Chased by Dinosaurs: Three Walking with Dinosaurs Adventures

BBC Premiered Jan 01, 2003 Unknown


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Chased by Dinosaurs: Three Walking with Dinosaurs Adventures

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Chased by Dinosaurs is a BBC two-part miniseries starring Nigel Marven in a sci-fi faux documentary about Nigel's travels through time, where he comes face-to-face with a variety of long-extinct dinosaurs. Nigel is a consummate thrill seeker and explorer, and in all his travels he's never found action and adventure like finds a hundred million years in the past, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Nigel's mission is to find and study a variety of dinosaur species, including the Argentinosaurus, the Sarcosuchus, the Pteranodon, and the Giganotosaurus. His studies lead him into harm's way multiple times, leading to intense action sequences as Nigel runs for his life in a world where he is outnumbered and outsized. In the first installment, Nigel travels back in time 100 million years to Argentina in the Middle Cretaceous period, where he barely survives an encounter with one of the largest dinosaurs that ever existed. In the second installment, Nigel goes to Mongolia in the Late Cretaceous period, 75 million years ago. Chased by Dinosaurs is an educational and exciting series, full of awesome dinosaur action and stunning visuals.moreless

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