Chasing the Saturdays - Season 1

E! (ended 2013)


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  • #SatsForever
    Episode 10
    In the season finale, after feeling sick for a few days, Rochelle travels to visit her doctor in London and receives exciting news--she's pregnant! But what will her pregnancy mean for the band's future? Meanwhile, The Saturdays are preparing for their upcoming tour by doing press in Los Angeles. Their first stop: performing at "The Tonight Show," their biggest television appearance yet. Then, they are off to The Big Apple for a headlining show in New York City. See how The Saturdays' United States adventure ends.moreless
  • #SatsOnTheRox
    Episode 9
    The Saturdays are set to headline their first U.S. show at The Roxy! But when Vanessa's voice starts to crack and not reach the right notes, she wonders if the performance and her future with The Saturdays are in jeopardy. Is it just anxiety, or does she have a serious medical problem on her hands? Meanwhile, Rochelle deliverers some unexpected news to management, while Frankie receives some shocking news from back home.moreless
  • #SatsAndTats
    Episode 8
    Frankie's big sister Tor comes to LA and brings out Frankie's rebellious side! The siblings seal their bond with matching tattoos. Meanwhile, Una's hubby Ben decides to move to Los Angeles for his injury rehab--but even with a penthouse, Una's place just doesn't seem big enough for her whole clan! Plus, the girls try to fit in with Hollywood when they gear up for an over-the-top Halloween bash!moreless
  • #KeepCalmAndSatsOn
    Episode 7
    The girls finally have a moment to decompress in England--and get their act together before heading back to The States for more performances. However, Una considers turning their break into an extended vacation when she realizes her husband is on leave from playing professional rugby due to an injury. Will she choose to stay home with her family or continue on with The Sats in the U.S.? Meanwhile, Frankie gets feedback from "Glamour UK" after she was featured in an article that made her bout with depression public. Find out if the news is good or bad!moreless
  • #HomeSweetSats
    Episode 6
    The Saturdays take a trip home to London for business and pleasure. Rochelle goes house hunting, while Frankie plays cupid for Mollie. But then a sudden injury jeopardizes the girls' return back to the states.
  • #SatsAndTheCity
    Episode 5
    The Saturdays head to the Big Apple! Following in Carrie Bradshaw's footsteps, the ladies are excited to hit the streets of New York City. Although the trip is mainly about business and putting on an acoustic performance for their label, the girls also want to explore the busy city which a few of them have never stepped foot in before. Plus, Rochelle's hubby Marvin surprises her in person and takes her for a romantic picnic in Central Park. Meanwhile, Uva has a difficult time being apart from her daughter, but as always, Vanessa is there to pick up her spirits!moreless
  • #DeepFriedSats
    Episode 4
    Mollie, Rochelle, Una, Vanessa and Frankie are quickly adjusting to life in Los Angeles, and they are excited to learn their friends from back home, the guys of The Wanted, are going to be in town! The boys invite them to their packed show at the Los Angeles County Fair, and the girls wonder if the county fairs in America are like their own fairs back home. Mollie is convinced she has the American accent down and makes a hefty bet that she can convince strangers she's American. While they take full advantage of life in sunny Los Angeles, Una begins to feel guilty about leaving her hubby back in London. Plus, the girls book a big gig of their own, but is the excitement too much for Frankie too handle? Find out!moreless
  • #SatsOnTheBeach
    Episode 3
    After breaking up with her model boyfriend, Mollie's band mates feel the need to get their single friend back into the dating scene. So when they arrive at their surfing lessons and notice how good looking the instructor is, all the girls hope their intense flirting will pays off. Meanwhile, Rochelle gets great news from her hubby Marvin that they have officially bought a home! But when Marvin starts to talk about his man cave and golf room, Rochelle begins to stress--and the stress leads to a very expensive purchase!moreless
  • 1/21/13
    The UK girl group is in LA and they are getting ready to shoot their first music video, "What About Us." However, the weather seems to have put a damper on the moment, and the ladies are hot--but not in the way they want to be. Plus, bees decide to invade their video shoot! Meanwhile, Rochelle cannot get any sleep at night because her next door neighbors are making a commotion at night--having sex! Then, Rochelle and Vanessa deal with the emotions of having their significant others so far away from them. Will these ladies be able to handle not having their men around?moreless
  • 1/20/13
    In the series premiere, UK's hottest girl group The Saturdays, lands in America! Follow Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle, Una and Vanessa as they venture across the pond and chase their dreams of making it in The States.