Season 2 Episode 10

Alfredo "Freddy" Ramirez, Carolyn Pretzel

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Alfredo "Freddy" Ramirez (Amy Marqueeno/I.D. Withheld) He is 30/Tattoo Artist. They met at a house party, dated for a year, then moved in together. He's never been this serious with a woman. Now she stays out late, goes to meetings and is really vague about it. He can deal with cheating, but not lying. He needs her to tell him. She is 31/Secretary. Day 1 - She leaves the house, goes to I-Hop, meets a guy, they kiss at the table. Phone - Amy says she's going to hang with her friend Terri. They leave the I-Hop and hug. Day 7 - She leaves home, goes to an empty church parking lot and the guy meets her there. They go into his car and have sex. He comes out afterwards smoking and drinking. Phone - She says she's at home waiting for him. Day 9 - He picks her up at home, they kiss, go to the Microtel Inn for 5 hours at $39.95, then leave and go back home. Briefing - 4:32pm in a parking lot. Confrontation - Outside Payless Discount Liquor. Freddy asks what is she doing and the guy comes after him. Amy stops Freddy and the guy goes nuts. They hold Freddy back, but the guy keeps trying to get at him and knocks Tommy down. The guy knew about Freddy, but didn't care. Amy says Freddy's never home, works late and she needs someone there. Freddy says he's making money and if she wanted to see him, she could come to the shop. Amy says she doesn't want to watch him tattoo girls and that he fools around. He denies it and says he's throwing her stuff out. She says she loves him, but isn't in love, is sorry, didn't mean to hurt him and is glad he knows now, but is really sorry. She's worried about all the "skanks" that come into his tattoo parlor. She's sorry he had to find out this way and see the footage, but the problem is that he is always working. She leaves with the guy. Afterwards - Freddy dumped Amy and is heartbroken. Amy says life's too short to dwell on the past and she wishes the best for Freddy. The guy refused to talk.
Carolyn Pretzel (Dana Christopher/Ruth Turner) She is 21/Nightclub Entertainer. She met Dana in the club, then went to his house to smoke some herb. She had a kid 6 weeks ago, is still heavy and sex isn't happening. He's not home, says he's gambling with his buddies, but he isn't. He thinks he's smart and sneaky, she just needs proof. He is 24/Bartender. Day 4 - Ruth comes over to his house and they fool around on the couch with the baby nearby. Phone - He says he's going out with friends. Hours later, Ruth leaves and they kiss. Day 8 - He leaves home, leaving the baby there, goes to Ruth's for a while, then brings her back with him for a few hours. They go outside and she gives him oral in the car with the kid left in the house again. Phone - He says he's playing cards with friends. Briefing - 9:27pm in the Casino Magic Lot. Tommy says his first of many, "Talk to me Gomez" lines on the phone. Confrontation - as they are leaving the casino. Ruth says she didn't know he had a girlfriend. Dana doesn't know what is going on. Carolyn cries and he says he's sorry and that Dylan, their baby, is with the babysitter. Dana wants Carolyn to come in the car because he won't talk in front of cameras. She goes with him and they leave. Ruth comes back and says Dana told her he broke up with Carolyn. She thought they were "Sneak TV" and Dana is a good liar. They give Ruth a ride home. The car stops and Carolyn comes over. Ruth says she is sorry, it's pouring rain now, they've only dated a few weeks. Dana says he's sorry and Ruth leaves. Carolyn goes back to the van and drives Dana back home. Dana calls friends as she walks away. Afterwards - Carolyn forgave Dana because she can't stand losing him. Dana says the allure of women and gambling took over again and she kicked him out. Ruth says she has inside information on Dana, she'll tell for money.
Ryan Creek
He is 28/Masseuse. It was awkward, like out of a movie. Richard didn't care about Cheaters and was just pissed that Ryan was with a woman. He invited Shay into his gay world, but she wasn't interested. Shay went out of town and her brother came over and he had sex with him. He says Shay's anti-gay comments were surprising and she's like her dad. She needs to be like her mom. He has no hard feelings toward her, should've been up front, he misses her and wants to be friends.
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