Season 2 Episode 2

La Tasha Jones, Jube Marsh

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 2001 on

Episode Recap

La Tasha Jones (Mr. Jones/Mirelle) She is 23/Home Maker. They married in June and it got worse, started arguing more. When his cell phone rings, he checks the caller ID and won't answer it, won't let her see it and changes the code. He's heard women say they are with him, he stays out until 6am, doesn't show her love, but she stays with him since she hasn't caught him. He is 33/Bartender. Day 3 - He goes out in the parking lot while he is working, meets Mirelle there, they kiss and he goes back inside. Phone - He says he's working and after he's getting car parts. Day 5 - He goes out in the parking lot with a different girl and they hug and kiss. Day 6 - He's back in the parking lot with Mirelle and takes her inside with him after the club closes. Phone - He says he's tired of her, doesn't need anybody, but denies cheating. If he was, he wouldn't come home. Briefing - 1:45am she cries over the footage. Confrontation - waiting outside the club at 3am. He comes out and La Tasha asks him who the girl is. He just laughs and walks away. Mirelle drives off. He jumps in a friends car and drives away. The manager comes out all pissed off and tells "Cheaters" to get off his property and never come back. 3:25am he calls her and denies cheating, she says he's a liar. She wants to know why he ran away and tells him it's all on tape. He says it's not him, just someone who looks like him. She says she'll show him the tape. 5 minutes later Danny calls Tommy to say Mirelle is at a Conoco gas station. They go there and Mirelle says she had no idea he was married, they only met last week and thinks this is all a joke. He gave her his cellphone number and said he didn't have a girlfriend. La Tasha calls him on the phone to say she's talking to his girlfriend. He denies knowing her. Mirelle says she now wants nothing to do with him and leaves. 15 minutes later - La Tasha says it hurt her to see the footage and she wishes she didn't know the truth. Afterwards - La Tasha wants to make it work, but can't talk about the cheating. He says if she goes to "Cheaters" that equals divorce. He was evasive about Mirelle.

Jube Marsh (Mrs. Marsh/Withheld) He is 26/Head of Household. They met 6 years ago and it went from like to love. He never had real love before, got married, had a kid, then she started hanging around with single women who have no kids. She goes out all the time, parties and stays out late. She is 20s/Waitress. Day 1 - She gives a co-worker a ride home and they spend 3 hours inside his house, go to a bar, back to his place and stays overnight. Day 2 - They go to work, he drives her car. Day 5 - They go to a bar for a few hours, then back to his place. Day 6 - She takes her son to daycare and doesn't put him in the car seat. Phone - Jube asks her point blank if she's cheating with the co-worker and she denies it. Later they get together. Day 9 - She drops him off and they kiss in the car. Briefing - 4:30pm. Confrontation - at the man's house. When spotted the couple runs inside. A drunk man on the porch won't let "Cheaters" in, says he's not the cheating guy's dad. They come out and the man gets right in Jube's face. He wants the truth, she says divorce papers are coming tomorrow. Jube yells at the guy, the non-dad gets in his face looking for a fight, says he'll come to Jube's house. She gets in his van, says nothing and gets on the phone. She explains they only know one side, there's been 5 years of abuse. They only got married because she was 9 months pregnant. The guy says nothing, gets in the van with her and they drive off as Tommy yells, "You should be ashamed of yourself.". The drunk not-dad punches the "Cheaters" van as they leave. He says she destroyed their marriage and neglected their son. Then they drop Jube off. Afterwards - Jude is shaken and despondent and is getting a divorce and is fighting for custody. She's still with the man and neither will comment.


Donna Rousseau

She is 48. She was in shock, got busted, was wrong, got caught. She denied it at first because Willie was hurt. No one made her do it, she was addicted to drugs. The men were addicted to sex. Drug addiction is a terrible thing and she didn't want to have sex with all those people. She did it because she needed drugs. She spent $60-80,000 a year on crack. She's been addicted to it for 8 years. Seeing herself made her realize she had to change. "Cheaters" is instrumental in making the first step. Willie checks in on her now that she supports herself. She goes to church on Sunday, has a spiritual side and respect she owes all to "Cheaters".