Season 3 Episode 12

Wrestling with Demons

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2001 on The WB

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  • No no no and no

    No no no no so many effing no's with this episode.

    I can't even bring myself to watch it anymore and unfortunately it's one of my favourite Phoebe episodes for season 3.

    I love the bad guys, I love the little ball weapon thingo, I even like the lost and found spell. But I'm sorry.

    If you want to compare Cole and Prue's next mission. Then one, Cole was born a demon, he never actually had a choice but he does have a soul, he has fallen for a human and he is (trying anyway) to embrace that. I believe Cole would've been very good if it hadn't been for Prue, Paige and eventually everyone turning completely against him no matter how good he tries to act.

    This dude CHOSE to be a demon, CHOSE to attempt to kill someone, and I don't even want to say attempt - he would have killed someone if Piper didn't freeze him. That's a bit more than 'attempted' - the victim, never stood a chance. So piper freezes him that means all of a sudden "oh he didn't kill anyone so he's good" HE WANTED TO THOUGH.

    And I hated that a good talking to with his mum just up and changes everything.

    When did Prue become not only amazing at fighting but better than our resident martial arts practitioner. Although the wrestler guys were OTT, Prue was just more ridiculous and they made Phoebe look pretty wimpy and pathetic in my mind.

    But god, no, you can completely understand why Phoebe didn't tell her sisters about Cole and as others have said a few times now - if she had of told the WHOLE story, how he spared her life once, saved it another time etc they would be a bit more understanding but no the show went for the 'drama' side instead. I found at least Piper's reaction a bit more believable - shocked but not condemning and damning.

    But no, I'm sorry. Besides every single episode being Prue-centric somehow. Even effing Piper's wedding is Prue-centric, they're just ridiculously OTT for Prue.
  • Wrestling with Demons

    Wrestling with Demons was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching as Prue was reacquainted with someone from her past who is being lured to the dark side. The story was well written and very engaging. There was some good character development and lessons learned in this episode. Phoebe finally tells bother her sisters the truth about Cole and it was great to see their reactions and interactions. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • And it is proven... wicca and wrestling do not mix...

    Watching this episode is like taking a flying elbow off the top rope.

    To add to the ridiculousness of the MMA beatdown, we have Prue doing her last impersonation of Paige, before Paige takes the role full time. Like with Brendan and Bane before, once again we have a man in the doorway to evil who Prue becomes obsessed with saving despite her sisters' misgivings. At least Paige typically only had the habit of putting herself on the line for some innocent; whereas Prue once again puts all the Charmed Ones in danger to save what she believes to be an innocent. I'm not sure when Prue entered the Matrix, but this has some similarities with Primrose Empath with Prue suddenly being a kung fu master. One thing I do like about this episode, on the other hand, is Prue's hard-ass attitude. She is truly Prue Superwitch here. She even ends up saving Tom by merely talking him out of it. Apparently, he just needed to go home and rethink his life. Preposterous.

    Besides Prue's attitude, the other thing to like about this episode is the entire Lost and Found spell. Its main purpose was to add humor to the show, and it was largely successful. I especially liked their dog coming back home. Haha...

    I believe Phoebe sets the Charmed record here with 3 spells in the same episode from our spellbinder extraordinaire. We also had the end of Phoebe's short-lived secret. As I mentioned before, she fails to tell her sisters that Cole saved her life from the Zoltar. If she would have done so, you would think they would have been more understanding of her decision to not vanquish him. Of course, that could have prevented the writers from setting Phoebe and Prue in opposition once again. And just in time for Cole coming back...
  • An underworld wrestling match in order to save someone's soul is a bit more than I can handle, but I gave the episode a 7 because of the sheer absurdity of it all.

    This episode was supposed to be extremely serious and cause people to worry a great deal. I get that. The way it was done, however, was bordering on the bizzare as an old boyfriend of Prue's, who is in danger of losing his soul to the Dark Side needs the help of the sisters to save him from goodness knows what.

    I think the writers and producers have fallen asleep again. An underworld wrestling match, for goodness sake? Surely they could have come up with something more interesting that THAT for an episode of the show? Obviously not, but they didn't provide much entertainment value either.
  • Who /doesn't/ like the whole good turned evil and back again plot?

