Cheap Seats

Season 3 Episode 11

1977 Superstars

Aired Daily 10:30 PM Nov 28, 2005 on ESPN Classic
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1977 Superstars
Randy and Jason take a look at some athletes from 1977. Athletes include Jim Taylor, Kyle Rote Jr, Lynn Swann, the lovable Steve Garvey, Billy Whiteshoes Johnson and everyone's favorite French hurdler, Guy Drut.

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      • Jason Sklar: Kyle Rote won?
        Jason and Randy (in unison): USA! USA! USA!

      • Jason Sklar: The Olympic hurdler knocks over a hurdle.
        Randy Sklar: That's like Tiger Woods climbing Mount Everest and missing a two-foot putt at the top.

      • Jason Sklar: Whoa, Guy cleared that wall like he was in the Army! He hit that tackling sled like he was in the NFL! He went through those tires like he works at Jiffy Lube! He jumped over the water like he was playing Pitfall! Whoa, he cleared that bar like he was a high jumper!
        Randy Sklar: Now on to the hurdles, his bread and butt...AW! God that's awful!
        Jason Sklar: Down goes Drut! Down goes Drut!

      • Randy Sklar: It's Frenchie versus the Patriot.
        Randy and Jason (in unison): USA! USA! USA!

      • Jason Sklar: Wait, how does an NFL wide receiver lose a race to an actor from the show "Kojak"?
        Randy Sklar: That would be like Randy Moss losing in the 40-yard dash to Dennis Farina.

      • Jason Sklar: Come on, Garvey, at least run it out!
        Randy Sklar: Yeah, Lasorda beat would beat you with a salami if he found out you were dogging it!

      • Jason Sklar: Can we please tone down the corporate sponsorship at the finish line, guys?

      • Randy Sklar: You think Kevin Dobson is part of some foregin exchange program with "Battle of the Network Stars"?
        Jason Sklar: Yeah, right now, Franco Harris is in Maui playing Charles Nelson Reilly in ping-pong.

      • Randy Sklar: What's this, math class?
        Jason Sklar (imitating ABC Sports announcer Keith Jackson): If Lynn Swann's ego and Steve Garvey's ego leave at the same time traveling in different directions, who's the bigger (bleep)?

      • Jason Sklar: Okay, Score Settler, ready to help us settle a score?
        Score Settler: Well, I do think Swanny was a little bit cocky when he, uh...GOLD! I FOUND GOLD! I FOUND GOLD!
        Randy Sklar: Yeah.

      • Jason Sklar: Casper didn't even take off his jacket.
        Randy Sklar: Hell, he didn't even zip it up.
        Jason Sklar: He catches footballs in the NFL. This is cake for these guys!

      • Randy Sklar: I also love how seriously some atheltes take this whole thing.
        Jason Sklar: It's almost as if they care.
        Jason Sklar: Uh, guys, that's the cue for "Do You Care?"
        Randy Sklar: Uh, who's on graphics today, Sam?

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