Season 2 Episode 16

Fernando Estrada, Brittany Croson

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Fernando Estrada (Vanessa Murray/Beau Eastham) He is 21/Satellite Installer. At first it was casual sex, eventually it got serious. Lately sex is lame, wham bam, making excuses. She goes out at 9pm to pick up her brother, 10pm to dinner with parents. He caught her lying a few times, not being with who she says she's with. She is 20/Waitress. Day 3 - She goes to Fernando's job after hours and meets with Beau - his co-worker and best friend - for an hour. Phone - she says she's out with a couple of girls and doesn't know when she'll be back. He should trust her and not wonder. She then goes home. Day 8 - she comes to his work, Beau's there drinking, he carries her in and they start getting it on and turn out the lights. Phone - she says she has to do the laundry and go to the store at 9:30pm. Day 13 - she goes to his job again and they drink, dance, hug. Briefing 7:17pm in a field. He laughs at the footage. Confrontation - at Cheddar's Casual Café as they are leaving. Fernando runs over and flying tackles Beau and they have to be untangled. Vanessa says she's sorry. Beau comes back and pulls Fernando down into the bushes in a headlock. She says Beau told her he'd be there for her and she loves Fernando, not Beau. She hasn't had sex with Fernando in a month so what is she supposed to do use a vibrator? He says yes, because he has been whacking it. A crowd forms including most employees of the café. She didn't want to hurt Fernando. Beau can't take it and leaves. She says Fernando is always at work or school and not there. She's not ashamed, but was wrong. Fernando says he never cheated. She says it was her fault, but she wants to be with Fernando. It just happened, only been a few weeks. They had sex 3-4 times. Fernando goes to his car, tosses her glasses on the ground and says she can walk home. Afterwards - Fernando wants to be taken seriously and has refused to talk to Vanessa. She says it's the biggest mistake she has ever made. Beau took time to cool off and won't mess with Fernando again.

Brittany Croson (Stephanie Watts/Jodi Vincent) She is 23/Student. When they first met she was engaged, they became best friends, hung out all the time. She then broke up with the guy and went to her. This was her first lesbian lover. She goes to different places without her and asked Steph is she's cheating and she said no. She thinks she's with someone from school and has to know. She is 22/Student Day 2 - Steph leaves her apartment with Jodi, drives her to school, drops her off and waits outside until class is over. They drive back to the apartment, Jodi grabs Steph's ass and they go inside for hours. Day 7 - They go to school together, walk in hand in hand then back to her place for a couple of hours. Day 10 - Jodi drops Steph off at school, picks her up later and they kiss. Phone - Britt says she'll pick Steph up at school and she tells her no, she has to do like some stuff. Meanwhile they hang around all day and kiss. Briefing 3:23pm at White Rock Lake. Confrontation - the are powerwalking nearby and they crack up laughing. Jodi is wearing Britt's clothes so Britt pushes Steph and Jodi gets pissed off. Jodi knew they were dating and didn't care. Steph says Britt was probably cheating on her and Britt denies it. Jodi says Steph let her wear the clothes, she doesn't want to be there and goes to her car. Steph says they haven't had sex in 3 weeks and she hasn't had sex with Jodi. She cares about her, but they fight all the time and aren't intimate. She's pissed off at Britt, but understands. Jodi is mad and comes back for Steph. Britt can't believe Steph would be with someone so ugly. Jodi and Steph get into the car together. Jodi says she isn't embarrassed and throws Britt's shoe out the window. Britt slaps her and Jodi says never to her again, gets out and gets in her face. They drive off and then come back. Steph says the shirt she's wearing is Britts' and takes it off and throws it at her. Her breasts her now hanging out, so she grabs them and says "suck my tits bitch" and they drive off with Steph giving her the finger out the window. Afterwards - Britt wants to reconcile. Steph cares about her and was just having a fling. Jodi says she takes what she wants and is gong back to school and men.

Dana Christopher - He didn't know what was going on and wanted to get out of there and not be on camera. He knew what was going on, it wasn't an accident. He says he didn't get oral sex in his drunk as seen in the video. He was drunk, she dropped something on the floor. He dropped his son Dylan off upstairs, he didn't abandon him at home. He says strippers are insecure and stuff happened that was taken the wrong way. He says they are still getting married in a year and have put it all behind them.