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  • A shockingly bad attempt to make archaeology a fast paced reality TV show.

    I was really looking forward to this new show. Not just because it was about archaeology but because Zahi Hawass is a legend in Egyptology and I was curious to see if he was truly as nasty as rumours hinted.

    In the end I gave up after just 20 minutes. It was pure rubbish. It became obvious it was all rehearsed with some truly disgusting acting by the young "interns". Zahi was in true form - obnoxious and insulting. He was so bad that his behaviour made this show unsuitable for kids. The good was that you did indeed get to see things you would not normally see. Crawling around in tunnels under the Step Pyramid was very interesting.

    I won't be watching any more episodes of this show. It had so much potential as an educational show but instead they have tried to turn it into an epic and controversial action ride.