent fourth Charmed Sister! :-p (Which we can\'t say about the season eight storylines about Kaley Cuoco (Billy) and Marne Patterson (Christy) :-( )

    Although it\'s been a while since I\'ve seen this episode, I remember I felt really good after watching it. I had the same feeling after watching \'Something Wicca This Way Goes\', the seventh season final. Witchness Protection is an excellent warming-up episode for its season final, which is kind of equally good as this one, although I liked this one an eenie-meenie, tiny little bit more.

    So a little Summary: ;-)
    Best Ep: Witchness Protection
    Second Best Ep: Something Wicked This Way Goes
  • It most certainly is "Charmed with Charisma"

    It would be a blatant lie if I said I like this episode for anything but Charisma Carpenter and her outstanding outfit.
    Seer--version 2.0--goes out in style with well done episode even if the outfit was not part of the over-all plan.
    However, even as we say bye to the Seer, we say Hello to Zankou...a clever and smart demon locked up for centuries.
    By the end of this one, you feel bad for the Seer as she departs and have a hatred for Zankou as he does his part.
    The end of the episode sets up the scenario for the next few episodes, but does nothing to help out the complete series...
  • this si my favorite episode where leo haxs to keep charisma safe but charisma does die but phoebe has a vision of a future with no demons so that keeps them up and going

    this is the worlds bestttttttt charmed episode because this episode reveals much of the show so if you never watched charmed and this was the first one you are very lucky.I have seen all the charmed episodes but to me this one was the most helpfull episode ever to me.
  • Natural Charisma

    Having guest starred twice this season already, Charisma Carpenter's character of the Seer seemed slightly pointless to be played by such a famous TV actress. But, with this, her last appearance, we finally realise why the writers wrote her in and pursued Charisma for the role.

    "Witchness Protection" has the Avatars asking the sisters and Leo to protect The Seer, who has vital information that the demon community wants.
    Charisma Carpenter is absolutely fantastic in this episode, proving to be one of the most underrated actresses out there. She genuinly makes you feel for her character, later named Kira, and her death scene at the hands of Zankou is quite depressing. Why couldn't the writers let her just leave as a normal human? Or have her as a more recurring character?

    Zankou is an interesting character and the way the demon community almost worship him is intriguing. Oded Fehr, best known for his roles in the two Mummy movies, is good in the episode and we will have to wait and see what his character evolves to in the future.

    I'm slightly annoyed that Sheridan came back. Though she was in an asylum, her re-appearance promises more unnessecary guest spots in coming episodes.

    All-in-all, "Witchness Protection" is a brilliant episode where Charisma Carpenter is amazing and gets some hilarious lines.
  • Charisma added to the cast on last time!!

    This is one of my favorite episodes because it stars one of my favorite actresses, Charisma Carpenter. In this she plays a seer named Kira. Although in the end she does get vanquished, it is still a great episode, a large part because of her funny lines and jokes. I loved it!! Charimsa rocks!!!
  • The Power of Three and the Secondhand Seer

    Main Storyline: The Avatars ask Leo to protect a demon, the Seer, because she has information that could sway the Charmed Ones' opinion of Avatars. The Seer, whose real name is Kyra, gives the sisters a long list of demands of what she wants in order for her to reveal her information about the Avatars to them. Among these demands is her desire to become human, which is the only thing that the Halliwells cannot give her, as they need the Elders? help. I really loved how good Charisma Carpenter came off in this episode. She truly is a great actress, and because I've never seen her on Buffy or Angel, I don't care if she plays practically the same part. This episode really showed that there are good demons in the world. If that makes any sense at all, haha.

    1. Phoebe and Kyra's Vision: Kyra confides in Phoebe by showing her the future. Phoebe sees a beautiful world full of happiness, where her daughter, as well as Chris and Wyatt are living happily together, because of the Avatars. I have completely changed my mind about the Avatars now. They aren't demons, but beings of good. Thank God! I thought Leo was gonna go crazy again or something!
    2. Zankou is Released: Zankou was banished by the Source when he was around, just like the Hollow from Season four. This is really intriguing to me because it doesn't seem that Zankou is very powerful at all. I guess we'll have to wait to find out, as it doesn't seem that he was vanquished. However, it really is a shame that he killed off Kyra. I really liked her character and now it means that Charisma Carpenter can't do any more guest roles on this show!
    3. Darryl Talks to the Halliwells: YAY! Darryl is back! I'm glad too. Dorian Gregory hasn't been in many episodes this season, and I really like his work. Let's hope he appears more often. And let's also hope that he shaves his little beard thing.
    4. Piper wants a Normal Life: What else is new? Well, maybe Piper will get what she wants finally, with the addition of the Avatars to the cast (Let's hope not. That might mean the end of Charmed.) Anyway, during the photography session, why did Leo's picture appear blurred? Is it because he's an Avatar now or because he was running away at the point the picture was taken?
    5. Kyle Brody, Paige, and Inspector Sheridan: What a nutter! Or is Sheridan the crazy one? Just kidding. But still, I didn't understand why he would go through all of that trouble to make sure that no one believed Sheridan. And was she dead when Darryl and Phoebe went to see her or what? And will Paige believe her sisters or stick with her insane boyfriend? I don't know any of the answers. All I know is that I don't like Brody anymore.
    6. Phoebe and Piper Accept Leo's Avatar Status: I'm really happy how this whole Avatar story arc was done. I liked how the writers showed viewers what would happen if Leo told at the wrong time (with last week's episode). And now I'm even happier that everything is working out all right for Leo.

    This episode was really good, despite the fact that Zankou isn't a very well-evolved demon. However, it wasn't as action-packed as "There's Something About Leo," and for that reason, it would have received a B+. But due to Charisma Carpenter's stellar performance, the episode receives an...

    Grade: A-
  • The Charmed Ones are called upon to protect a demon.

    In hindsight, the Avatar storyline pretty much sucked. It didn't pan out to be some amazing conflict that had us sitting on the edge of our seats, the way it was hyped up to be. But, certain episodes regarding the Avatar storyline were fantastic. Witchness Protection was one of them.

    Leo is pulled from a family picture to rescue the Demonic Seer from Demon attacks. He brings the Seer back to the manor for the girls to protect, which angers Piper. Piper and Leo's relationship has almost fallen apart by now; it is obvious Piper is strained by the constant secrecy.

    However, it is Phoebe's relationship with the Seer that is most powerful. The two have an obvious connection through their shared powers (empathy and premonition).

    And, for a moment, I actually wanted the avatars to be a good thing.
  • The Charmed Ones are called upon to protect a demon.

    Leo's "coming out" episode where he reveals that he is actually an Avatar. The Avatars ask Leo to have the sisters protect the Seer from demons. I loved the Seer's character. She was fun and quirky. Her character had heart and soul- something not seen since Balthazor/Cole. It was fun and refreshing to watch. One of my favorite episodes of the season.
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