Season 2 Episode 1

Aramis Kudryashov, Kristen Cone

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Aramis Kudryashov (Anastasia Shmakova/Alex Gladd) He is 21/Waiter. They met in a restaurant since both of them are Russian. His friend, Diana, has shown her around and now he thinks something else is going on as she smells different. He told her he loved her one night and can't deal with her cheating or losing her. She is 20/Unemployed. Day 3 - She goes to a Mexican restaurant with a girl, Alex, holding hands. Phone - He says he's getting off work early and they should do something. She says she can't because a friend is coming over and not to be pissed at her. A friend does come over and they go to the Sun Suites Motel. Day 4 - Outside Alex's apartment - poolside. Anastasia gives her a backrub and they kiss. Phone - He called her 5 times and she says she was outside smoking cigarettes with a girlfriend. On the way inside, Alex grabs her ass. Day 7 - Anastasia rents a hotel room and we can see them undressing each other through the window and falling down onto the bed before they close the shades. Briefing - 6:45 pm outside a UA movie theater. He had no idea she was gay. Confrontation - in front of the theater as they are leaving. Anastasia is shocked that she was caught. Alex says Anastasia is beautiful and you would do what she did too, to leave her alone and she isn't interested in Aramis, she's just a friend, but maybe Anastasia likes her better. Aramis doesn't know Alex. Alex says Anastasia likes to be licked, not sticked. Alex can't believe all these people he brought. He says they are his friends. Anastasia is shown the footage, gets embarrassed and is sorry. On the other hand, Alex isn't ashamed and Aramis tells her to f-off. Anastasia says it was just a little fun, a game and is sorry. She holds Aramis and cries. Alex blames her reaction on the drama. Anastasia wants forgiveness and Alex leaves with a detective. He asks Anastasia how can he kiss her after what she did? She kisses his hand. Tommy says "Cheaters" are like his family and not to break his heart. She says they love each other and go home together.

Kristen Cone (Brent Cone/Withheld) She is 24/Homemaker. They have two kids, Avery and Bradon. Everything was great until she got pregnant, had a daughter and gained 75 pounds. Now he goes out all the time and she heard him talking to a woman who called him on his cell phone. He was using pick up lines. She was always faithful and cries. He is 25/Salesman. Day 7 - He goes to a sports bar with a woman. Day 10 - He goes to Dave & Buster's Bar with a different woman. They go to a second restaurant, hold hands and after drinks they start kissing. Then he drops her off and they make out. Briefing - She says he's still out all the time, but denies cheating. She brings his sister, Tiffany, with her. Confrontation in a Hotel lobby. He's sitting on a couch with a woman. Kristen smacks him in the face and punches him. He asks, what this is? The woman says she had no idea he was married. Tiffany yells at him that he doesn't deserve his family. He says it is all ridiculous, has nothing to say and wants to leave. Tommy says he's weak, disgusting and not much of a man. The bartender calls the police on Kristen and when the police arrive everyone scrambles and leaves. Kristen says he's an alcoholic and stood by him and cries.

Recap: Charlotte Rae

They were married 2 years, together for 4, then the show cuts off.
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