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Cheaters helps victims who suspect that their significant others are cheating. The Cheaters surveillance team follows the suspected cheater and collects video and audio evidence of the illicit affairs. After viewing the incriminating evidence, the victims are presented with the option to confront the infidel. The highly emotional confrontation is caught on tape as it unfolds.

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AIRED ON 5/2/2005

Season 6 : Episode 22

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  • Nov 23 2015

    I've been watching cheaters off and on for about since since conception and I'm telling you it never I may cease to amaze me how folks still will take a chance. my only concern is that what kind of mental state that they leave their families in. I mean you windup on TV as a cheater and you not thinking about the rest of your family and close friends especially the elders that happened to hear about this year my only thing is that think before you cheat.moreless
  • How i got my relationship back

    My name is Mercy Oscar from never believed that these so spell casters are real until i came in touch with this man called Dr CAFAi me and my husband were having some issues with our relationship a lady took my husband from me and i was never the same again until a friend told me how this man help her to solve her relationship problem so i contacted him and did what he asked me to do and he told me everything will be fine but i was doubting until my husband called and said he was sorry for everything that i should forgive him and i was so happy and i want the whole world to know what this man did for me in case you having any problem with your relationship you can contact him with the following details;email; or call him +2347067607073..moreless
  • The Crew on the show Rocks

    My name is Jack Jett and I got to fill in as Host when Joey got stabbed during a confrontation. I have been a long time fan of the show so it was awesome to sit down with the crew and share some awesome stories with me. They are a great group of guys and really cool chicks.

    I had wanted them to take me on a bust but the insurance company would not allow it. Bobby Goldstein ended up producing my first TV series in Canada, and he is a fun guy too. A lot of Producers are stuffy and conservative but Bobby is a blast.moreless
  • Omg I love this show and can't wait to next sat nite to watch. They should show more!

    OMG that Valle guy on the show tonight is soooooo Gay! Look at all of his body movements. Why are they fighting over this Gay Boy! He is sooooo gay. I'm gay so I know!
  • greate show

    what was your biggest challenge to date in exposing a cheater.