Season 2 Episode 11

Atisha Sharpe, Amy O' Neal

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Atisha Sharpe (Stonish Jackson/Diane Williams) She is 22/Cosmetics Salesman. She went to a club and he was staring at her and wondered what his problem was, but they hooked up. They got together and she's pregnant now. She found pictures of women and condoms in his car, but he said they weren't his. She let it slide, but is going to catch him. He is 26/Construction Consultant. Day 3 - He works on a car in front of his house and a girl comes outside. He goes back inside with her for a few hours. Day 6 - He comes home, Diane comes out and they go in together. 40 minutes later they leave, go to Arby's, he sends her back in for more napkins and then goes back home for the day. Day 8 - 3:43pm - he leaves late to pick up Diane at the bus stop. They go to a mall, hold hands and come out smiling. Phone - Atisha calls him and says she's been trying to get a hold of him for a while and he is cheating. He denies it, tells her to chill and he's not avoiding her. Briefing - 2:30pm - Diane is her friend and Stonish didn't want her hanging out with her because she is a whore. Confrontation - As they are leaving a supermarket. Atisha runs over and pounds on him. They pull her off and she gets back on him and curses them out. They say nothing and she goes back again. He says he cares, but oh well that's how it goes. Diane says she's jealous and gets mad at him for still being with Atisha and gets out of the car and walks away. People nearby yell and laugh at them. Diane doesn't want the cameras around so Cheaters gives her a ride to another lot so the girls can talk. He kept Atisha away from Diane and told her they broke up. Atisha isn't mad at her. Diane only knew him 5-6 years, but has known Atisha since they were kids and shouldn't have done her like that because they are friends. Atisha goes back to the van and cries. Afterwards - Atisha forgave Stonish and Diane because the power of the lord gave her strength. Stonish denied doing anything wrong. Diane understands Atisha's anger and doesn't see him anymore and made up with Atisha.

Amy O' Neal (Anil Saga/Genesa Causler) She is 22/Pharmaceutical Sales. They met at a party in his apartment on Halloween where she went with a boyfriend. In the beginning, they couldn't wait to see each other. She got flowers and cards every day. Now he sounds different, touches her different and she would be angry and betrayed if he's cheating. He is 28/Computer Technician. Day 2 - He leaves their apartment with Genesa and makes out. They leave in separate cards. Phone - he says he had friends over to watch football and needs to clean up. Day 5 - Genesa comes over, goes inside for an hour, then is back outside. Day 9 - They pull up, go inside together and 15 minutes later come out and his tie is all loose. They get in the truck and fool around. Briefing 8:10pm - She says he comes home for lunch, but doesn't eat. Confrontation - outside their apartment. They pull up and Amy asks him what's going on. He says she's just a friend and it's not what it looks like. Genese says she didn't know about Amy. Amy says she has the IQ of a dead gopher and takes a soda from Anil and pours it on his head. Genese says she feels like a fool. He says they've only been together a couple of times and Gen says that's wrong and thought he was sweet. She has enough and drives away. He says Gen meant nothing and he loves Amy. Amy laughs at him and he keeps saying please and gets on his knees and begs. Gen comes back and says there's not enough Coke on his shirt and throws her soda on him and leaves. Amy laughs at him and leaves. He says he loves Amy. Afterwards - Amy ditched him. They still live together, but are splitting up. He wants to make peace but can't. Gen thinks it's funny and hasn't seen them since.

Mystery Martinez - She is 20/Student. She told Steph in the beginning she wouldn't just be with her. Steph fell in love with her so she pretended she was in love too because she didn't want to hurt her. Steph wouldn't give her sex when she wanted and was controlling, so she met Amy, asked for her number and they started messing around. She didn't know that Steph knew Amy, they were both scared and she was freaked out. Steph didn't know Amy was a lesbian and now Steph is with Amy. She lives with a man now and Steph still calls her. She doesn't trust her boyfriend and thinks he cheats. She hasn't changed and doesn't want to see Steph, just be friends, because she did her wrong.
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