Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2004 on The WB

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  • Go-go gadget gogo boots!

    Given the nature of last week's episode, bouncing right off of a heavy-duty (well, for Charmed anyways) present-future timeline and right into a present-past, smelly witch-hippes-EVERYWHERE plotline, was quite the risk. Thankfully, it's one that pays off, for the most part, and is really only for those long-term viewers, who would get the most kick out of the funkadelic, revamped manor. Honestly, though, the hour receives such a high score because we get to bare withness to an extremely sleazy 60s Leo. HA. What a sight to behold. And he hits on Paige?! Priceless. It's moments like these that the series could use more of. And since we're on a roll, can we mention Grams calling Chris a n00b and shooting so many flithy looks his way? Thankyouthankyou. We know how you feel, Grams.

    A totally fun, groovy episode of Charmed, then. It's just a pity everyone is so scattered lately, and the unncessary time-jumps from episode to episode (3 weeks) doesn't make Paige's or Phoebe's relationships anymore concrete when it happens offscreen. But then again, we don't have to suffer through Jason, so let's be thankful for small miracles.
  • Witchstock

    Witchstock was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to learn more about Grams and her past. I liked seeing Grams in the past and how she influenced the present. The story was engaging and intriguing for many reasons. There was a lot of character and plot development with in this episode. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • After Phoebe and Paige move in with their respective boyfriends, Chris tries to get the sisters together for a vanquish. At the manor, Paige searches for a change of clothes, but instead tries on her Grams's go-go boots, which transport her to 1967.

    This is one of my favorite Charmed eps, for some mysterious reason. It's silly and ignores previously established continuity, including Penny's age and the name of the Charmed Ones' grandfather, but I love it. Maybe it's because I love tie-dye, flower power, and '60s music, or maybe because this ep gives us a glimpse of a younger Penny and of what Leo was like before meeting Piper. Whatever it is, Witchstock never fails to put a smile on my face, and is one of the episodes that define season six for me. Some may call this a filler, but I say that it balanced out the melodrama of Chris-Crossed, giving the Charmed Ones a much-needed break from the seriousness.
  • Witchsuck


    Witchstock-Paige finds herself transported back in time to an era of free love and free magic, where she discovers Grams, a peace-loving hippie, who is on a crusade to rid the world of evil through the magical power of love.

    So let me get this straight:

    1) Gramswas a youngflower child in the late 60s....the late 60s!!! Okay let me just say these are the dumbest writers to have ever written for a prime time series!!! Seriously, how is there logic in that!!! Originally, this story was meant for Patty, the sister's mom, but unfortunately, Finola Hughes couldn't make it on set because of scheduling issues, so the writers, without any thought in butchering the mythology (not to mention plainlogic itself!!), they had Jennifer Rhodes return as Grams. How can Grams be so young and Patty be a child in 1967 when Prue is suppose to be born freaking 3 years later!!? O_0 Once again, instead of re-writing to story to make sense, they do it anyway with Grams during a time period that she would way adulter than portrayed and completely crap on the continuity of the series. Great job, you hacks!!!

    2) The demon of the week is....a green blob!! Have the writers completely loss all form of originality in their writtening!? All the scenes with the green blob taking over the manor have never been for laugable and a waste of time. Seriously....a green blob!? O_0

    3) So earlier on in the episode Paige can't use magic, makes sense given that it has been estabished that the sisters' powers can't work in the past because they don't exist. Yet later Piper casts a spell and it works! Now there are plotholes being made in the same episode! Also, since now we're on the subject, how can Chris even use his powers in the past? O_0

    4) Luthor Morris?.....Really? O_0

    5) Hippie Leo....Really!??? O_0

    6) Oh there was a plot about an evil warlock but I don't care enough to elaborate on that non-exitent plot!

    7) What a complete waste that is the amazingJennifer Rhodes. She comes insults Chris (well, that was actually great!) and becomes an annoyingHippie for the rest of the episode.

