Season 2 Episode 15

Crystal Laird, Marvin Keel

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Crystal Laird (Scott Skipworth/Terry Skipworth) She is 28/Mental Health Worker. They met in a club a couple of months ago. She was bored and he came over, they talked, have lunch every day, but she never goes to his house. He won't say where he lives, has no home phone and hides his cellphone calls. She is recently divorced and thinks he's married. If he's lying, she won't trust anyone again. He is 41/Security Guard. Day 2 - They trace his phone call to a house at the end of a dirt road. They spot a woman there, then Scott working in the yard. They share a quick kiss and go inside for the rest of the day. Day 4 - Terry comes home in Crystal's car with Scott, gets the mail and they go inside. Day 7 - A detective goes to the door as a salesman for the Dallas Morning News and she confirms she is Scott's wife. Scott comes home in Crystal's car and snuggles on the back porch on a swing with Terry. Phone - He says he's really busy working on a report, has no time for her. She asks him right out if he's married and he denies it. Briefing 10:27pm - Crystal lives nearby and is surprised. Confrontation - at his house. They walk up from the road and Terry is in the yard with some animals. He is in the barn and asks what Crystal is doing there. The wife is clueless, had no idea he was cheating. Scott says he only saw her once and said Crystal's car was a company car. Crystal gets the keys from him and shows Terry a picture of her and Scott at Mardi Gras in Galveston. They've been married for 4 years and he told her he went to Galveston for business. Terry tosses the picture and leaves. Crystal says he's a sick bastard for coming over to her house and playing with her daughter. He says he fell in love and got caught between two women. He lied and said he was separated. Terry wants him out by the time she gets home tomorrow. He goes inside and Crystal says she's leaving on a date with a cop. Afterwards - Crystal has had it with men and needs time off. Scott is a manipulator and has to answer to God. Scott says she knew what she was getting into and blames her - it was just casual sex. Terry stands by her man.

Marvin Keel (Keisha Dennis/Damien Renfro) He is 19/Grocery Store Stocker. They met through a cousin, he really liked her, she looked good and dated for 7-8 months. Last month was a waste. They talked about sharing an apartment, then it went downhill. His cousin said she's getting numbers from guys, but can't prove it. He wants the relationship to work, but feels everything's changed. She is 18/Student. Day 5 - Damien comes to her place dropping her off. Phone - Marvin says he'll pick her up from school. She tells him her friend will drive her home. Marvin says this is the third time she's blown him off. She says that's too bad. Day 8 - Damien picks her up and she carries a large white dress. They go to a store, then another for soda, to a park and sit at a table. Phone - Marvin asks her to the movies and she says she's going to the mall and can't go. An hour later they leave. He drops her off. Day 9 - Damien picks her up, goes to a convenience store and they come out all happy. They go to the same park, sit down to eat and he puts his arm around her. They leave, kiss in the car and drops her off. Briefing 2pm - he laughs. Confrontation - outside of a store. She is shocked and walks away then says Damien is doing what he isn't doing. He's never around and he says she made the excuses for him not to be there. He should've gotten the picture. Damien knew she had a boyfriend, they've been together a couple of weeks and it's none of his business. He won't say if they're having sex and denies taking her to a park. Keisha says he should've talked to her and told her how he feels. She gets in a car with Damien and says she's sorry. Afterwards - Marvin left her because she's trash. He joined a singles group and now gets classy women. Keisha didn't mean to hurt him, but it was just so easy to fool him since he was so trusting. She is sorry. Damien is just happy to be getting laid.

Carl Burmeister - He is 33/Jet Ski Salesman. He is all twitchy and had no idea what was going on, thought it was dogs, then the cops or the DEA coming for her since she's a troublemaker. He hopes they changed the sheets in between. She was fun to hang around with, but very immature, wouldn't bring her around to meet his classy friends and was like Pam Anderson in bed - anyway she can get it. She lied to him, so he isn't guilty. She's catching flak from the show and all these guys want to bang her and girls call her a slut. It's her fault for being on TV. He wanted to rip Cheaters heads off, but didn't want to go to jail. He says he doesn't use drugs and outside he wanted to club Robert like a baby seal. She called him after, but he's done with her. She should go lesbian since she is so bad with guys. He won't ever go with a 19 year old again. He thinks the show is crazy, they have balls of steel and loves the show now because it's fun to see idiots get busted.