Season 4 Episode 21

Womb Raider

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 09, 2002 on The WB

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  • Womb Raider

    Womb Raider was another perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was awesome to see Phoebe's unborn child protect itself at the slightest threat. This episode is the culmination of what has been happening this season and it was great to see the underworld move on after Cole was vanquished and also great to see Phoebe in a some what depressed state over the whole mess. There were elements of both good and evil which made things entertaining. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Underworld Armageddon...

    Woah. So, last week wrapped up the Source's storyline. Now we just have to deal with his child.

    As it turns out, the fetus does most the "wrapping up" on its own, unleashing its powers in a fiery climax that unjars the kind of devastation on the demonic underworld that we've never seen before and won't see again.

    This again is classic Charmed's mix of humor and dark drama. I found the fetus's attacks on Paige, not entirely unendorsed by Phoebe, to be quite hilarious. How long does it take to figure out that keeping Phoebe and Paige apart is a good idea? The idea of Phoebe going to a regular OBGYN is a poor one with predictable results. It is nice to see Darryl again. The guy continues to be a virtual saint.

    It is also good comedy when Piper gets summoned into the cage and realizes she is just in time to be sacrificed. Hahaha... Always cool to see the original Power of 3 spell used. The fetus losing control of its powers and destroying everything, including itself at the end, might have been a little convenient, but the effects were spectacular and it was super cool to watch 30 plus demons get dusted at once. On a sad note, it is actually too bad to be saying goodbye to the Seer, one of the series' best bad guys. At least Debbie Morgan got an explosive send off.

    The doom building up over Piper's baby troubles continued in this episode. There is an absolutely heartfelt scene between Piper and Paige in the kitchen with fabulous acting by both actresses and some great writing. This also leads directly into the season finale. Really, in a lot of ways, this was the real end of the story arc for Season 4. The finale actually is the beginning of the two most important arcs for Season 5: Cole's return, and Piper's pregnancy.
  • Looks like Cole has been vanquished (again!) and The Seer has plans of her own for Phoebe's unborn baby.

    Yet again, Cole or The Source or whatever you want to call him, has been removed from the scene and Phoebe is left pregnant and alone. That is bad enough but the baby, quite literally, has a mind of its own and starts behaving like the spawn of evil that it is! It certainly has some strong and interesting powers and puts poor Paige in quite a bit of danger. Clearly, this is one baby who intends to survive and grow!

    Meanwhile,the highly unpleasant Seer has evil plans of her own to use dark magic to steal Phoebe's unborn child and raise it herself to make her the new Source. It's never dull in the Halliwell household!
  • Baby Boom

    This episode didn't sit right with me. It felt tacked on. It were as if the writers had to fill out the episode, not expecting for the Cole arc to end prematurely (I'm not even sure why it did), and so they milked whatever there was left of the Source plotline.

    While the episode is still fresh in mind, I'm not even sure how the baby survived. I mean, it was supposedly pure evil. It was The Source. So how come the power of 3 spell that vanquished Cole last week didn't off baba-source as well. If the baby can affect the outside world at such an early stage in the pregnancy, then good magic should be able to affect it. I guess the writers didn't think this one through, or maybe I'm just over-thinking it…

    Niggles aside, nothing gelled. Plotlines were tossed together haphazardly, genres were mixed awkwardly, and the anti-climax dilutes the powerful ending of 'Long Live the Queen'. Why bring Cole back? Besides that, the whole Seer/Source plot was wrapped up too neatly for my liking. They may as well have thrown her in that rinky-dinky cage (which looked incredibly silly) and wrapped it in a bow.

    The FX also looked dastardly. The budget was clearly used up within the last few episodes: some of the special effects were horrid (the hot flash being probably one of the most budget-stricken effects ever used on this show in all 8 seasons).

    I also noticed that the window Phoebe flung Paige out of had been boarded up. A) who had the time to do this during the episode. And b) how come Leo didn't just zap it all better like he did with the P3 sign in 'Size Matters'?