    8) Piper: "Where's Grams?" Leo: "I'm afriad she didn't make it." LEO...SHE'S ALREADY DEAD! *headdesk*

    After such a strong episode (Chris-Crossed) and we get this!? It's episodes that this that makes we wonder how Charmed went on for so long after Shannon Dorethy left. What an insulting mess this series has become! *Shakes head*

  • Phoebe and Paige moved in with their boyfrieds. Chris tries to get the sisters together for a vanquish. Paige puts on Grams boots with transports her back in time.

    This episode was absolutely rediculous. The whole story was just dull, as are a lot of Charmed episodes. It didn't have the element of humor or real fun like other episodes. I have only seen it once because I could barely stand it the first time. I don't even really remember what it was about, thankfully. That episode is the reason Charmed sometimes gets on my nerves and why I don't watch it like I used to. I just can't stress enough how much I disliked it. I hope this review/rant gives me the true closure I need from such a revolting episode of Charmed.
  • Attitude from Grams.

    Grams have lousy attitude and insult new and young whitelighter, she quickly think Chris is terrible whitelighter to guard the Charmed ones. She want new whitelighter for her three granddaughters. I never like Grams anyway, I dislike her very much. She need to be rescept people and she think she is boss. Of course, she was demon hunter and witch. But in the ending of this episode, Grams finally rescept Chris and think Chris is perfect whitelighter for the Charmed Ones. I dislike and hate her character as Grams. I pretend she dont exist. But Grams was so peace lover and were raged lot from her husband's murder. I like this episode but I am focused on Chris.
  • Grams gets her groove on...

    After watching this twice, I had this pegged as a pretty radical downer after the excellence of Chris-Crossed. However, watching it a third time, knowing what it was and what it wasn't, I guess, I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. This is one of those more humor-based episodes where you really need to put your brain on hold for the most part and just sit back and enjoy. Now that everyone knows what Chris is up to, his role on the show and the interplay with everyone else is much improved. It is good to see him and Leo get along, ironic that it only lasts until Chris's identity is revealed. Actually, the dialogue throughout is very strong and quite funny. Probably the best lines are between Grams and Chris and Leo when they are battling the Demon with No Name. Of course, Grams improves any episode she is in, and this is certainly no different.

    This is also the only episode in the Charmed catalogue where Leo (the 60s version, of course) hits on Paige. I really dug the Sun God. Extremely out of character, but like in Sin Francisco, that's why it was funny. The best part of that angle was when Paige came back and chided Leo about it and he asked her to keep that between him and her. Good stuff.

    What is also a plus is Jake Busey as the warlock of the week. First of all, warlocks are becoming endangered species by this stage of Charmed, and secondly, Busey is about the perfect guy to deliver the line, "Did you just try to cast a love spell on me? I am a warlock."

    Other than Leo, the 60's portion of the show, with Grams and Allen as flower-children, is somewhat tedious in parts. However, everything picks up once Allen is killed and the sisters admit to Grams who they are. Then it is just a matter of Grams becoming who she needs to be before it is too late.

    Yes, Grams is too young, and so is Patty. And if Grams had stayed a hippie, she would have been killed by demons, and likely, so would have the sisters, which was kind of the whole point of the episode. Thus, once Paige interfered with Allen's death, they probably should have all disappeared instead of Grams just turning into a hippie in the future. Whatever, like I said, you just have to get over that. It is a good episode if you can.
  • Plotholes, plotholes, plotholes

    Fantastic start, lousy ending. This episode was on course for at least a 9.4 until ten minutes from the end. After that it was a case of damage limitation.

    Although they've been done many times, I do enjoy these time travel episodes. This one's very much like "All Halliwell's Eve" in that Leo fights the demon while the sisters go off into the past.

    Both plots are fun to watch. The slime demon is the kind of baddie they don't have enough of on Charmed. It's great to see Leo leading the attack and the way Grams keeps putting down Chris is hilarious.

