Season 2 Episode 6

Bill Ladd, Shay Conwell

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Bill Ladd (Julie Alexander/Harry Bennett) He is 49/Country & Western Bar Manager. She is a bartender who used to work for him. After a year, they started dating and it was like an affair, very exciting, then she quit. Six months ago, they started getting serious, now she is never around, disappearing for days at a time. She has no time for him, the love is gone. He can't blame the other man since any man would want her, unless it's someone he knows. She is 36/Bartender. Day 1 - She comes to Bill's place, but it's 5 hours before he's due to come home. She plays pool with Harry who is Bill's roommate, landlord and best friend of 30 years. They hug and she takes off her leather jacket and is only wearing a bra underneath. Then she takes the bra off, covers her breasts and runs away. He chases after her. Hours later she leaves. Day 4 - She comes over and sits with Harry on the couch, they cuddle, watch TV and lay down. Phone - Bill says he'll be late, but she doesn't care. They start to make out, her bra comes off, then they go to the bedroom. Day 6 - She comes over and plays pool again. Phone - Bill has to work early, she says she'll go shoot pool with Tracy then. They make out on the pool table and she leaves before Bill comes home. Briefing - 12:24am. Bill says he can't believe it because he's told Harry everything he's going through with Julie. Confrontation - they are in the Jacuzzi in Bill's backyard. He suspected Harry, but didn't expect this. Harry jumps up and yells, "What the hell!? Who the hell are you?!" Julie jumps out, grabs a towel and tries to run away. Harry wants "Cheaters" out of his yard. Bill asks, "After 30 years, this is what you do?" Harry says, "I don't care, you don't know how to treat her." Julie says, "Bill is never home, always at the club and I don't want to be with him." She goes inside and locks herself in Harry's bedroom. Harry tells Bill she wants to be with him and gives him a fake apology. Bill says Harry's sad and lonely and can't get a girl on his own. Harry says he's never had problems getting women and doesn't give a crap what is right. He screams that he's enjoying himself, then flips out and gets enraged against "Cheaters" and slams the door. He says, "Cheaters is worse than me and I'll have another drink on Bill's grave." They leave out the back and Julie goes out the front, then runs back inside. She says she'll talk tomorrow. Harry flips out when Bill comes back in, leaves, then comes back in again. Harry gets more insane and says he's throwing Bill out. Julie refuses to talk in front of the cameras. Afterwards - Bill is better off on is own. He wanted a truce with Harry, but Harry doesn't want to see him. Harry and Julie are still together, but they wouldn't talk.

Shay Conwell (Ryan Creek/Richard Flores) She is 22/Skin Care Professional. They met 6 months ago through friends as both have the same career. Recently he's been distant, gets off the phone quickly and sneaks on his cell phone. He won't live together and never had sex. If he's cheating, she's done, there's no point. He is 28/Masseuse. Day 6 - He sits on the patio of The Lime Bar when Richard comes over, kisses him, hold hands, go inside and sit together. Phone - He says he's meeting a client at The Lime Bar. She's surprised since it is a known gay bar. He denies knowing that. Hours later they leave hand in hand. Day 7 - He goes from work to a restaurant. He comes back out with Richard and they make out in a car. Then they drive to Richard's place for the night. Day 10 - He goes to Richard's and carries in his massage table. Phone - He says an appointment came up. She says they have plans and people are waiting on them. He knows, but needs the money. Later they come out half naked, kissing. Briefing - 11:25pm - She is shocked to learn he is gay, had no idea, feels stupid and doesn't understand why he went out with her. Confrontation - as they are leaving a bar. Ryan says they are just having drinks. Richard can't believe Ryan was dating a woman. She wants to know why. Ryan says he tried. Richard says, "Go away Miss Britney Spears, not quite a woman. Revelation - he's gay!" Richard doesn't care he was with Shay. Shay feels so stupid and embarrassed as the boys run away together and drive off. She's glad he's gone because she doesn't know him. Afterwards - Shay recovered quickly. Ryan is glad to be free and was tired of leading a double life. Richard says he's looking forward to a more intimate relationship.


Steven Mongold

He is 31/Officer Manager. Brock was mad and hurt which made him feel awful. He didn't want to hurt him and he deserved better. He and Chad were surprised, but didn't want to talk about it in front of everyone. Chad told him Brock was messing around, so he went with him, but he lied. He only did it out of anger since being with Chad would hurt Brock the most. In his mind, it was over and he didn't care if he was caught. He's not happy with Chad and sees him around because they have the same friends. Brock is now his best friend, doesn't know what will happen from there, but is glad he's there.
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