Season 2 Episode 13

Brian Riddle, Jennifer Bailey

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Brian Riddle (Jennifer McBride/Ashley Wright) He is 25/Loading Dock Worker. When they first met, they clicked really well and couldn't imagine them being more than friends. They were close and now she's always out, distant, hanging out with a new girl from a bad crowd. He likes to party, but knows when to quit and doesn't want to share. She is 23/Advertising Executive. Day 6 - Brian works nights and Ashley comes over for 2 hours so they install a hidden camera inside. Day 9 - the girls sit on the couch wearing maid outfits, drink champagne, make out, bring out sex toys, undress and have sex. Phone - she says she's just hanging out with a co-worker. Two hours later Ashley leaves. Day 10 - Ashley comes over, they dress up and have sex on the couch and the floor. Phone - she says she's going with Ronnie to the village. Briefing 7:43pm behind the house - he's shocked. Confrontation - at the pool in his apartment complex. The girls are making out on a lounge chair and drinking. Jen is all smiles and welcoming. Brian drops his engagement ring into her drink and Ashley throws her drink on him. Jen says he's always working, never is around and when he is he won't talk to her. Ashley says she can do Jen so much better than he can. Jen loves him, but can't make up her mind who she wants. She's dabbled at being a lesbian before and can't understand why it would bother him as most guys would like it. Ashley knew she had a boyfriend and would have a threesome with them. He says he was working to make money to make her happy. He doesn't know what to say, cries and hugs her. She loves him, he's her security blanket, but he can't accept their lifestyle. Ashley wants to know who is Jen choosing. He freaks out, wants to go to sleep and talk to Jen. Jen says all the Cheaters people are going to burn then wildly sucks face with Ashley. Ashley wants to be a part of their talk and he doesn't want her there. Jen says she's part of this. He goes home and they push their way inside, so he leaves. Jen says he doesn't respect her needs. Brian doesn't want to be with her since she has no remorse. Afterwards - Brian decided to move on. Jen offered to have a threesome and he was intrigued, but didn't want to share her. Ashley didn't like him anyway. Jen and Ashley are still together.

Jennifer Bailey (Marty Greenstein/Carrie Shenault) She is 20/Waitress. When they met he made her feel loved, they are soulmates, everything is great. He has a kid with another woman and they don't get along. She wakes up in the middle of the night and he is gone. He tells her he had to go help a friend, but she doesn't buy it. She has to know the truth. He is 23/Unemployed. Day 3 - His ex-girlfriend, Carrie, comes over and goes inside. He leaves to buy fast food and returns. One hour later, they leave together arm in arm. He goes back inside. Day 4 - Carrie comes over again, they go to a mall, she grabs his ass and buys a bikini and diapers paying with Jen's money. Phone - He says he's going to a bar. She wonders with what money. They go home for a while. Day 5 - Carrie comes over again for an hour. Phone - Jen says she's coming home early. He says he's just cleaning the house. They leave and make out in the yard. Briefing 11:33pm Cafe Itmar - she's shocked and laughs. Confrontation - as they are leaving a restaurant. Marty says they are America's Funniest Home Videos and they laugh. Jen asks how can he do this? He says he was meaning to tell her. Carrie says they have a kid, what does she expect? He says Carrie is pregnant again with his kid and he had something with Jen. Carrie cares that he was sleeping with Jen, but he's the father of her kids and he was supposed to break up with Jen. He is overwhelmed by the cameras and wants to leave. Carrie is OK with him sleeping with Jen. He says he's sorry, doesn't know what to say, things have been rocky lately. Jen wants everyone to know he is a cheater. Carrie wants to know why she cares. Because he said he loved her. He says he has constitutional rights and to stop following him. Then they drive off together. Jen says she won't stay in the house with him. Afterwards - Jen is deeply distraught because she really liked him. Marty apologizes, but his feelings were too strong for Carrie. Carrie says marriage is an option, but he needs a permanent job.

Kim Harber - She is 22/Maitre'D. She was shocked, hadn't seen Corbin in weeks and didn't know what to think. They met one night while drinking and it was a one night stand. She and Manit weren't exclusive. She thinks it's wrong and absurd that he embarrassed her and lied to Cheaters. She broke up with Manit because she lead him on. She doesn't want an exclusive, serious relationship. She needs to start being truthful. She's young and needs to date other people.