    I don't understand why this episode has such low ratings! It's great! Especially with Tom having to fight against the evil inside of him. There's such passion in that plot line alone! Of course, like most, I thoroughly enjoyed the lost and found spell. Funniest spell of the series (thus far) I think ;) I laughed out loud a few times. Hmm and unlike others, I didn't mind Phoebe's timing in telling her sisters about Cole either. It seemed like it would never be a good enough time for her so she might as well blurt it out at the last second. Sort of like ripping the bandaid off quickly as opposed to slowly peeling it, nice and painfully. Over all, good episode!! Very very good. Loved Tom, loved the plot, loved the side plot. Loved the episode.
  • The Sisters Kick Some Demon Ass (and then have a nice heart to heart).

    I don't often review, especially reruns, but I just loved this episode and I had to respond to that low 7.8 rating. It was a great episode full of the great little bits that live on long after the flaws have been forgotten [such as Prue saying "I know that demon, I dated that demon!" and all the lost socks which return because of Phoebe's lost and found spell (where do lost socks go?)]. Then there was Piper having a real blast teasing Phoebe with sarcastic barbs once she found out that Phoebe didn't kill Cole and was still hiding that fact from Prue. And Darryl who struggles with his mantra ("The less I know, the happier I am") as the lost dogs and socks and souls pile up. I could go on listing moments, but, read the quotes. Better yet, pop some popcorn, watch the episode, and get ready to laugh.

    In closing, I know that some didn't like the wrestling bit, but it was a perfect metaphor for this show (and most TV shows). Just like a staged wrestling match, you have a morality play set-up where the good guys (in this case, the good gals) always win in the end. In this show, the good gals can even go to hell (or die), because you know that they'll come back again (Shannen Doherty's strange departure not withstanding). And, please, let's not forget Ron Perlman as the level boss - even when he's not at his best, he's a real treasure. Enjoy!
  • Hilarious only more in the way of how bad it was

    This is the second time I've seen this episode and its as unintentionally funny as it was the first time. It makes for a rubbish episode and a wasted guest spot by Hellboy himself. I liked wrestling as a kid (late night WCW in the early 90s) but this is ridiculous as Prue and Phoebe fight 2 big hulking warlock guys in the ring to save someone who didn't even ask to be saved, 'Bring the Pain!'. Cringeworthy. The kill the random face from the newspaper thing was just thick as well.

    More than that this is the episode where Phoebe blurts out that she didn't vanquish Cole. I thought she was an idiot when she didn't do it in the first place so having miraculously kept a secret for a few episodes this didn't feel exactly like the right time especially as it was only used as a fuel for Prue fighting rage.

    On another note I have to say I enjoyed the Lost and Found spell, the most inventive way to explain a mid-episode hair colour change. Oh yeah and the socks and pencils that was funny. It's just a shame I couldn't care less about Tom, like Jason Bourne (just watched the 3rd movie) he decided to become what he was.
  • Demons...Wrestling...Wait a Minute?

    Wrestling with Demons-Prue discovers that her former college boyfriend is being led down the path to becoming a demon, and the sisters must risk their lives in an underworld wrestling ring to save his soul. Despite the slightly ridiculous wrestling match during the episode, "Wrestling with Demons" is still a solid episode with an interesting plot, some funny scenes and some great guest stars. I have to say, I liked the storyline of the demon academy with humans being trained to destory their humanity turn into demons. The concept actually came together well, especially thanks to a great performance from "Hellboy" star Ron Perlman as Kellman, the head master of the academy. Also, Marco Sanchez is good as Tom as well as Shirley Prestia, who does a fine job as Tom's mother Shannen is also great as Prue tries to stop Tom, one of her old boyfriends, from becoming a demon and save his humanity.

    While I'm all for campy, the undergroud wrestling match was a bit too over-the-top, especially with Prue developing into "Trinity" from the Matrix out of no where as she seems to now be better fighter than Phoebe randomly. It doesn't help that all the wrestlers are so terrible at delievering their already terrible lines like, "I'm the bringer of Pain! and I'm gonna destory you!" to any one who cares! Anyway, at least Phoebe finally told her sisters the truth about Cole, with Prue's reaction being the most priceless. Then there's the lost and found spell which bring some pretty funny dialogue like Phoebe questioning if she might revert back to being a virgin. Besides the scenes with the awful wrestlers, "Wrestling with Demons" is still manages to tell a good storyline, some nice developments and enough good acting from guest stars to make it watchable.
  • Love me, love my demon

    This would have been a really good episode had it not been for the wrestling with demons bit. I know that sounds kind of daft but I didn't expect the title to be taken quite so literally.

    Wrestling aside, the plot is actually quite decent. Basically, demon-of-the-week, Tom, turns out to be one of Prue's ex-boyfriends, whom she immediately sets about trying to save rather than to vanquish.

