Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2004 on The WB

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  • Witchsuck


    Witchstock-Paige finds herself transported back in time to an era of free love and free magic, where she discovers Grams, a peace-loving hippie, who is on a crusade to rid the world of evil through the magical power of love.

    So let me get this straight:

    1) Gramswas a youngflower child in the late 60s....the late 60s!!! Okay let me just say these are the dumbest writers to have ever written for a prime time series!!! Seriously, how is there logic in that!!! Originally, this story was meant for Patty, the sister's mom, but unfortunately, Finola Hughes couldn't make it on set because of scheduling issues, so the writers, without any thought in butchering the mythology (not to mention plainlogic itself!!), they had Jennifer Rhodes return as Grams. How can Grams be so young and Patty be a child in 1967 when Prue is suppose to be born freaking 3 years later!!? O_0 Once again, instead of re-writing to story to make sense, they do it anyway with Grams during a time period that she would way adulter than portrayed and completely crap on the continuity of the series. Great job, you hacks!!!

    2) The demon of the week is....a green blob!! Have the writers completely loss all form of originality in their writtening!? All the scenes with the green blob taking over the manor have never been for laugable and a waste of time. Seriously....a green blob!? O_0

    3) So earlier on in the episode Paige can't use magic, makes sense given that it has been estabished that the sisters' powers can't work in the past because they don't exist. Yet later Piper casts a spell and it works! Now there are plotholes being made in the same episode! Also, since now we're on the subject, how can Chris even use his powers in the past? O_0

    4) Luthor Morris?.....Really? O_0

    5) Hippie Leo....Really!??? O_0

    6) Oh there was a plot about an evil warlock but I don't care enough to elaborate on that non-exitent plot!

    7) What a complete waste that is the amazingJennifer Rhodes. She comes insults Chris (well, that was actually great!) and becomes an annoyingHippie for the rest of the episode.

    8) Piper: "Where's Grams?" Leo: "I'm afriad she didn't make it." LEO...SHE'S ALREADY DEAD! *headdesk*

    After such a strong episode (Chris-Crossed) and we get this!? It's episodes that this that makes we wonder how Charmed went on for so long after Shannon Dorethy left. What an insulting mess this series has become! *Shakes head*