    Rarely has a Charmed episode felt so superfluous, especially in such a strong season.
  • "Why did your mommy push Pagie out the window?" - Piper

    another fine episode dealing with the aftermath of Cole's death and Pheebs hell-child.

    season four deals with death a lot. Prue is dead, Pagie's parents are dead and now cole is dead. its all well handled and emotional, which is what death is!

    phoebe's baby is great. her hitting paige and pushing her out the window was highly amusing. however the episode soon turns dark when the seer attacks and steals the baby from Phoebe. a very emotional scene and well portrayed.

    the sisters become sisters again at the end. there has been a little disconnect lately but this is finally resolved (thought not until the next episode fully). Alyssia Milano shines in this one. give her an award!
  • Spawn of Satan...Literally!

    Womb Raider-The Seer plans to steal Phoebe's unborn baby so she can raise the child to become the next Source and prevent the throne from passing on to another demon. Meanwhile, the baby begins to take over control of Phoebe's body, which proves dangerous to Paige.

    A brilliant conclusion to the stunning "Dark Phoebe" arc that involves the Seer taking matters in her own hands and going after Phoebe's unborn child. The acting is still in top form with Alyssa still being so convincing as Phoebe deals supernatural pregnancy which causes some demonic hijinks involving Paige. Everytime Phoebe would attack Paige because of the baby was just priceless, especially the hilarious dialogue it brings:

    Phoebe: B!%@#!
    (Phoebe pushes Paige out the window.)
    Piper: What the hell was that for?
    Phoebe: I don't know, you'll have to ask him! Piper(speaking to Phoebe's stomach)

    Okay...why did your mommy push Paige out the window?! Debbi Morgan, once again, owns this episode with her tremendous performance as the Seer comes up with an elaborate plan to steal Phoebe's baby. The Tall Man made for a cool, errie villain and the revelation that she used Cole all this time to make the child her own was shocking. The massive vanquishing with the Seer and the whole council leaders was stunning and I'm glad the original "Power of 3" spell was brought back. It's truly sad that the Seer had to die as there will never be female villain that will match her coolness ever. The only downside of the episode Cole being alive as his voice echoes to Phoebe at the end. It would have been better to just keep Cole dead as his exit in "Long Live the Queen" was perfect for his character instead of being dragged for the next 12 episodes of next season. It just destoryed his character in the process! But anyway, "Womb Raider" is a superb finish to this overwhelmingly dark storyline that is one of the many reasons why the 4th season will always be my favorite from Charmed.
  • The kick inside

    The Source may be gone but his spawn lives on and its powers are growing.

    Forget the next episode, this is the real season finale. What begins as a few problems with Phoebe's pregnancy ends up with the biggest mass vanquish yet seen on the show (36 if I've counted correctly). It's a highly original story and, once again, the twists and turns are inspired.

    With Cole out of the way, the Seer's plan finally becomes clear. Having used Phoebe as a surrogate mother, she steals the baby and has herself crowned as the new Source. Unfortunately for her, she's bitten off way more than she can chew and the baby's powers overwhelm her. It's a thrilling end to the Source storyline and a fitting swansong for the excellent Debbi Morgan.

    I never thought I'd find myself laughing at the actions of a demonic foetus but the way the baby reacts to Paige is hilarious, first launching her through a window then throwing flames at her. How much of it was actually Phoebe though? I do wonder.

    We also learn this week that Piper may struggle to conceive a baby. Although this is turned on its head next week, it's a poignant moment and must have seemed very sad at the time.

    The slaughter at the coronation provides a spectacular climax, although I can't believe the Seer didn't foresee her own demise (she seems to have foreseen everyone else's). Still, the vanquish of the old guard does beg the question: what next?

    And we end with the thought that Cole may still be alive. Now I really am intrigued.
  • Piper finds out she will no longer be able to have children.

