Season 5 Episode 10

Y Tu Mummy Tambien

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2003 on The WB

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  • Y Tu Mummy Tambien

    Y Tu Mummy Tambien was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was good, there was character development and lots of magic. It was interesting to see Cole as he plotted to work with Jeric in order to restore Phoebe. It was funny watching Piper fret over maternity clothes. There was action, drama, humor and intrigue and I was very entertained. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • She went to Jeric!

    Yes, that is four episodes in a row rated a 9. All are very different, but all four are excellent in their own way. This episode is terrifically written and has at least 2 stand out performances.

    I find it somewhat humorous that the title is a rip off a Mexican movie but that all the action occurs in Egypt, actually a rip off "The Mummy Returns." But, hey, again, at least they are taking from a good movie. For once, the two bad guys, Cole and Jeric, are the ones who carry the episode. Adrian Paul is wonderful as the dignified Jeric. He does a comically fantastic job impersonating Leo, and what a bonus, he is the only guest star to kiss Phoebe and Paige in the same episode. Congrats. Julian tops himself with his over-the-top performance as the mad-hatter Cole. From the scene in his flat, to his entrance into Jaric's crypt, to the famous showdown with Piper in the attic, every scene is a keeper. Absolutely fabulous, Julian McMahon! Can't you at least let me not die in peace? Hahahaha.....

    Among the sisters, Piper is foremost here, somewhat a rarity for Season 5. The scene in the attic where she is checking herself out in the mirror until Leo shows up is another great Piper and Leo scene. The scene where Leo and Piper discuss the lose-lose choice she has to make is also well written and acted. The conclusion makes complete sense, and I loved when Cole applauded afterwards. Sure, it is a little disappointing that Jeric can be vanquished with just Piper's power, but the writers were probably out of time. Strangely, a couple seasons after being introduced as Belthazor in Season 3, Cole is finally back as the main bad guy in the show, and what a handful he is!
  • Walk Like An Egyptian

    Y Tu Mummy Tambien-Phoebe falls prey to Jeric, a demon in search of the perfect body to hold the spirit of Isis, his dead lover. To trap the spirit, Jeric mummifies Phoebe's body. Meanwhile, Cole tries to save Phoebe by making a deal with the demon.

    Sigh. After 4 solid episodes Season 5 looked like it was turning up yet we get this disappointing and sometimes annoying episode. "Y Tu Mummy Tambien" (really writers? So pun just never be created!) starts out intriguing enough and even has some great comedic moments thanks to Holly Marie Combs, but once Cole enters the picture, the episode drags and become tedious. Last episode, Cole was at his breaking point, done with Phoebe, done with her sisters, done with life period. Now all of sudden he's back to pinning for her and trying to win her love back? Lame! The writers have definately wrriten themselves into the wall when they create the most pwoerful being on Earth and turn him into a pathetic love sick puppy. Certain lines like "That's my witch" and "I told you. She's mine" made me want to vomit. Come on Cole! Sure, Julian McMahon looks like he's having blast playing Cole's insanity, but the writers have pretty much taken the fun out the character period. Also, having Cole suddenly take over as the main villain of the week suddenly made Jeric look inferior. It's such a waste considering he's played by Mr. Highlander himself Adrian Paul and his M.O. with Isis had so much potential. It also doesn't help watching Piper blow Jeric up so easily. Such an infamous and powerful demon yet he's vanquished without a power of 3 spell? Speaking of that, we haven't seen much of those this season and it doesn't feel like Charmed without all 3 sisters chanting together for the big vanquish at the end. Sigh again.

    The only real highlights was Cole and Piper's attic fight, which was pretty awesome with some great SFX and Leo hilariously glamouring into Jeric just to get Darryl his promotion. Other than that, "Y Tu Mummy Tambien" (God, I hate the title!) should just be mummmified. Not bad, just average and bland in the end.
  • Trouble for the Mum(my) to be.

    One of the best looking Charmed episodes, Y Tu Mummy Tambien (groan) boasts some great special FX and and some awesome set-deigns. The story is rather watchable but sometimes straddles the line of becoming too daft more often than not. Cole is still enduring an awkward transition from tortured soul to tortured villain, but at least he's starting to become somewhat threatening now toward the girls. Leo gets a nice little sub-plot and Piper has nice rant about a lack of ass kicking attire for the mother to be. It's rather lightweight stuff, but there's enough action here (I loved Piper and Cole blasting each other with very little affect, given that they're both invincible) and peppy one-liners to keep you entertained.
  • While Piper struggles with maternity, Phoebe is kidnapped by an Egyptian mummifier trying to bring his lover back to life. Piper must work with Cole to save the day.

    While the plot isn't anything amazing, the side bits really make this episode. Piper's snarliness and Cole's insanity are more than worth the watch, and Julian McMahon is truly amazing, bringing comedy and a performance that you can't take your eyes off of.
    The plot with Phoebe isn't particularly exciting or anything you can't see coming, but side scenes and small moments make this episode much more interesting. Piper's meltdown, Cole's varying suicide attempts and Darryl's as always hilarious reactions to magic interfering in his world make this episode one of the best of season five and always worth rewatching.
  • Who goes? You decide!

