Season 2 Episode 17

Malayki Dancer, Sara Hays

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Malayki Dancer (Amanda/Jared Coombs) He is 22/Copier Salesman. They met at his favorite club, hung out, she met his friends and they all like her. Then he violated probation, went to jail and is under house arrest with an ankle bracelet. He can't go out, but she still goes and parties. He hears she's out with other guys and he can't stay with a cheater. She is 19/Cosmotologist. Day 2 - she leaves home and goes to the back door of a house at 1am. Phone - he wants to see her and she says she's going to bed early and getting up early the next day to go out with her mom. Meanwhile she comes out and has different clothes on and Jarod is shirtless as he walks her out. Day 4 - She goes to Jarod's place, they leave, go to a Days Inn and get a room for a couple of hours. Day 5 - she goes to his house at night. Phone - she tells Malayki that she's waiting for her mom to pick her up. He says it's the third weekend in a row she's blown him off. Meanwhile, she's staying at Jarod's, suddenly runs out to her car, then goes back inside to have sex. She leaves hours later and he walks her out and waves goodbye. Briefing 11:33pm. Confrontation - at the Days Inn Hotel room #142. They knock on the door, Jarod opens it and Malayki pushes him. She said it was over, but Malayki didn't know. Jarod doesn't care if she was with Malayki. She won't come out, says it's over and he's cheating on her. Malayki says to keep the bitch because every time Jarod kisses her he's sucking his dick. He says whatever and goes back in the room. She tells Malayki to go away. Jarod gives him the finger in the window and Malayki leaves. Afterwards - Malaki took some time off. He tried to do the right thing, but women lie. He's done with her. Amanda grew weary of him not being able to go out and is sorry she wasn't honest. Jarod says it's a good thing security was there so he didn't go to jail and he left Amanda too.

Sara Hays (Jamie Vogt/I.D. Withheld [Transvestite]) She is 18/Hostess. They met through a friend at school. He called her, they went out to eat, he was real sweet, really nice and it was all about her. She got suspicious when he stopped calling as much, he doesn't stay over and they don't go out. They don't have sex, just kiss. What's wrong? She wants sex and thinks he's lying. She starts crying and says she can't handle dishonesty. Trust is the most important thing and she's being taken advantage of. He is 28/Movie Theater Manager. Day 1 - a girl comes to his apartment and stays until 4:15am, he is shirtless when she leaves. Day 4 - she comes over and they find out the vehicle is registered to another man. Phone - Sara wants to hang out, but he says he's going to a party at a club with friends and she can't go because it's 21 and up. Meanwhile the girl leaves late and he drinks. Day 8 - she comes over late again and leaves at 3:45am. Briefing 9:36pm - she fights back tears. Confrontation - at a park in her Coupe. She's in the drivers seat and Sara comes over to the passenger side as asks what he's doing. He says, 'what's this?' He gets out and Sara jumps in the car and grabs the girls hair. It is a wig and comes off. It turns out that she is really a he. The shemale runs off and hits Tommy. The shemale didn't care if he had a girlfriend and he comes back and puts the wig on. Jamie says he came on to him and the shemale says he'll be back. Sara goes after the shemale in the car and Jamie pulls her off and tells the shemale to go away. He claims he didn't know the shemale was a guy, he was drunk and got oral from him. Then he gets mad at Tommy and gets on his knees in front of Sara and wants to talk saying he only did it twice. Tommy says it was at least three times they saw and he had hairy legs. Jamie screams that the shemale is disgusting he wants to talk to Sara alone. He claims he wouldn't hurt her and broke his back for her so that must count for something. She says she was cheated on before and he knew it, how could he? She cried and says she'll give him one more chance and he says he'll prove it to her. Afterwards - Sara was forgiving at first, but left Jamie. Jamie says there was no sex, he should've said that during the confrontation, but was angry and didn't want to get into it. The shemale threatened a lawsuit if his likeness was used.

Marty Greenstein - He is 23/Unemployed. He was surprised, overwhelmed and regrets not telling her sooner. She was harsh to him and he's trying to keep things on good terms. He should've never left Carrie in the first place. He feels awkward that he was followed, it creeps him out, but was for the best. He's happy, it was all good and is very sorry it happened. If he had been honest he could've avoided it. He wishes the best for Jen, but he's staying with Carrie.