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  • Follows a team of US Marshals as they pursue outlaws. An attempt at a contemporary western.

    One of the worst tv shows I have ever seen. The only decent acting comes from the guests and they have to battle against the torrent of horrible lines. One of the most painful things I have endured in recent times is watching Jennifer Morrison (of House) struggle through a horrible script with a Southern accent (the episode "Paranoid"). And if there is one thing worse than the acting (I wouldn't have believed if possible until now) its the writing. Predictable plots, littered with over-used cliches and completely outlandish speech patterns. The writers obviously are attempting to recreate some kind of authentic Southern / South-Western motif, but fail horribly. What we end up with is delirious dribble, not worthy of a low budget made-for-tv movie. I suffered through 2 episodes and I urge others not to bother. Canceled by December. Mark my words...