Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • If the girls didn't have their powers in the past, how was Piper able to cast spell on the prison guard?

    • When the girls come back from the past and ask Leo where Grams is, he says she didn't make it. Leo, an elder, should have known better that the blob couldn't kill Grams since she is already dead.

    • When the warlock freezes everyone for the first time Robin moves away from Paige and young Grams. When he unfreezes them, she hasn't moved back Considering people always notice when someone moves when Piper freezes, it is unlikely that they wouldn't notice.

    • When the past is changed so that Grams remains a flower child, why didn't Piper and Phoebe turn into flower children as well? It's doubtful that they'd have been raised by a flower child and not have become one themselves. For that matter, it is unlikely that Piper, Phoebe and Paige would be exactly the same people if their grandmother had been a different type of person -- changing that one event would have changed everything that led up to their present. In reality, the three probably shouldn't even be alive after Grams is a flower child, because she wouldn't have been able to protect them as children.

    • Seeing as the green blobby demon can be hurt by electricity, why did Leo just not blast it with his lightning bolt power?

    • When Leo and Chris are piling up the appliances in the kitchen to stop the slime, the electricity cuts out, and Leo tells Chris there is a flashlight in the laundry room. In the previous scene the slime was already blocking the door into the laundry room.

    • If the warlock could freeze everybody, including the sisters and Grams, why didn't he freeze the room and kill them while they were frozen?

    • The first time the room is frozen after the warlock comes in to talk to Robin, Paige's face changes several times as Robin and the warlock are talking.

    • Penny seems very young to be the mother of Patty and only 4 years away from becoming the grandmother of Prue. The episode is set in January 1967, so Patty would have been 16 years old at that time. She was born on April 5, 1950, according to the family tree. Prue was born on October 28, 1970.

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks Phoebe's last use of her levitation power before it and all of her other powers are taken away by the Tribunal in the season 6 episode "Crimes and Witch-Demeanors".

    • When in the warehouse getting ready to vanquish the slime demon, Chris orbs to get Phoebe so that she can levitate & attract the slime demon via her magic. Why didn't the slime demon come around when Chris orbed out?

    • TRIVIA: Wyatt uses his telekinetic orbing power again, to bring his bottle to himself.

    • When Phoebe summons Grams, she mistakenly says "Come to thee, I summon thee, cross now the great divide." The spell is supposed to read "Come to me".

    • Chris uses electrical wires to keep the slime from oozing under the basement door. Except... the original reason he found it in the basement was because he had to get to fusebox after the power was knocked out. Since he never managed to do that, what was powering those wires?

    • Paige claims in this episode that she was born "in the year of the Ox" and therefore is a natural leader. If this were true, Paige would've had to have been born in either 1973 or 1985, neither of which is the case! In a previous episode, it was stated Paige's year of birth was 1977.

    • The original Grams claims that if she hadn't quit being a hippie, her daughter and granddaughters would never have survived. When Paige changes history so that Grams remains a hippie, the Charmed Ones' timeline remains unchanged and they're alive and well. If Grams remained as goofy and flighty as we see her as a hippie, how'd she ever protect them?

    • Paige dumps a can of marbles at the evil witch trying to kill Allen - for some reason she falls even though her feet never moved so she never stepped on them to go flying.

    • Young Grams tells Phoebe and Piper not to use magic openly, and then rather blithely and openly uses magic to turn the policemen's nightsticks into flowers.

    • Although it's established the events in the past take place on or around January 17, the foilage shown of San Francisco in the past is way too bright and green for that time of the year. Also, Grams tells the girls that they are going back to Summer of Love, but January is not exactly the summer.

    • If the past was changed for that short period of time so that grams stayed a hippie how come it only affected her? I understand the sisters not being affected because they were in the past at the time, but what about Leo and Chris.

    • It has been established by the Halliwell family tree that Gramps' name was Jack and that he died in 1964. So how was he now Allen in 1967?

  • Quotes

    • Penny (reciting her first vanquishing spell): Snuff this warlock, his days are done, but make him...good for the ecosystem?
      (Warlock explodes into a shower of white flowers)
      Piper: Now that's what you call "flower power"!

    • Penny: You are exactly what we're all about, Paige. You want to hear my dream? I dream of a crusade to rid the world of evil, not through fighting or the inner anger that makes us want to fight, but through the magic power of love.
      Paige: Are you sure you're Penny Halliwell?

    • Grams: Your grandfather Allen, rest his soul, was a sweet man, but he led me straight down the hippie-dippie trail.
      Phoebe (laughing): You were a flower child?
      Grams: Yeah, well, don't rub it in. What's important is that Allen was killed by my best friend. I didn't know it then, but she was evil, and I walked in right after it happened.
      Piper: What did you do?
      Grams: Well, let's just say that my peacenik days ended fast, along with that bitch Robin. Why, if she hadn't killed Allen -
      Leo: You'd still be a flower child.
      Grams: And the Charmed Ones would be dead. I know I'm a ballbuster, but it
      kept me alive to protect my girls from all the demons that came after them as

    • Phoebe: So, we get to go back there? And we get to meet our grandfather?
      Grams: Don't make too much out of it, because whatever you do, you can't change the past or tell anyone you're from the future.
      Phoebe (referring to Chris) Well, why does he get to?
      Chris: Because I know what I'm doing.
      (Piper scoffs and Phoebe laughs)
      Grams (to Chris, who's slowly being enveloped by the slime demon): Not from where I'm standing.