    The time travel story takes us back to 1967, where we find Grams as an impossibly young hippy chick and Leo as a sexed up lurve god (totally loved that!). The set is very colourful and certainly fits the sixties stereotype. The baddie plot really had potential - a time freezing warlock with a houseful of witches at his mercy - but sadly nothing came of it.

    Annoyingly, the episode slides downhill swiftly once Grams's husband is killed. Penny barely sheds a tear over his death and seems to be over him in a matter of minutes. That's very poor direction in my book. The vanquish of the warlock is also rubbish; he just lies there waiting to be killed. Why doesn't he freeze the room and escape?

    The present day plot also falls apart at this point. As soon as Alan dies, Grams turns into a hippy and becomes totally useless. As if she would still be carrying on like that forty years later! Then, after watching the slime demon grow for the whole episode, Paige kills it with a two-line rhyme.

    All this could be forgiven if it wasn't for the glaring plotholes. There's no way Grams could have been that young in 1967. And who is this Alan Halliwell? The last time we saw the family tree his name was Jack and he died in 1964!
  • Past or Present ??

    After trying on a pair of her Grams' go-go boots, Paige finds herself back in time to an era of free love and free magic; and discovers Grams, a peace-loving hippie, who is on a crusade to rid the world of evil through the magical power of love, preparing for a "magical be-in" at the manor. Piper and Phoebe travel back in time using Grams other clothes, to prevent Paige from changing the past and to make sure that Grams lives out her destiny to carry on the Charmed Ones' line. Meanwhile, Leo, Chris and the spirit of present day Grams fight to vanquish the Creeper, a slime-like blob that has surrounded the manor.

    This episode was really cool it was so cool to see Grams back in the day who knew she was so NOT Grams ?? anyway the episode was very well planed out and i would give it a ten for its oustanding writting and special effects but switching from Past to Preset To Past to present got me a little confused.
  • So, Leo was a longhaired flower power fellow :D

    Well well, who would have thought: Leo was at the Halliwell house long before the Charmed Ones. And he was a hippie. How fun was that?
    The episode didn't have soo much to give, but it was funny and I kinda liked it. Especially when their grandma turned into a hippie in the present. And we explored a little bit of her past and how everything is connected.
    I really hope Phoebe doesn't stay away for too long and that thing with Richard and Paige is annoying, I really wish she would just give up on him already, he's losing it...
  • A funny trip into the past...

    In this episode Paige gets magically transported into the past where she meets grams as a young woman. Piper and Phoebe summon grams from the dead to find out what happened to Paige. It turns out that the moment paige was teleported to was in fact the same day where Penny's so called best friend murders her hippie husband.

    When paige accidently saves him they alter reality and present day/ ghost grams is turned into a hippie. Piper and Phoebe then travel back in time and they all work together to fix reality.

    Meanwhile Chris and Leo battle a slime demon taking over the house.

    It was a revealing episode about Leo where we get to see what he used to be like in the past, the "sun god" who tries to seduce Paige.

    It was kind of annoying how they were all worried about grams, and saying " she didn't make it" , when she is already dead! Also it was sad the sisters were all apart and their spell was stupid, 3 words or something, they should all need to hold hands and do something longer for such a powerful demon!!

    But otherwise, a good episode!
  • When Paige puts on some boots that belong to Grams, she gets taken to the past and meets Grams and her first husband. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe summon Grams from the dead to find out where Paige is. Also Chris and Leo try to vanquish a slime demon.

    I really liked this episode because it was an episode in which the charmed ones travel time. Another reason that I really liked this episode was because it was an episode where Penny \\\'Grams\\\' Halliwell comes out. There were some comedic parts like when Leo from the past comes onto Paige. What I didn\\\'t like was that the episode never shows wether Piper and the past Leo meet. That would have been a very funny scene. Also, why wasn\\\'t anyone watching Wyatt? And why does Darryl\\\'s father look exactly like Darryl? So the reason I gave this episode an eight was because it was very special episode but it didn\\\'t have the qualifications to get the perfect score of ten.
  • One of the best episodes in season 6!