    Paige and Phoebe are captured by an Egyptian demon and Piper must choose which to save. A bit of a silly storyline but buoyed up by some magnificent acting and some superb special effects.

    The main plot is a rip-off of "The Mummy Returns" but, to be fair, it doesn't pretend to be otherwise. Certainly, the Egyptian theme works far better here than it does in Season One's "Feats of Clay" (shudder). That said, I'm beginning to get a little weary of these possessed sister storylines; you'd think by now they'd have a charm to protect themselves.

    Demon-of-the-week, Jeric, is a real breath of fresh air. Unlike other baddies, he's not remotely interested in killing the Charmed Ones and he really feels detached from the world of good and evil. The way he and Cole work together is class; Jeric is deeply serious while Cole is carefree and reckless. Well written and wonderfully directed.

    It's a great performance by the whole cast. The lines are delivered sharply and every emotion comes through. Guest actor, Adrian Paul, is fantastic and the scene where he gets to play shapeshifting Leo is brilliant. He has Brian Krause off to a tee. As for Julian, what can I say? This has to rate as his best performance to date. Talk about leaving the best til last!

    Pregnancy-subplot-of-the-week involves maternitywear. First Piper doesn't like it then she does. Sorry, but I'm struggling to make it sound any more exciting than that.

    The effects are great this week, particularly the way Jeric disappears as a swirl of sand. Top scenes: 1) Cole and Piper slugging it out in the attic - best handbags since "Pardon My Past". 2) Cole trying to commit suicide in his flat - fantastically acted and extremely funny but also tinged with sadness.

    And shapeshifting Leo? Where did that come from?
  • Whoa! This was great. The story development was so great, the effects and the set and the episode itself. A good tribute for the Charmed fans. Besides a really original camera job

    Well, despite the fact that the presentetion of the episode seems like it is gonna be dissapointing you can be sure it is not. When the hour is over you have a good feeling about it.

    The story was so original! I loved it... The Demon of the week finding a body for her beloved was really exciting. It had a purpose, it was not the typical demon which purpose is to kill the Charmed Ones. And the story development was amazing, Phoebe getting mumified because Cole was there and then Paige possesed and then Piper trying to save one of them. So the story part is perfect, the episode has no time to subsplots, only Piper maternity thingy and that was good enough (She thinking it is different and all that).

    About the effects we saw a fantastic effects here. I really liked the sand-teleporting and Jeric offensive power (The thing he did to Cole). You cannot see that the effects were bad! Xd

    So, what is the best of this episode? The camera job. The scenes were delightful and so original. Let's see... It was perfect the one where the camera goes to the ceiling and we see the two bodies and Jeric between them. It's the one where Phoebe gets possesed I think. Another one is where Paige is possesed and the shot is near to the metal thingy and then the percepcion changes and we see Paige. I liked all the scenes in here, it was really well done. That is not the only thing, the scenes were original enough to make the episode amazing: Piper and Leo talking, Piper and Cole figthing, Piper and Leo talking and changing their clothes... ect. I may add a 10 to Piper and Leo (Holly and Julian) performance. They were fantastic, it was cool. They did this episode so special Xd

    Why is not a 10 this episode? Some scenes were a little stupid, for example Phoebe not caring at all about the murder in the first scene and doing her nails. Jeric being blown up (A spell could have been great) or the first scene with the police. Those kinds of things made this episode a 9! Anyway it is a wonderful episode
  • Phoebe is Mumified by Jeric an egyptian demon !!

    While tracking what he believes is a common criminal, Darryl stumbles onto Jeric, a demon around since Ancient Egyptian times that transfers the spirit of his lover Isis into the bodies of witches in hopes the witch has enough power so Isis can cast a spell to evict the witches' spirit and permanently return to life. When Darryl seeks the help of the Halliwells, Paige and Piper learn that Jeric is targeting Phoebe but arrive too late. Unable to find where Jeric has taken Phoebe, Piper and Paige turn to Cole for help, but Cole decides to work with Jeric instead hoping to mummify Phoebe until he can find a way to win her back.

    This episode is one of my favourites, Cole is obsessed with Phoebe and it was so funny when Piper and Cole were like in a battle aginst each other because they were both ivinsible.

    My favourite quote from the episode: How do you feel about red heads !!!(Cole)
  • Love this epi! Great guest spot by THE HIGHLANDER!

    Adrian Paul guest stars in this action packed epi- Phoebe possessed is always entertaining. I love it when they get these big time action guys to guest on the show- and then have the girls pummel them with the Power of Three. FUN action filled Charmed episode - worth watching- is on my faves list for action.
  • A warlock searches for a perfect body for his lover and finds Phoebe and Paige, only to realize that the stronger the witch, the faster the burnout and two souls can't live within the same body leaving Piper to chose which sister lives and which dies.