    • Allen (as he continues to stare at Paige): I swear, it's like you could be my sister...
      Paige: Or your granddaughter. If you had a granddaughter, that is... (under her breath) which you won't, unless I get home.

    • Penny: Where's Patty?
      Allen: I dropped her off at my sister's. She's gonna crash there tonight.
      Paige: Patty, like mom Patty? I're a mom.
      (Allen stares at Paige, shocked)
      Allen: Janice?
      Paige: Excuse me?
      Allen: I just came back from my sister's pad, and for a second, I thought I was looking at her again.

    • Penny: Paige, this is my old man Allen. He's not a witch, but he's cool with it.
      Paige: Allen, your first husband?
      Penny: My first and only. I'm not that into free love.

    • Penny: Do you have an active power?
      Paige: Yeah. I can orb.
      Penny: Groovy. Hey, everyone! We have a witch here who can orb!
      Leo: Right on. Lay some orbs on us, sister.
      Paige: Fine, if it'll help me get out of here. (indicating an 8-track tape deck) Uh, big fat tape thingy. (after her powers don't work) Oh, my powers must be down. Must be the past...past few minutes. This patchouli oil. It's really making me light-headed.
      Leo: Performance anxiety. (he puts an arm around her) Listen, if you want some private coaching, there's an empty room upstairs. You dig?
      Paige: Ugh. No, I don't dig.

    • Penny: It's why we're gathering here tonight, for a magical be-in.
      Paige: Oh, like a human be-in. When Timothy Leary said, "Tune in, turn on, drop out."
      Penny: No, there's no acid allowed in the manor, Paige. We're all
      on a contact high.
      Paige: I'm not on drugs. I'm just having a bad trip.

    • Leo: Grams used to cast spells on her clothes when she was young.
      Phoebe: Wait, you knew Grams when she was young?
      Leo: Yeah. We crossed paths once or twice when I was a young Whitelighter.
      Piper: Eww!
      Leo (embarrassed): Well, I barely remember it.

    • Grams (coughing): Nonsense. You can't damage an old warhorse like me. I'm already dead.

    • Grams: Are you giving me lip?
      Chris (taken aback): No. (Wyatt orbs a bottle and the slime demon attacks) No!

    • Grams: I think that we should take the demon into our arms and make it feel safe.

    • Piper: I don't have a lot of people to hang out with, aside from my baby who doesn't really say much and then one really neurotic whitelighter.

    • Penny: Have you tried talking to the slime?

    • Past Grams: Who wants a ride on the rainbow bus?

    • Grams: Dear, you have Paige stuck in the past and a demonic blob roaming the manor. Exactly how are you "handling things"?

    • Piper (about the go-go boots): Oh, wow. Phoebe. These are sooome boots.
      Phoebe: No, they're not mine, but I wish they were 'cause they're hot!!
      Paige (reading): That box says 'Penny'. Penny as in Grams, Penny?
      Phoebe: No way. I refuse to believe that Grams ever wore anything this hot!!
      Piper (matter-of-factly): Yeah, I figured her more for steel-toed orthopedics. You know, the better to kick your ass with.

    • Paige (about not using magic around Richard): What I get from him kinda more than makes up for it, I think.
      Phoebe: Eww.

    • Paige: It's not magic free, it's just... magic lite.

    • Grams: Men are like utensils, you use them, wash them, and throw them in the drawer until the you need them.

    • Piper says a spell to seduce the police guard, making him infatuated with Phoebe.
      Phoebe: What...why me?
      Piper: He ain't my type.

    • Chris: You know the only reason why she's even here is Paige missed a vanquish.
      Leo: Another one?
      Chris: Yeah, that makes, what? Five in a row now?
      Paige: You guys are such nags.
      Phoebe: When did you two become so chummy?

    • Paige: It's good to have you back, Grams. (to Leo) And you, Mr. Sun God.
      Leo (embarrassed): That was a long time ago. Could you please just...keep that between us?

    • Phoebe: Love. Lots and lots of love.

    • Phoebe: And be careful with my origami! That tiger took two frickin' hours!

    • Chris & Leo: What's done is done. (They both laugh)
      Phoebe: Okay, you two really need to get a room.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Léto lásky (Summer of Love) France: Faites l'amour, pas la guerre (Make Love, Not War) Italy: (Witchstock) Germany: (Witchstock)

    • This episode scored 5.3 million viewers.

    • Paige's arrival time in the past - January 13th, 1967. Determined by the Golden Park Gate get-together with Timothy Leary referred to.

  • Allusions

    • Paige: Uh, big, fat tape thingy.

      Paige tries to orb an 8-track tape deck to her, but doesn't know what it is. An 8-track was a magnetic tape technology for playing music and it was used most from the mid-1960s to the early 1980s. It pre-dates audio cassettes (aka tapes) and compact discs (aka CDs).

    • Paige: When Timothy Leary said, "Tune in, turn on, drop out."

      Paige is referencing a quote from a be-in at Golden Gate Park taking place on January 14th, 1967. After Paige is transported to the '60s, the witch Robin informs her that the be-in at the park is set to occur the following day.

    • Title: Witchstock

      This is a reference to Woodstock, a now-famous concert which was part of a peace plea.

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