Season 2 Episode 7

Don Alexander, Crash Parks

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Don Alexander (Miranda Alexander/Dan) He is 26/Police Officer. They've been together for 4 years, married for 2. They met through friends, started hanging out, partying. After 1 month it was love, they grew on each other. Last month, she started dressing sexier and working more on her appearance. He thinks she's with a co-worker. Love is easy, trust is hard. She is 25/Car Dealership Secretary. Day 1 - At her job, she leaves following a co-worker, but they lose her. Day 5 - The co-worker, Dan, helps her move boxes, then they go to a park and make out next to an elementary school. She finishes him off with oral sex. Briefing - At his house #1041. He's not going to chase after her, has nothing to say to her - she's dead to him. He's tired of her getting mad at him when she wants to hang out with male friends. He goes in a back room and smashes stuff. He then comes out and reads a long, loving anniversary card she just gave him. Confrontation - 45 minutes later she comes home. She has divorce papers that she wants him to sign. She admits to the affair and says she's leaving him. She has nothing to say or explain and owes nothing to no one. She thanks him for signing and says she'll get her stuff when the cameras are gone. He says she brought it on herself and won't be a doormat. Afterwards - Don is getting a divorce, though Miranda changed her mind and wants to get back together because Dan left her for someone else.
Crash Parks (Sherri Parks/Shaun Parks) He is 28/Food Caterer. Everything was OK until she got pregnant. She became bitter and won't say she loves him. He knows she's doing something she's ashamed of, but doesn't know what's going on. She is 25/Receptionist. Day 2 - She goes out with Crash's brother Shaun, who lives with them, to Wal*Mart. Phone - she tells the truth. When they get back to the car they make out inside. Day 4 - She goes riding on the back of Crash's Harley with Shaun driving. They go to White Rock Lake, make out, then go to a motel for 2 hours. Phone - she says she's going to the Harder Bar with Shaun and they'll meet him there. Briefing - 8:30 pm at Cheaters HQ. He cries after seeing the footage. Confrontation - outside a Pizza & Sub Shop. Chase wants to fight to save the relationship. Shaun is all smug, admits the affair and has no problem with it. Sherri says nothing. Tommy asks if he sleeps with all of Crash's girlfriends. Shaun says just Sherri because she was special and Crash attacks him. She refuses to talk in front of the cameras, says they don't know the whole story, but that she loves Crash. She can't believe all this, wants to stay with Crash, but has to work some stuff out. She says she's sorry and Crash hugs her. Shaun says she's just a broad, he nailed her and it's all good. He walks away and goes into a tattoo parlor. Crash rides off on his motorcycle and Cheaters gives her a ride home. Afterwards - Crash forgave both of them, but wants Shaun out. Shaun now has remorse and was arrested soon after. Sherri was sorry and is more in love with Crash now than before.
She is 23. She didn't know what was coming, so she drove off. She thought Latasha was going to beat her. She didn't know he was married and gave him her cell number, but never heard from him again. They were going to have sex, so she's so glad she found out. He's not worth the trouble and Latasha should dump him.