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NBC brings Chase from producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Jennifer Johnson. This fast-paced crime drama puts viewers in the middle of a a cat-and-mouse game that follows a team of U.S. Marshals hunting down notorious criminals in South Texas. Kelli Giddish stars as U.S. Marshal Annie Frost, a sharp minded Texas raised deputy who, along with her team track down criminals that are on the run. Annie's team consists of Jimmy Godfrey (Cole Hauser) who was raised in East Texas and a true Cowboy. Marco Martinez (Amaury Nolasco) is a smart and talkative inteillgence man. Daisy Ogbaa (Rose Rollins) is the team's weapons and tactical specialist who, unlike Martinez, is a woman of few words. Finally, Luke Watson (Jesse Metcalfe) is the newest team member, fresh from Washington, D.C.
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  • Really wish this hadn't been cancelled.

    Came into this show waaaayy late in the game. I didn't have cable when it was on and I definitely feel like I missed out! Saw Kelli Giddish as detective Amanda Rollins on SVU and just had to look into her show.

    The cases and characters were really well done, and the fact that Kelli did her own stunts as Annie still amazes me. The only thing I can say I 'didn't like' was the ending, which to me seemed to rushed and lovey dovey. However, given the fact that the show was cancelled.... I understand and appreciate the fact that they attempted to wrap it up as best as possible.

    My favorite episode was episode 16, Roundup. As much as I loved Daisy, it was a very well written and dramatic episode. Brought me to tears and had me on edge about what was going to happen. I wasn't sure at first if they'd have her go through with it but given Rose was only in 16 of the episodes I figured she would...moreless
  • Chase us marshals


    I like a lot. The characters are great, I love their story ...

    it changes the other detective series. I love that there is another season, with all the character already present in the 1 ...
  • chase

    i love this show,,,,throught it was fantatic
  • Follows a team of US Marshals as they pursue outlaws. An attempt at a contemporary western.

    One of the worst tv shows I have ever seen. The only decent acting comes from the guests and they have to battle against the torrent of horrible lines. One of the most painful things I have endured in recent times is watching Jennifer Morrison (of House) struggle through a horrible script with a Southern accent (the episode "Paranoid"). And if there is one thing worse than the acting (I wouldn't have believed if possible until now) its the writing. Predictable plots, littered with over-used cliches and completely outlandish speech patterns. The writers obviously are attempting to recreate some kind of authentic Southern / South-Western motif, but fail horribly. What we end up with is delirious dribble, not worthy of a low budget made-for-tv movie. I suffered through 2 episodes and I urge others not to bother. Canceled by December. Mark my words...moreless
  • This show only seems to aqdd to the list of situation comedies already being aired, but it sure isn't humorous.

    This show only seems to add to the list of situation comedies already being aired, but it sure isn't humorous. It use to be that U S Marshals were considered "Officers of the Court", but if that is still so this pathetic show must be portraying the Marshals as the clowns and the activist federal judges (sic) as the ring masters. They don't display any semblance of federal law enforcement officers and give the impression that whatever they want to do is right and that they make the law, not enforce it, and that judges ARE the law and not its administrators. This show is a very poor, probably the poorest example of federal law enforcement on TV today. However, it does represent the United States Marshals Service as they have digressed for the once fine agency they were before Waco and Ruby Ridge. This show represents an out of control agency that believes all it has to do is go waving some magical Writ of Hocus Pocus around and everyone has to do whatever they want. As Waylon Jennings told us,"Mammas Don't Lets Your Babies Grow Up To Be G^% Da%n@# Federal Marshals." And for sure don't let them watch the putrid show.moreless

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