Cheap Seats - Season 1

ESPN Classic (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • 1986 Roller Derby
    1986 Roller Derby
    Episode 25
    It’s the once-great sport of Roller Derby reduced to a place where divorced dads can bring their kids on the weekend and get drunk. Join 110-year-old Ralphie Valladeras as he and the LA T-Birds battle the Golden State Bombers in a fight to the end of the match. Guest appearances by A.D. Miles and Ed Helms.moreless
  • ICW Wrestling
    ICW Wrestling
    Episode 24
    Yeah, it's fake, but it's how they fake it that matters. Join a bunch of out-of-shape middle-aged men that include Dick "the Bulldog" Brower and "Tex" McKenzie as they struggle with body hair, identity crises, and irrelevance on the world stage known as International Championship Wrestling.
  • High-School Cheerleading
  • 1994 Spelling Bee
    1994 Spelling Bee
    Episode 22
    They're young, they're awkward, they're geeky. In short, easy targets. So join us as we shamelessly take aim at some of the smartest kids in the world as they compete in the 1994 National Spelling Bee.
  • Bullriding/Lawnmower Racing
  • 1973 Superstars
    1973 Superstars
    Episode 20
    Join the sports superstars of their day, and Joe Frazier, in chilly Rotonda, Florida, as they battle each other in such extreme sports as golf, bowling, and ping pong in a bid to be named 1973's most super superstar. With Johnny Bench, Evlin Hayes, Johnny Unitas and many more.
  • Putt-Putt
    Episode 19
    Would you believe that professional mini-golf players can make over a million dollars a year? If so, then you're gullible because they can't; although that doesn't stop them from pursuing their dreams. Join commentators Jay Johnston and former Putt-Putt champion Judy Ward as they take this event far more seriously than anyone ever should.moreless
  • Wide World 4
    Wide World 4
    Episode 18
    In their 4th installment of this ABC Sports staple, Randy and Jason delve into the worlds of Lumberjacking and Cyclo Ball. Chopping, oiling, log rolling, and a little tree-climbing mixed with a touch of soccer on bicycles ... on a basketball court?
  • 1992 NFL Billiards/1986 Darts
    What happens when you try to spice up two sports that should only be played and never watched? You get NFL players teamed up with Billiards players they could swallow and a young Berman calling a sport he learned during the telecast, Darts.
  • 1995 Strongman/1996 Ms. Galaxy
    Watch abstract events determine concrete titles. It's a show where successfully pulling a fire truck with a harness attached to your chest improves your chances of being deemed world's strongest man, and scaling a net in a skimpy outfit makes you worthy of being the sole Ms. for a galaxy. Some consider this the best episode in the solar system.moreless
  • Wide World, Part 3: Horse Racing on Ice, Antique Car Racing, Women's Demolition Derby
    It makes perfect sense—horses speeding around tight curves…on a sheet of solid ice. Plus Jim McKay, doing his best Sherlock Holmes impression—tooling around England in a car older than he is and chicks ramming each other.
  • 1992 Bowling/1997 Running of the Bulls
    Bowling? Sure, have a few drinks. Running from a thousand pounds of angry bovine? You're probably better off with a Shirley Temple. Will the contestants in this episode agree?
  • 1990 Dog Show/1990 Cheerleading
    Which bitch barks the loudest? You be the judge when our nation's finest canines go at it at the International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show and our nation's finest.
  • 1979 Oilers vs. Redwings
    Party Canadian-style as Cheap Seats features Wayne Gretzky's second NHL game ever and the first NHL game played in Edmonton. You'll also meet the man who Gretzky replaced in the starting lineup.
  • 1994 World Series of Poker
    Cheap Seats heads to Binion's Horseshoe in Vegas for the Silver Anniversary of the World Series of Poker. The competition heats up as the winner of this tournament takes home his weight in silver in addition to the $1 million plus prize. Pass the cheese-fries!
  • Wide World, Part 2: Real Men
    What makes a real man? Cheap Seats turns to the Wide World of Sports archives in search of true masculinity. Is it the he-men of the 1971 World Weightlifting Championships? Is it Arnold Schwarzenegger and the muscle-men of the 1975 Mister Olympia Competition. Or is it fearless NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy? Find out on Cheap Seats.moreless
  • Superstars 1978
    Superstars 1978
    Episode 9
    It's the event that inspired Battle of the Network Stars. Randy and Jason watch the biggest sports stars of their day—Steve Garvey, Deacon Jones, Dwight Stones, and Wayne Grimditch (that's right, Wayne Grimditch!)—as they battle for a cash purse equivalent to A-Rod's dry cleaning bill.
  • Superdogs! Superjocks!
    Travel back to the Golden Age of 1994 when ESPN aired this most breathtaking of sports hybrids. Witness the searing drama when three former Olympic Gold medalists join forces with the canine superstars of their day. Quite possibly the most important event held at Marine World in Vallejo, CA.
  • 1978 World's Strongest Man
    It's the second ever World's Strongest Man competition. From Universal Studios, see events like the Girl Lift and the Tram Pull. Featuring NFL players, Olympic power lifters, and the legendary Polish Hammer Ivan Putski, it turns into a battle of Good vs. Evil.
  • Roller Derby
    Roller Derby
    Episode 6
  • 1997 Spelling Bee
    1997 Spelling Bee
    Episode 5
    Check out the most memorable Bee in recent history as 13-year old Rebecca Sealfon takes the Spelling community by storm as she battles youngsters from across these United States for the much-coveted title.
  • Garvey/Bonilla Celebrity Night
    It's Steve Garvey's Celebrity Billfish Tournament and Bobby Bonilla's Celebrity Bowling Tournament. Find out which not-quite-Hall-of-Famer gets the bigger stars, and who abuses the term "benefit" as a facade for a free vacation.
  • Wide World: Part 1
    Wide World: Part 1
    Episode 3
    Globe-hop with legendary announcers Keith Jackson and Al Michaels in ABC's Wide World of Sports. It's Cliff Diving from Acapulco, Wrist-Wrestling from Petaluma and Ice Boat Racing from some frozen lake somewhere.
  • Stanford-Cal: The 1982 Big Game
    Witness the startling similarities uncovered between the 1982 Stanford-Cal college football game featuring 'The Play' and the 1984 screen epic, 'Revenge of the Nerds.' John Elway and Ted McGinley are more alike than you think.
  • Mid-South Wrestling 1980
    Randy and Jason delve into the bygone era of Pro-Wrestling, when a pair of Speedos and a potbelly virtually guaranteed you a spot on the show. The Iron Sheik headlines the Main Event.