    I got to say, this is one of the best of season 5. It's funny and well thought up. Although the Isis story-line is a bit off (as in the mythology of Isis and her lover, etc.) I like how they switched it to make it Charmed! Great episode. Especially the end where Piper learns that "If you've got it, flaunt it!" and shows off her belly after struggling with the fact of having to wear maternity clothes and show she's pregnant! Also, got to love the very very crazy Cole. He's funny when he's lost his mind. Gotta love the gullitine idea.
  • Love drives a demon to possess both Phoebe and Paige. No its not Cole but he does play a role in it.

    I felt this episode was well written and the drama was great. although i cant give it a 10 for some reason, but anyway the episode itself was golden.

    Piper: HEr belly is too big into normal clothes and has to go into maternity wear. This is totally not pipers style and i was happy that the writers didnt make her the blushing mom excited about her new clothes. piper realizes that she cant go to crime scenes anymore and shes stuck doing the demonic research.

    Phoebe: I really have no clue what was going with her this episode. She seemed distant and not interested with anything going on besides the demon of the week. totally not her but alyssa looked fabulous in her mummy gear,lol.

    Paige: she feels really frustrated and tired because of her magic work. i felt like hitting her,lol. i was annoyed because i cant believe she would get so tired from doing ..what exactly? reading books? mixing ingredients together? whatever, moving on.

    The demon of the week was excellent and i loved his character and the story behind him. he lost his love and is trying to finding a witch to harbor her soul, all the witches keep dying and he needs a powerful one so that isis can stay in the body. that sand effect was awesome, even though it was pure mummy and mummy returns, i am willing to let slide because it didnt look cheap.

    Phoebe is the first to get snatched and possessed by the demon. when she first became revived and jeric came over, i didnt sense any chemistry between Adrian paula nd alyssa, i dont know. but when she did the dance soemthing seemed to develop. ok i really enjoyed the dance. it wasnt supremely naughty or disgusting( like the next episode). its called something with veils in it, dance of seven veils, i forget. but i liked the scene.

    oh yeah darryl has issues this week too. he is up for a promotion and the captain blamed him for losing the mummy (wtf?) i dont know how that played out but i dont even care about him. i loved when piper hung up on him, that was great. leo helps him by transforming into jeric. ok cheers have to go to adrian paul because he did a marvelous job of acting like leo. it was uncanny, he had the facial expressions, really funny and good.

    piper and paige go to egypt to save phoebe but by this time cole teamed up with jeric. cole sends piper through a floor portal back to the house and knocks paige out.

    cole was really evil but you gotta love him anyway. julian was great this episode. cole tells piper what the deal is and mini battle occurs between them. it was quite funny and holly is all confident, great scene but it was short.

    piper has to choose which sister to save and holly is all teary and i got teary. she chooses to save phoebe but she had a plan. the spell actually expelled the soul of isis, very clever on pipers part, and paige kicks jeric in the groin. paige saves phoebe by reciting the spell, ok what was with rose when she said the spell, she sounded high or tired, which ever. piper blasts jeric and cole sinks deeper into insanity. really good episode.
  • Phoebe and Paige are possesed by Isis as Cole tries to get Phoebe back. In the meantime Piper has to get her sisters back but it seems that she might only be able to save 1 when it seems that only Isis can revive Phoebe as Isis posseses Paige.

    an interesting episode.

    Isis needs a body so a demon takes Phoebe and puts Isis in it. But Phoebe's body is soon out of energy so Paige is next.

    In the meantime Piper has to get her sisters back so she summons Cole since she knows he helped the other demon. THey battle each other but since they are both invincible, there's no point in fighting.

    Well overall a nice episode. Enjoyable, Piper needs to buy maternity clothes as Paige is relaxing some more... Nice!
  • "I'm Phoebe, I Wear Slutty Outfits For No Reason!" #2 - Mummy Hooker

    Well, they've already done mermaids, fairy tales and superheroes so it's no real surprise that the writers of Charmed have decided to do Egyptian mummies now!

    Y Tu Mummy Tambien has an Egyptian demon called Jeric using Phoebe's body as a "shell" for his dying lover Isis and Cole gets involved, asking Jeric to let Isis leave Phoebe's body and instead possessing Paige.

    Adrian Paul gives some needed star (well, he is slightly famous) quality to Charmed and he gives a brilliant performance as Jeric, it's just a shame that everything in this episode is treated like nothing important has happened. Piper and Paige hardly register when they discover that Phoebe has been abducted and is being used as a shell for some mummified whore and the whole episode builds up Jeric to be this massively powerful villain when Piper vanquishes him as simply as biting into an apple. I wasn't entirely convinced by Cole's involvement in the story. I suspect it was just so they could two sisters in peril and it's left to Piper to save the day by herself once again. She only saved Phoebe and Paige's life two episodes ago in A Witch in Time, give the girl a break!

    Another bad point: what the hell was that Egyptian mummy dance thing that Phoebe did? It's almost like Alyssa personally requests that every other episode gives her a scene where she has to disrobe or at least make smutty gags! First with the mummy dance in this hour and then with the lap dance in the next episode, she's obviously being used as the ratings-grabbing character on the show, which is slightly disappointing.

    The whole episode is slightly awkward with some bad storytelling and some pointless plot developments. Not really anything special...