    I really did enjoy this episode, I admit there were a few in accurate details, but overall I did find that this episode was entertaining.

    I usually find that charmed episodes that feature time travel are often good and I would highly recomend this one. I thought that Penny Halliwell aka "Grams" was extremtly funny aswell as the warlock!

    Paige trys on Gram's Go Go boots, which have a lost and found spell cast upon them, Paige finds herself in the 60s, Grams and Allen (Grandfather) are still alive and are happy hippies who don't believe in killing/death/ Paige must remember not to change the future.

  • Time Travel with lots and lots of mistakes.

    What really bothers me about this episode is, that it could have been good. Only it turned out to be so full of goofs it's actually painful to watch.

    First of all: the ages. There's no way Penny was that young in 67. Patty was way too young too seeing how she sould have been 19 and is dropped of at her aunts.

    Leo is pictured as this sex-machine using his powers to impress women. As funny as that sounds it's completely out of character. I mean I get that he had a wild side too, but it certainly did not involve magic seeing how he used to be very respectful in practicing it.

    And then the changing the past had no effect on the future except for Grandma who should never have been there in the first place because the Charmed sisters wouldn't have grown old enough to summon her.

    Bad writing, along with yet another time travel is just lame.
  • The sisters travel back to the 60's where Grams' has unintentionally transported Paige by casting a spell on her boots.

    While I wouldn't call this episode a classic, I think it was fun to watch. It was great to see Grams pre-tough chick and even meet Grandpa. A big disappointment to me was seeing Leo as he was. I realize it was the time of free love and all that, but I would assume that a Whitelighter would have more self-control than to just "privately tutor" a witch in the way he was implying. It was romantic to watch Piper and Leo fall in love. It was creepy to watch him hit on Paige.

    All in all, it was a cute episode and it was nice to see Leo and Chris working together.
  • I Went Back to the 1960's and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt?

    Oh dear, after the classic that was Chris-Crossed, we're back to lame season six with Witchstock, an episode that could have been extremely funny and very retro but ends up being a real mess of an hour which doesn't know if it's comedy or drama.

    This 1960's-set episode has Paige being transported back to the decade of love and peace after trying on a pair of Grams' old go-go boots and discovering that Grams' husband Allen is to be killed by two demons that are undercover as two of Grams' peace buddies at the manor.

    It was fun seeing all the characters done up in their 60's gear and Grams was good as always. The only character I was really annoyed by was Leo, who felt completely out-of-place in the 60's setting. I doubt he would have been one of those peace-and-love hippies especially after his time in the military. Jake Busey and Kam Heskin were both good as Nigel and Robin, the two demons at Grams' love-in but it was a shame that Finola Hughes didn't appear again as Patty, instead she is played by unknown actress Kara Zediker, who doesn't exactly excel at the role.

    A disappointing episode which could have been a lot of fun, Witchstock is like a wrapped birthday present which as soon as you open it, it turns out there's just an empty box inside. Hollow. Stale. Disappointing.

    Rating: F
  • Why not have some fun

    I think people are way to critical of this episode! It's Charmed fun at it's best! The part where Leo the hippie is making "groovy" orbs and flirting with everyone is totally funny and cute. It is fun to see Grams as a hippie and Darryl is hysterical as Luther Morris! I think the show doesn't always have to be so serious. I liked this episode alot, was a very cute change

    The writer of this episode should be punished horribly. Don’t they have a show bible for things they’ve already established about the characters? This was horribly inaccurate compared to all the other time-travel Charmed episodes and things we’ve learned about their past from other episodes. It’s arguably the WORST EPSIODE EVER.
  • Hippies or Us

    This was a good episode for many reasons. It gave the girls a glimse of what Grams was like as a young woman. It gave a chance to Grams to realise a few things about herself and it was fun to see the days of the hippies and the music and times. It went back into a real realm the 60's, No time wrap that took them back into a time that could never really happen. I loved the outfits the girls were wearing. I also loved that they had Grams and her friends were talking as they did during that time.