    At the same time, Phoebe finally confesses to her sisters that she did not vanquish Cole. Rather predictably, Piper takes it well and Prue does not. Phoebe's confession to Piper is beautifully acted by the pair of them, and the digs and gibes Piper gives her thereafter are great. The inevitable parallels between Cole and Tom actually make for some quite gripping tension.

    The idea of a demon academy was an interesting one and I was quite intrigued at first. Sadly, it lost all credibility the minute they went underground. The set was rubbish and there were far too many extras just standing around. Surely a demonic academy would be more sophisticated than a cave at the bottom of an office block?

    The wrestling match was ridiculous and seemed to go on forever. What on earth were the producers thinking? Let's face it, there's no way the Charmed Ones would have won without using their powers. The whole scene felt like it had been bolted on as a cheap plug for another show. I wonder why that could be?

    By far the best thing this week is the lost and found spell. It's been ages since we had a 'fun' spell like this and the side effects are wonderful. I particularly liked all the odd socks. Quite why the wedding ring would turn up in a draw full of pencils I don't know but hey ho. They're welcome to cast it in my house anytime.
  • And so Phoebe finally admits to her sisters that she didn't vanquish Cole

    It was about time for Phoebe to fess up to the not-a-vanquish! I loved seeing Leo trying to push her to tell her sisters. And I loved that she told Piper first and had to deal with her trying to get Phoebe to tell Prue. The looks Piper gave Phoebe were just funny! It was annoying to see the new and improved Phoebe getting over Cole though and I wanted to be sick then.

    I really loved Phoebe's lost and found spell! It was so awesome to see all that stuff just appearing in the place that it was lost. The socks were especially funny I loved Piper's reaction to all the socks appearing. The return of Phoebe's brown hair was funny as well. This episode was just highly comical on so many levels because of the lost and found spell.

    It was so annoying though seeing Prue all ready to help a guy she hadn't seen in years, because she had dated him. The entire thing with going through 'The Academy' to become a demon was so incredibly lame and is almost seems like a rip off of all the vampire wanna-bees in Buffy. I hated seeing the arguments with Phoebe! It was so annoying to hear Cole brought up as an example every thirty seconds. Hearing about Cole that much was just insane! Especially since it made Prue argue with Phoebe and even Piper was bringing it up.

    I wanted to smack Phoebe when they were ready to save Tom and Piper told Mr. Kellman that if anything happened to her the frozen guys would stay frozen and Phoebe was all asking if that was true! It was like Phoebe stop being stupid!!! And she was even stupider for choosing that moment to tell Prue about Cole. I loved how Phoebe and Prue went into the Ring and Piper's all trying to scream at them to get them mad. It was so funny to hear Piper screaming like that. This would have been a much better episode if Cole hadn't been the topic of discussionso often!
  • Funny yet full of kick-butt action!

    This episode is definately a great one to watch. Full of drama as Phoebe confesses to her two sisters that she really didn't kill Cole but let him go. Then Leo reveals that he has lost the engagement ring that he was going to give to Piper (it was Patty's ring). Prue comes across an ex boyfriend-nearly turned-demon and has one chance to save him before he is converted into full demon, destroying his humanity. Phoebe & Prue are forced to fight demons to save themselves, Tom and the innocents he was going to kill. In the end (after a spell Phoebe casts backfires) Piper finds the lost ring, Prue saves Tom and the girls manage to vanquish the recruiter demon.
  • A Demon Academy ?? sounds strange but its not.. its actually very good.

    The Charmed ones suspect a demon is offing innocents. Prue and Darryl follow the next intended victim as protection. While in an alley a demon hurls a ball of fire at the victim, but the attack goes awry when Prue steps in. The demon runs off and Prue realizes that the demon is actually, Tom, a boy she dated in college. The girls find out Tom is a recruit of a "Demon-Academy," where recruits loose their humanity to become demons. Prue decides to visit Tom's mother, while Piper and Phoebe stay at the Manor to work on a spell to locate Tom. Phoebe confesses to Piper that she let Cole go and she's been working on a "Lost & Found Spell" to find him. Prue talks to Tom's mother and finds out more about the "Demon-Recruiter." The girls cast the spell, discover where Tom is, ambush him and drag him back to the Manor. They find out he's still human, but he has to kill an innocent to become a demon, the girls allow him to escape and follow him to the "Demon-Recruiter." They offer the "Recruiter" a deal, they will fight for Tom's humanity, and if they win they leave with Tom, if they lose the "Recruiter" gets Tom and them. He accepts the offer and Phoebe tells Prue about Cole. While Phoebe and Prue are in the Wrestling Ring, the "Recruiter" stabs Piper in the back and leaves with Tom. Prue and Phoebe kick some demon butt, take Piper to Leo so he can heal her, and tell Darryl to take Tom's mother to the Manor. Everyone meets at the Manor and the "Recruiter" tells Tom to kill his mother, he can't do it and kills the "Recruiter" instead. Later Prue and Phoebe talk about Cole, but Prue still feels betrayed by her sister and neither one knows how to mend their relationship.
  • This episode is a perfect example of why I'm glad Prue got killed off

