Season 2 Episode 9

Michael Turgensen, Sylvia Vargas

Aired Unknown Dec 31, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Michael Turgensen (I.D. Withheld/I.D. Withheld) He is 55/Contractor. He met a lady a year ago on the love at AOL site. They had everything in common. She has 3 kids - nine year old twin girls and a 14 year old son. She is on the computer alot and hiding it from him. It's hard to walk away. She is ?/Home Provider. Day 1 - She stays at the Fox Star Apts. and leaves in the morning with her daughter. A guy owns the apartment and she waits for him to come home. Day 3 - the guy brings her daughter home. Day 4 - he brings the same kid home from school. Day 5 - hugs the daughter when she comes home from school. Day 6 - he comes home and they go to the movies. Briefing 4:34pm by her apartment. He cries and knows the guy. He came to his house and harassed him and called the police on Mike twice. Confrontation - at her place - Apt. 15. He comes out with 2 kids and when they come over they all run back into the apartment without speaking. Mike talks to the door and someone peeks out a window. 7:30pm the Portland police arrive. She called them saying she doesn't want to be on TV. Mike tells the cop his story and the cop asks him if he needs a camera crew for closure. Mike has a court order for her so the cop takes it inside for 10 minutes. She told him she doesn't want to talk and wants them gone. The guy comes out and says nothing. 8:45pm Tommy says it's time to cut her off. Mike says he has enough evidence. Afterwards - Mike files for divorce and doesn't want to see her. She moved in with the guy and both of them say nothing.
Sylvia Vargas (Mr. Vargas/I.D. Withheld) She is 26/Student. They met in high school, were friends since they she was 18. He was the first guy she was with, and the love of her life. The first year was good, then things changed - they had a kid. He goes out, is never around and is an unfit father. She cries saying the children are her strength and doesn't regret them. He is 28/Car Salesman. Day 14 - after work he walks a girl to her car. Phone - she wonders when he'll be home. He says he's on the road. Day 16 - the girl is a co-worker and they leave together. Phone - he says his cell phone was charging in the truck and he doesn't answer the office phone. He carries her over a gate and they make out in her car with her feet sticking out the window. Day 17 - he brings the girl home and stays there all night. Phone - he says he loves Sylvia and will talk in the morning. Briefing 4:25pm - she's not allowed to go to his job or his place. Confrontation - 5:05pm at his job. 6:15 he finally leaves. They follow him to a bank drive thru. Sylvia wants him to explain what he's doing and he says he's not seeing anyone, just talking. She says it's over and he should have told her. He finally admits he's with another girl, wants a divorce, it doesn't matter anymore and he's going home. She cries saying if he confessed it would've meant something, but he's nothing. Detectives say he might go to the girlfriend's place. 8:17pm they go there and the girlfriend knows he's married, but said they broke up. He says he loves the girl, but doesn't want to see her now. She lives with family and doesn't want the crew to hang around. Sylvia isn't mad at her and leaves. Afterwards - Sylvia filed for divorce since the relationship is dead with no trust. He moved in with a second woman after the first one dumped him.
Ray Richard
He is 41. He saw his wife so he ran away. He felt filthy and dirty when he saw the footage. She trusted him before and he's trying to regain her trust. Bill Clinton made a mistake when he lied. He says the guy was a twin, that guy doesn't exist anymore and is a reflection of the past. It could be you - he got a second chance.