Cheap Seats - Season 2

ESPN Classic (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • 1978 Superteams
    1978 Superteams
    Episode 14
    The Kansas City Royals' 5'5" Freddie Patek taking on the Dallas Cowboys' 6'5" Harvey Martin doesn't seem like a fair match, unless the events are swimming and canoing. Randy and Jason discover that just because the Cowboys and Royals are professional athletes, it doesn't mean they excel in all sports.
  • 1976 ABA All-Star Game
    The final ABA All-Star game lives in sports legend as the origin of the slam dunk competition and, as with many legends, their greatness is exaggerated. Randy and Jason find out the art of the slam has come a long way since the twist around dunks of 1976.
  • Fun In The Sun
    Fun In The Sun
    Episode 12
    Spending too much time in the sun can be hazardous to your health, so stay inside and watch Randy and Jason make fun of skateboardings less than radical beginnings and sail boarding from the 80s.
  • 1995 Superdogs! Superjocks!
    After the historic 1994 debut of Superdogs! Superjocks! they brought the event back in 1995 for an equally painful sequel. Join Randy and Jason as they watch Poacher the Golden Retriever upstage Dan O'Brien, Bob Golic, Roger Craig, and, of course, Willie Gault.
  • Wide World On Ice
    Wide World On Ice
    Episode 10
    Looking to spice up your lackluster sporting event? Just add ice ... and some biting commentary from Randy and Jason. It's motorcycle racing and barrel jumping on ice, a very cool look at the Wide World of Sports.
  • 1980 MLB All-Star Game
    The Sklar brothers delve into America's pastime as they visit Dodger Stadium for the 1980 MLB All-Star Game. After watching this episode, your notion of the Mid Summer Classic will never be the same. The year is 1980 and The American League is trying to stop a streak of 8 straight wins by the National League. For most players, a game like this is the highlight of their careers. However, for one Willie Randolph, it was the farthest thing from a highlight.moreless
  • Gimmick Sports
    Gimmick Sports
    Episode 8
    Randy and Jason investigate the world of Gimmick Sports, featuring the Harlem Globetrotters, Hot Dog Skiing, and Trick Shot Billiards. What would the world of sports be without gimmicks? A bunch of sports that are difficult to make fun of. That's not the case in this episode. Randy and Jason probe the orb of Gimmick Sports with jaunts to Attica Prison for the Harlem Globetrotters, Park City, Utah for Hot Dog Skiing, and South Africa for some trick shot billiards. Three very different venues for three very similarly ridiculous sporting events.moreless
  • 1988 National Finals Rodeo
    This one's got it all. The return of Pam Minick, heroic rodeo clowns, $2000 belt buckles, ten gallon hats, ten-inch long mustaches, and the shameless celebration of animal cruelty. It's the 1988 Finals Rodeo and it is on!
  • 1998 World Series of Poker
    Jason and Randy head back to Las Vegas for another installment of the World Series of Poker. It's back to Las Vegas and 1998 for another installment of the World Series of Poker. This episode features a epic battle, not unlike David vs. Goliath, as an amateur takes aim at a professional poker player. While David used his slingshot to slay the mighty beast, this show introduces a much more novel approach. Over-active bladder sufferers unite!moreless
  • Pimpin' Your Pet
    Pimpin' Your Pet
    Episode 5
    Pimping Your Pet takes animal cruelty to a whole new level. In this episode Randy and Jason riff on three so called animal "sports". First up is frog jumping, which is as bizarre as it sounds. Cats and their unusual caretakers are on display in the Cat Show segment. Last up is the obscure sport of harness horse racing. All three really stretch the limits of the word sport.moreless
  • Scrabble 2003
    Scrabble 2003
    Episode 4
    This is not your grandmother's Scrabble. In the 21st century, Scrabble is a world of bingo, shot clocks, hugging, and rabid fans. Make a mistake on the board, and be prepared to be verbally assaulted by fans tough enough to make you quiver (18 pts) more than an umpire at a Little League game.moreless
  • Outdoor Games 2000
    Outdoor Games 2000
    Episode 3
    Lake Placid, NY probably hasn't seen a competition that rivals the inaugural Great Outdoor Games. Guns, romance, chopping wood. Desperate Housewives wishes it had drama like this. Don't miss the shocking revelation that rocks the skeet shooting world and the end of the show.
  • Creative Breaking Championships/K-1 Fighting
    The Karate Kid's got nothing on Randy and Jason. In this episode, the brothers offer up their martial arts expertise and overdubbing skills as they watch the 2002 Creative Breaking Championships from Disney World and K-1 Fighting from Tokyo, Japan. Cheap Seats also welcomes a few very special guests to the show to give some commentary of their own. It's a mystery that is grounded in science but full of theater.moreless
  • Best of Cheap Seats Season 1
    The inaugural season of Cheap Seats was filled with both highlights and lowlights. From Steve Garvey bill fishing to Rebecca Sealfon spelling, it was an undertaking of epic proportions and filled with many trials and tribulations. How better to tell the "history" of Cheap Seats than to do our own SportsCentury documentary? Of course, we're basically broke so we had to use a lot of interviews from other shows.moreless