Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with Annie and the team chasing two fugitives on a marina. Jimmy and Luke catch one of the men while Marco is one chase with the other one. The fugitive leaps onto a boat and Annie tells Marco to go after him. Marco is hesitant and Ben Crowley, the bounty hunter, catches him first. Annie is upset. Later at the coffee shop, Annie tells Marco that she told him to jump. A mysterious man comes in and starts to yell at a couple for not sparing any money for a homeless man. Seconds later, the same man sets off a bomb and the coffee shop is on fire. Later at the County Jail, Annie tells Jimmy that she has a problem with Marco. However, Jimmy defends Marco and tells that he was hesitant because he thought that criminals were on the boat. Annie tells that she knew that Ben was hiding on the boat and wished that Marco would have done what she said. Jimmy tells that is why no one can fully trust Annie. Because of her carelessness, people have a hard time with her recklessness and it harms the team. Annie walks off offended and adds that if people have a problem, they can leave. On her way out, Annie runs into Ben and she warns him to say away. He asks her to dinner and she declines.

At the headquarters, Annie pulls up the file of Carson Puckett, the man with the sunglasses from earlier. The bomb blast killed 2 people, Theo Mack and Dr. Rick Elmore. Melanie, Rick's fiancée survived the blast however has to go through surgery. Annie says that as a teenager, Carson had went to jail on an assault charge after he had tried to hit an officer when he got pulled over for a D.U.I. Annie and Luke go to Ben Taub Hospital to interview Melanie, the survivor of the bomb blast. They arrive there and Melanie tells the moments before the bomb went off. She tells that Carson was mad because Rick didn't give change to a homeless man. Melanie tells that Carson made it known to look at Melanie. She tells that he had a patch on his arm that has tides to the Southeast Militia. Annie tells that it is run by Norwood Hayes and tells that they need to go visit them. They arrive there and Annie along with her team talk with Norwood. He admits that he extended an invitation to Carson to join them after meeting him.

Meanwhile at Carson's place on the compound, Jimmy finds some condoms in Carson's room and theorizes that they are used to make the homemade bombs. Back at the Jimmy finds condoms in Carson's room and correctly assesses they're used to make homemade bombs. This gives Annie the recourse to arrest the Southeast members. Annie and Jimmy find a letter from Traci Zimmet and it is not that friendly. It is addressed to Carson. Traci is interviewed by Annie and she tells that she met him at a bar. She thought at the time that he was romantic and told Carson to live with her. Traci offers to give letters that Carson wrote to her. She wants nothing to do with him now that he bombed the restaurant. Meanwhile, Daisy finds out that the condom that was filled with lighter fluid was also used in Carson's bombing. She tells that the bomb wasn't put together properly. If it was, they would have had everyone die in the coffee shop. Annie wonders why Carson blew up like that. She tells that he moved out of his house, joined the militia and then started killing people. Luke comes in and tells that when Carson was pulled over for drinking and driving, he wasn't drunk at all. Meanwhile at a convienence store, Carson buys some sunglasses and places a bomb on the floor.

When Annie and her team get there, the Bomb Squad is there and tells that they are done investigating. Rando, Daisy's former co-worker tells that there is no sign of the bomb. Jimmy and Annie talk with the clerk and he tells that he recognized Carson and the cooler. He tells that he bought sunflower seeds, sunglasses and condoms. Meanwhile, Carson talks to two teens and ask who is working out on a treadmill. He is focused on a man in a red sweatshirt. When Carson confirms that he is still working out, a bomb goes off and sets the gym on fire. Back at headquarters, Annie tells Luke to get all the information he can on the victims at the gym that was bombed. Marco comes and tells that the first victim, Dr. Rick Elmore had treated Carson at Houston Community Clinic.

Annie gets to the clinic and finds that he saw Rick a month before the bombing where he complained of dizziness. However, Rick thought that Carson was only drunk and banned him from the clinic. She sees that Jordan Roush was the name that Carson put as a work contract. Jordan was one of the men killed in the gym bombing. Craig Wilson is among the list and is Carson's boss. They need to get to Craig before Carson does. Meanwhile, Craig is shoping and gets a call from Carson. He says that he knew and then hangs up the phone. Annie and the team arrive and Annie sees Carson. Ignoring Jimmy's warnings, Annie runs right into one of Carson's bombs and it detonates sending Annie flying. An ambulance carries Annie off and the team is devastated. Jimmy talks with Craig Wilson and wants to know how he knows Carson. Craig won't speak and tells that he wants a lawyer. At headquarters, Jimmy tries to put the pieces together to why Carson wanted to kill Craig. In order to get Craig to talk, he is going charge him for obstruction of justice. Meanwhile at the hospital, Annie gets an M.R.I. and cannot stop thinking why Carson was feeling around the market. That is when it hits her, Carson is going blind. Ben shows up and offers her support.

Annie texts Jimmy and tells her theory. Luke tells that Craig is an owner of a company that underbids for jobs cleaning up toxic chemicals and Carson got sick on his job. That is why he has killed the doctor that refused to give treatment, his co-workers and now the boss. However, Craig got away. Jimmy suggests that Carson is going after Craig's family. Meanwhile at a bus stop, Carson comes up to Craig's daughter. The team arrives and starts to evacuate everyone. They get Craig's daughter too. Daisy sees that there is a bomb under the bus and relies on her training on Bomb Squad. With seconds remaining, she deactivates the bomb, but they lose Carson. Meanwhile at the hospital, Ben is flirting with Annie, but she is not in the flirting mood. She is still set on capturing Carson. After the news of his daughter almost getting killed, Craig tells that Carson got methanol poisoning on the job. However Craig had Jordan fire Carson. Meanwhile at a train yard, Carson attaches a bomb made with methanol to the exterior of the train. He puts a gun up to the conductor and tells him to drive to downtown Houston.

The team gets notice of it and arrives there to find that he has the conductor hostage. Jimmy removes the bomb and Luke takes Carson out with a bullet to the head. Later at the hospital, Annie gets word that Carson is dead. Melanie had heard the news too and visits Annie in the hospital. She thanks her, but she is still sad at the loss of her fiancé. She tells that it is hard to say goodbye when she knew she had found the right one. Ben enters the room, Luke meets Daisy for a drink and Jimmy sees Anny leaving with Ben from the hospital together.