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  • How i got my relationship back

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  • The Crew on the show Rocks

    My name is Jack Jett and I got to fill in as Host when Joey got stabbed during a confrontation. I have been a long time fan of the show so it was awesome to sit down with the crew and share some awesome stories with me. They are a great group of guys and really cool chicks.

    I had wanted them to take me on a bust but the insurance company would not allow it. Bobby Goldstein ended up producing my first TV series in Canada, and he is a fun guy too. A lot of Producers are stuffy and conservative but Bobby is a blast.
  • greate show

    what was your biggest challenge to date in exposing a cheater.

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  • This show is fine!

    When the crew of Cheaters gets together and goes hunting for the cheater I am sitting glued to my chair! When the cheater is busted I laugh so hard when they realize they have been busted and by the Cheaters camera crew at that! There will be no getting out of that with their now ex! Sometimes the cheater goes off on the host or camera crew and that makes the show even more exciting. The best part is when the cheater and his significant other go at it or the significant other goes after the cheater's new "friend". That's when I am glued to my chair!
  • Ever thought your partner is cheating on you? Cheaters can help expose them.

    Cheaters is a tv show all about exposing cheaters and their lovers. Cheaters is based on private investigators invading people's love lives to expose the truth on if they are having cheating flings or if the suspicions are false and should be thrown out. The show uses live on-the-spot cameras to record and capture the incriminating evidence which is shown to the complainant. It is then up to the person who filed the complaint to confront the couple. Things occasionally get ugly on the show but Cheaters staff tend to keep a handle on things. It is a good show to watch. I would recommend it to people who like to see shows with a bit of bite and punch in them (i.e. Jerry Springer). It is an entertaining show. I watch it whenever I can and have time to do so.
  • The reality show that all others try to copy - even 6+ years later. And this show will never go out of style.

    This show is one of my all-time favorites. "Cheaters" is so different, that other reality shows out there try to copy this one - all the time. It's very informative, and they let the "Cheaters" clients know what's really going on within their relationships, so they may move forward with their lives. My favorite host is Tommy Grand. I love watching the old reruns of him as the host during the 1/2 hr. editions of (The Best of) "Cheaters". And of course, my favorite part of each show is the confrontation. Everyone's always so mad when they got a whole camera and security crew in their faces while catching them in the act. The cheater's explanation is usually crap. And alot of the time, there are fights and/or yelling involved between the "Cheaters" & the clients. This is REAL reality TV and it will never run out of material - since every case is unique.
  • Entertaining for us, helpful for the victims of infidelity.

    One of the very first episodes I ever saw of this show is where it's host was being stabbed on a boat!

    Cheaters follows suspects thought to be cheating on their partners.
    The narration is a little over the top, however this is one of the reasons I find the show humorous.

    The host has a strange was of saying the word Cheaters, which also provides many comedic moments throughout the show.

    Not that the victims and suspects aren't funny enough on their own. Shouting out things like "Who is you" and "This is not how it's suppose to work"

    Fights often break out, the police are sometimes called.

    What's really funny is when the victim takes the cheater back, after all that you are going to take them back?

    At the end of every show there is a follow up to previous sorries. Most of them are with the person who was caught cheating.
  • One big trainwreck! Wheee!!!

    Where do I start? This show is just hilarious. *Anything* can -and probably will- happen on Cheaters. Cheating spouses have had all of their clothes and possessions thrown out the window and set on fire. The \"other man\" has hidden in a port a potty and the jilted lover turned it over. The host has been stabbed. Punches, slaps, etc... you name it.

    Some of the episodes seem a little contrived, much like most of the later episodes of Springer but they are *all* good for a laugh. So... if you\'re looking for late night, bottom of the barrel entertainment, give Cheaters a try.
  • Catching cheaters in the act and confronting them.

