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There are gamers who play for fun, who play to win, and those who play to...well...they just play. Sometimes, in each case, you need a little help. Cheat! gives you the exclusives on how to pass bosses, find those secret weapons, skip levels and show you skills on how to beat the game. Need a walkthrough? We can help. Want to kick it in "godmode"? We can show you how. Mini-boss giving you problems. We can get you pass. Need a date for Friday night? Sorry, try Call for Help. Cheat! premiered in May 2002 on the G4 network (The Network for Gamers) and was originally hosted by Cory Rouse. In the Fall of that same year, G4 made a deal with the Pringles potato chip company to sponsor the show. The show was renamed Cheat, Pringles Gamer's Guides. The Spring of 2004 saw the merge of TechTV with G4 to form G4TechTV, and possibly due to this merger, there was a dispute between the newly formed G4TechTV and Pringles removed their sponsorship. The last quarter of 2004 saw many of the former TechTV staff members fired and few from that original network survived due to a change of direction at the new network. Rouse eventually fell victim to this new direction as he was let go from Cheat! to be replaced for the 2005 Season by former American Idol contestant Kristin Holt. In 2006, while Cheat! was on hiatus, it was reduced to a 60 second spot airing during commerical breaks for G4's G-Spot segments. This change cause some confusion and controversy on the status of the show; having some sites "officially" reporting that the show was cancelled, while sites like listed it as being on hiatus. The show would return to it's full 30 minutes that summer. Near the end of March in 2007, the show's producer announced that the crew had worked on 10 episodes for the show's sixth season and that he would be leaving at the end of the month. This comes at the same time that G4 furthered their directionional change and renamed their slogan "TV That's Plugged In" thus finally removing video games from it's primary focus. The official status of Cheat! was that it was shelved (G4 retains the rights to make new episodes, but has not yet ordered any). While he did say Kristin would remain at G4, the fate of Cheat! was still in the air. Ultimately, during the revamp of X-Play (a new studio and now airing daily) in January of 2008, Cheat! and Kristin became a segment on X-Play that aired twice a week.In November 2008, G4 has hinted that there could be additional episodes of Cheat! in 2009. This became true, earlier than expected, when new episodes with Kristin (now credited as Kristin Adams) began airing on December 8, 2008. Alternative Title - Cheat! Pringles Gamers Guide


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