    Prue drives me insane in the episode she is so incredibly selfish and cocky and risks everything for no good reason. She not only gambles with her life and the charmed existence and the greater good but she puts her relectant sisters in danger to. When Phoebe wants to help Cole Prue is all no hes a demon but when a guy prue used to date turns into a demon shes all lets svae him hes a good guy i like him la la la. and when he tries to kill an innocent and piper freezes the scene prue's all well he didnt kill him so hes still good but if piper hadnt frozen everything he would have killed the innocent. grrrrr. stupid prue. she needs to come down off her pedestal its the power of three not the power of Prue.
  • Seems like a ordinary day, trying to save an ex-boyfriend who's now a demon. But, there's something else...

    Why is this episode one of my favorite? Well, because we can see the girls, the CHARMED ONES really kicking some ass! Sorry for the word, but the last scene (not the last actually) where Phoebe and Prue fight with the demons. It's something else! Phoebe do a 180º turn, just to get up! This is the "perfect" wrestling scene ever! Girls getting to kick guys butt in high heels... Also, there's the secret Phoebe been hiding from the sisters, well, from Prue only, that she didn't kill Cole, to what Prue only say: I'm gonna save you so i can kill you later!
  • Prue wants to save an ex boyfriend from becoming a demon. Pheobe tells her sisters about Cole being alive, Piper takes it well but Prue is really mad at her for lying to them all this time.

    Well the episode started of a little boring but towards the middle got more interesting & exciting.

    Prue wants to save an ex boyfriend from becoming a demon.

    Pheobe tells her sisters about Cole being alive, Piper takes it well but Prue is really mad at her for lying to them all this time.

    The lost & found spell the sisters cast was funny, they found everything that they ever lost.

    The whole wrestling bit was a nice touch to the episode, I really liked it, it was fun watching Prue & Pheobe fighting professional wrestlers, even though I'm not a fan of the sport. I just found it a little wierd thah Pheobe didn't leviate while fighting them.
  • Wrestling with the Sweeps Season

    An interesting story idea is ruined by a pointless 20-minute long wrestling match between two steroid-pumping WCW muscle men and two of the sisters.

    Wrestling with Demons sees Prue shaken after discovering her ex-boyfriend Tom is attempting to become a demon. If he succeeds in murdering random victims, the sinister Mr Kellman will turn Tom into what he has always wanted to be. In order to save his soul, Prue and Phoebe face off against some demonic wrestlers.

    The episode is most notable for an appearance by Hellboy star Ron Perlman, who plays Kellman. He's a decent villain and the weird ball thing that hovers in the air is a creepy and original weapon.

    The entire hour is ruined though by the pointlessness of the wrestling scenes. In an obvious Sweeps stunt, it's just embarrassing to watch as one of the wrestlers screams "I am the bringer of pain etc." at anybody who cares. The WB put wrestling into three of its shows in the early 2000's, Charmed (this episode), Angel (The Ring) and Birds of Prey (Gladiatrix). None of these shows pulled it off, unsurprisingly.

    Despite the wrestling, this is an effective episode with a good mystery and some excellent acting from the regulars and Ron Perlman.
  • the charmed ones think one of prues ex-boyfriends is a demon but prue doesnt think he is so they investigate and find out a demons running an academy and in order for prues ex to become a demon he has to kill an innocent so prue thinks she can savehim

    the charmed ones really are caught on this one its really exciteing and i think this is good episode the only way you can get into this episode is if you always watch the series because its got a lot of stuff thats happened in a previous episode like when she didnt vanquish cole a couple of episodes earliear its got loads about that.
  • With the guest appearances of some tough WCW guys, this episode appeals to both males and females. It also brought my husband and myself closer... at least for an hour!

    I'm really glad that this episode was made. I catch so much grief about always watching this "chick flick show" that I had considered taping it to watch it later. When he saw this episode and some of his favorite WCW guys, he became interested and sat with me to watch the whole show! This is the first show we have agreed on in a long time! He now likes to watch this show and has been asking me questions to "catch up on the episodes he missed." On top of appealing to the male gender, I found it really interesting and entertaining! (And I hate wrestling!) Very good episode!
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