Season 2 Episode 3

Jerry Vielma, Maricela Montes

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Jerry Vielma (Margo Vargas/Jessie Mendoza) He is 20/Salesman. They met at a club where she was a waitress. She has 2 kids, he accepted that and loves them, takes them to a park and plays with them. She doesn't hold him in bed and pushes him away. She's always out until 10pm with her friend Jen, but he calls Jen's house and she's not there. She is 20/Day Care Worker. Day 2 - Margo leaves her mom's and a guy comes and picks her up. They go to a mall in the rain and kiss outside. Phone - she says she has to work late, a parent didn't show up on time and she'll get a ride to her mom's. She and Jessie play games, go to a lingerie shop, play air hockey and leave. Day 4 - Jessie picks her up at home in the rain and they get dinner at a cheeseburger shack. She strokes him at the table, feeds him, they leave and make out in the car in front of her house. Day 6 - Jessie picks her up at work. Phone - She says she has to work late again and will make it up to him. Meanwhile, she is kissing Jessie in his car. Briefing - 4:15pm - She picks up her daughter from the hospital, then heads right out with Jessie. Confrontation - as they are leaving the Town Mall. She wants to know what Jerry's doing and to get out of her face. Jessie knew Margo lived with Jerry and laughs saying she doesn't want him. Margo walks away and says she can't believe Jerry. She says, "So what? Why can't you do this at home. Jessie isn't your problem and I'm sleeping with him. I don't care if you love me." She gets in Jessie's car and drives away. Jerry says nothing. Afterwards - Jerry was exasperated and left her. He threw himself into his work. Margo wanted him back, but he didn't want a relationship.

Maricela Montes (Rick Vasquez/Connie Hernandez) She is 21/Cashier. They met in a grocery store. He came up to her, didn't think he was faithful, but saw him around. She trusted him as he's like a father to her kids. He acts fidgety and won't touch her. They have less sex, no hugs or kisses and found phone numbers in his jeans. He says they are just friends' numbers. He is 29/Night Club Bouncer. Day 4 - Connie comes over for dinner. Afterwards they go outside, smoke pot on the steps, touch and kiss. Day 7 - a hidden camera inside shows her coming over and making out on the couch. Then they go to the bedroom, come back. Phone - he says he's just watching TV. Connie gives him oral on the sofa, then gets on all fours. Briefing - 8:47pm - Maricela knows Connie. Confrontation - as they are leaving Chili's, Connie tells Maricela that Rick likes it the way she gives it. Maricela says she can have him. Rick has nothing to say. Maricela says he was happy until Connie came along. Rick says, "Whatever happens, happens. If you want to talk, OK, but not here." Connie doesn't care they got caught, isn't selfish and got what she wanted. They're not in love, just screwing around. What else can he do but talk to her later? He goes to leave with Connie since they already made plans. Maricela says to talk now or not at all. He says he'll take care of the kids and leaves. Afterwards - Maricela is avoiding him and would only take him back if he went to rehab. Connie doesn't care about either of them and Rick has no comment.


Crystal Raymond

She is 19/Retail. She thinks "Cheaters" are all bastards. She was pissed at first, but it was a good thing she got caught since it would've come out anyway. She never knew people were watching and was shocked. She thought he was cheating because his sister told her so and all of her ex's cheated on her. She felt really bad and it was not cool what she did. If he did it to her, she would've slapped him. He knew it was revenge and he deserved it. If she could do it over, she would've left with Miguel and doesn't know why she left with Nick when she had to go back to work. Now she and Miguel are just friends, not lovers. She loves Miguel, but doesn't want to talk about it because it makes her cry.
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