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Chasing Life

Monday 9:00 PM on Freeform Premiered Jun 10, 2014 In Season


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AIRED ON 9/28/2015

Season 2 : Episode 13

Show Summary

Chasing Life follows April as she receives a cancer diagnosis just as everything in her life is finally working out.


    ABC Family Pulls the Plug on Chasing Life After Two Seasons

    The uplifting drama starred Italia Ricci as a young cancer patient living her life to the fullest despite her diagnosis.


    Chasing Life Season 2 Premiere Review: Why Are You Still Not Watching This Show?

    April made a life-altering decision in Chasing Life's heartwarming Season 2 premiere.

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    • Clever show with characters to care about

      For some shows, the story itself is what's strongest about it, and sometimes it's the characters. I believe for Chasing Life it's a combination between characteres to care about and clever writing. I just love how they try so hard to avoid any clich story lines (few examples: when Sarah wrote that angry e-mail together with Emma, and Emma said she'd accidentally sent it, and I thought "Ohhhh no, drama!" but it turned out Emma was just kidding around. And when April went to Bermuda with Beth, and she put her engagement ring in the pocket of her dress, and next morning she seemed to have lost it, and I thought "nooooo, not that kind of drama!" once again, only to see that she was just reaching in the wrong pocket), and I really appreciate the show for that.

      Cancer is a hard topic for most people, because most people know at least someone that's going through something like that. Not necessarily that young, but no matter what, it's always hard and unpredictable. And everyone handles it differently. The writers are doing a very decent job depicting that.

      And one more thing I appreciate about the show: the month of hopsital in the first season. It felt s real. Most hopsitals in shows feel fake, too streamlined, too neat (not like 'clean' neat, because that's what a hospital should be, but un-chaotic), and watching those episodes really reminded me of the two weeks I spend at the hospital last year (virus), that trapped feeling, longing for fresh air, IV monitors always beeping in the middle of the night, etc. It was very well done :)

    • Totally disappointed fan

      I have watched this show since it began. I work in the evenings so I have to record it and watch it when I can. I just watched the episode where Leo dies. I can't believe the shows producers thought this was an acceptable move. I am extremely disappointed. Needless to say I won't be watching any more episodes.
    • A very good and real tv show!

      I love this show soooo much, can't stop wondering about what's going to happen next. It's such a real and sad show that you just need to watch it all. They are fighting for their life, not just about teenage problems. But they're also searching for the typical party life. They're in the 20s and want to have fun. Even thought they are struggling with cancer they find pleasure in the middle of all that.

      I say this show is worth to see.

    • Big fan!

      I love this show, I have really high hopes and very excited to see how things are going to turn out!
    • Great, different and real

      I like this show very much, its a show that brings up a real-life situation, with good performances of the cast. Im grateful theres the internet because its not yet on cable over here.


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