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  • I don't know how people think these guys are funny they try to hard and their attempt at comdey is a failed one.

    I'm not sure how knowledgable they are at sports but if they are it looks like the jokes are trying to hide a lack of knowledge about sports. This is just one more things howing how ESPN may be slipping a little bit. People must be entertained easy to find these guys the slightest bit funny it's like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 except MST3K was actually funny. I think they should just stick to sports if they have sports knowledge or do something else while they ride out their 15 minutes of fame. Sorry to be so harsh but they are just horrible.
  • Cheap Seats is one of the funniest shows on TV. It's on ESPN classic, but just because it's on a sports channel doesn't mean it can't be for everybody!

    When I first found Cheap Seats, I knew it was a great show (and funny too). You get to see sports you've never seen before. And Jason and Randy Skylar add their hilarious commentary for every episode. They also have great segments just as funny as the rest of the show.
    What I want to say is that this show is not just for sports nuts like me. It's for all people. People who don't really pay attention to sports world, will still love this show because of the way Randy and Jason host it. They are truly great at what they do.
    They have great guests and great storylines also.
    This show is for anyone who wants a good laugh from something a little different.
  • Stupid goofy sports, mixed with biting, satirical comments of the action? What could be better?

    I grew up with MST3K, and it was (and still is) one of my all time favorite shows. I had never heard of Cheap Seats until they did a commercial for the Wayne Gretzky episode during a hockey game. So I tuned in that night not knowing what to expect. I think I was rolling on the floor half way through. Ever since, I've tried to record as many of these as possible. I completely love this show.
    If you tune in to try and actually watch the sport, forget it. Everything else would get you annoyed. But of course, the sport in itself isn't the point of the show. It's the wisecracks the Sklar brothers make about said sport, like spelling bees, Scottish pole throwing, and cross country drivng circa 1940, you know, all the great and lasting sports.
  • Very solid show with some real good laughs.

    I first caught this show by accident in its first season and have made a point to watch ever sense. Clearly based on the classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 it gives that same treatment to old sporting events. The show is at its best when they are disecting more obscure "sports" like Spelling Bees and Scrabble Tournaments. It does not fair as well with "legit" events like football and baseball.

    Overall this is a very solid show. It isnt consistantly funny like MST3K but nothing else is either. One downer for me is when they cut the show from a hour to a 1/2 hour in the second season. IMO, it isnt as good at 1/2 hour. I think it forces them to cut too lose a feel for the event.
  • This is a great show....Were the Sklars dropped on there heads as a baby

    A Great Show that ESPN should be proud of yet they need it on ethier ESPN or ESPN2 cause this is gold. (Favorite Episode) 1979 Roller Derby & ESPN picked a good twosome to do this show cause you need a comedy like these two have to get this show off the ground.
  • Best Original show on ESPN

    In a tv world that looks for special effects and big name actors to lead comedies Cheap Seats is a welcome departure. The funniest show on television is on Espn classic. Its a shame more people can't see it becasue of the channel. 10PM no matter whats on im watching cheap seats.
  • the best show on television, for us classic sport enthusiasts and comedy lovers.

    randy and jason are too hilarious for words. i have caught them years ago on comedy central and there comic routine was awesome. this show is a perfect avenue for them to display their comic talent together. i wish they showed this more often, and not so late. spelling bee edpisodes are the best.
  • This is one of my favorite shows and i am sad that it is only on at 3:00 in the morning on espn classic. They should put this show on espn or at least espn2 and put it on during the day. You definitly need to watch this amazing show.

    This show stars Randy and Jason Sklar. They show old sports clips and add their hilarious commentary. You definitly need to watch this show every time you can because you will not regret it. This show will have you laughing histerically and wanting to watch more. Watch this show today.
  • It's a shame that this show is on ESPN Classic, more people should be able to watch it.

    Now, let me start this off by saying that I'm pretty sure that ths show is the only thing that I've ever watched on ESPN Classic. I mean honestly, how many people do you think gather around their TV to watch boxing from the 1960's?

    That being said, this show is one of the best on television. I think the reason for this is how hosts Randy and Jason Sklar are normal, everyday guys just making fun of what they see. This is the type of show that I could see myself doing with my friends. Also the pre-taped comedy bits are always funny, such as "The Daily Show"'s Ed Helms playing a sports marketer.

    I only have 2 complaints about the show. One, make it longer. I think that an hour-long cheap seats would do well, as most of these sporting events are like 3 hours long. Second, I've noticed that the show has had a live studio audience recently. That is an awful idea. This show should just be Randy and Jason hanging out, not performing for people.
  • The Best Show on Televison. Enough Said...

    Watch the show and watch it often. In a day where everyone is focused on special effects and cashing in on following popular trends, it is nice to see a comedy that focuses on one thing—being funny. Randy and Jason Sklar bring their form of off-brand humor and satirical comedy to a show that they were destined to be a part of.
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