    As Phoebe's unborn bundle of joy starts showing signs of fierce demonic powers and a violent hatred of Paige, The Seer, plots to steal Phoebe's baby and magically place it in her own body, thereby gaining the power bestowed upon the heir of The Source. The Seer wishes to raise this baby as the next source and be very powerful. Meanwhile, Piper finds out that she will no longer be able to conceive the child she always wanted, as Piper fins out her bad news Paige and Phoebe are kept in a cage that no magic can break through, the sisters manage to let magic in as they summon Piper to the cage and they say the power of three spell which swips out all of the council demons. The girls finnaly get rid of the Grimoire so that there will no longer be any other source's.
  • Fantastic

    The Seer plans to steal Phoebe's unborn baby so she can raise the child to become the next Source and prevent the throne from passing on to another demon. Meanwhile, the baby begins to take over control of Phoebe's body, which proves dangerous to Paige. This episode was another brilliant episode from season 4. Womb Raiders, premonitions, the Source's spawn and its hatred (passed on from Cole) of Paige made this episode one to remember.

    The ending is sad though as the sisters reflect on recent events. Piper tells Leo that the doctor informed her that they might have difficulty conceiving.

  • Good Episode

    All i have to say besides the fact that this was a really good episode between trying to cover up Cole's death, Phoebe's baby attacking Paige from inside the womb, and ripping the Seer's ear off, is that the letter that Cole wrote to Phoebe and stored in the safe was the absolute saddest and most depressing thing i have ever seen.

    If I'm dead right now, I know it was at your hand. No one else in heaven or hell had power over me. Please don't cry, I was dead before I met you, I was born the day you loved me, and my love for you will keep me alive, forever.

    i have to say...i literally cry everytime i see this episode just because of that letter and i also cried writing this.

    P.S. i hate the seer with a burning passion!
  • Amazing

    Another great installment and another very funny episode.

    I just loved it when Pheobes unborn demonic child - aka - baby source, kept attacking Paige because she hated Cole. Those scenes where Paige was falling out of windows or flying across rooms were just too funny.

    The total of times that the Source has been vanquished - 3 times so far. Hopefully this 3rd time's a charm.

    I just felt sorry for Piper who it seems is gonna have a tough time conceiving ... or is she?

    The end was just perfect! Cole is still alive somewhere, somehow. But I'm wondering is he good or evil?
  • A Womb With a View

    An absolutely stunning episode from start to finish, this is the final hour in the Source storyline and it features some truly amazing story twists and some excellent special effects.

    Womb Raider sees The Seer attempting to transfer Baby-Source into her womb by summoning an ancient demon to abduct Phoebe, who, at the same time, must stop her baby from causing havoc with its powers.

    Baby-Source's powers provide moments of unintentional hilarity, in particular when it inflicts maximum damage on Paige, who it singles out for death thanks to Paige's obvious dislike for Cole. The scenes of Paige being sent flying around are really funny, mainly because Rose McGowan screaming and flailing her arms around is always comedy genius.

    The death of The Seer is really disappointing. Debbi Morgan was, by far, one of the best guest stars Charmed ever had and completely kicked ass. At least this episode finally confirmed how evil she was and the revelation that she was working Cole ever since she first met him is awesome.

    The only bad aspect of the episode is the final scene, where we discover that Cole isn't gone yet. Long Live the Queen could have been the perfect swan song for Julian McMahon's much-loved Cole but, of course, the writers waste that opportunity and have him resurrected only one episode later. Perfect.

    Womb Raider features some excellent performances from all involved. Dark storylines always bring the best out of the three leads, with Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan both particularly good and guest star Carel Struyckun (aka Lurch from The Addams Family) being effectively creepy as The Tall Man.

    Thanks to some dark twists, some excellent performances and an overload on pyrotechnics, Womb Raider is an awesome closer to the Source arc, being one of the best episodes in season four.

    Director: Mel Damski
    Writer: Daniel Cerone
    Rating: B+
  • The seer wants to have Phoebe's baby now that Cole is gone but the baby takes control over Phoebe and Paige has to watch out!

    overall a nice ep... Cole is gone and Phoebe is left with the child that is the source and hates Paige, because of the fact that she never liked Cole. Which turn out to be pretty funny scenes.

    And in the meantime Piper hears that it won't be easy to have children, but that there's still hope.

    Also the seer wants the baby so she can rule the underworld. Overall a nice plot for an episode and in the end they defeat the source once again, for the third time in one season. Good job Girls! :D

    Anyhow, overall a nice episode. I enjoyed it!