    This show is one of my favorite because it takes place so close to my home. It has even taken place around my neighborhood. This show is different from many other reality shows out there. It lets people know what's really going on within their relationships, and lets them move forward with thier lives. My favorite part is the confrontation. Everyone's always so mad when they got a whole camera crew in their faces catching them in the act. The cheating partner's explination is usually always crap. Sometimes, there are even fights between those involved. This ir real reality TV.
  • The best reality show on TV.

    I love Cheaters. Joey Greco is a great host - I'm glad they got rid of the first host as he was not good. I wish they would do a few other shows in other cities besides Dallas.
    It's amazing how many people cheat, and it seems like women are more and more likely to cheat than men these days. There are some real loosers on this show - both men and women. Perhaps the show will make just a few people think twice about cheating.
  • You gotta love a show that is the bottom of the barrel, like this one is. Actually, you got to pick up the barrel and look in the moist maggot filled earth underneath to find this show.

    When I first saw this show on TV, it was at 3 AM, and I was admittedly intoxicated. It thereby became my favorite post pub show on TV.
    As I watched over the following weeks, I noticed different hosts. Then I found out that the first one got stabbed during a "Cheaters" altercation.
    How did the producers NOT suspect this was going to happen? When you walk up to a stranger with a film crew and ask "How does it feel to be exposed for a liar and cheater on syndicated television"?,
    how do you NOT expect to get knifed? Or at least Pepper Sprayed?
    This IS Must See T.V.
  • Not quite “reality”, but how many reality shows are anyway? But it defiantly has it’s moments…

    My husband is generally adamant I not watch “reality” television, but this show he’ll watch with me. It’s not so much that we believe it, but it’s just fun to watch.

    There are several accounts that show some actors were used, although you’re supposed to be seeing actual couples going through, in every case, a scandalous event. There were several unforgettable guests they showed. One being “The Blinking Man”, Carl, - and I mean it, the man couldn’t not stop blinking!

    The story is as follows:
    “Carrie was seeing Carl on the side, and with Robert supposedly out of town, she brought Carl over to the house for some late night Jacuzzi action.
    With enough evidence of infidelity, Tommy presented the evidence to Robert, who was more than ready for a confrontation. It was bad enough that Carrie was cheating on him, but to be doing it in his own home was more than he could handle. They raced over to Robert's house, where the lovebirds were at it once again. Busting in on them in the bedroom, Robert and Tommy were eager for answers. Carrie didn't have much to say, but Carl went on the defensive. He thought the home (which wasn't even his) was being invaded. But Tommy brought him up to speed.
    "Did you know she was engaged?" Tommy asked.
    "She told me she had a boyfriend," Carl replied. Apparently, in his world, it's ok to sleep with a girl if she's in a relationship, but not if she's engaged. Well, at least he has some standards.
    Oddly though, Carl's growing anger was not aimed at Carrie, but at Robert! Here this guy was in Robert's home, sleeping with his fiancé and he wanted Robert to step outside and settle things "man to man." Wake up Carl. Any man with a shred of dignity would have apologized after the bust and gone on his merry way. But this guy just wanted to prolong it. It took the Cheaters security team to keep Carl away from Robert, who was doing his best to keep a calm demeanor.”

    Who couldn’t love a show like that?
  • The most "real reality" show out there. People suspecting their significant other of cheating call on Cheaters investigators to find out the truth.

    I caught this show on late at night a few years ago and thought it was great. It was a very hard show to catch on tv because it keeps moving around time slots and sometimes disappears completely for awhile.
    Recently I have seen it on pretty much every day of the week. There are 1/2 hour episodes on weekdays, and on weekends they have hour long episodes.
    The announcer has a funny way of describing the surveillance footage of the cheaters in action. It's great to see cheaters caught in the act. You never know how they're going to react once they see Cheaters cameras heading their way. One time this guy ran away and jumped in a dumpster and another time this guy started throwing meat and other things off his truck at the camera crew!
    Don't miss this show if you happen to catch it while channel surfing!
  • Really "Reality"

    I'm not one for reality shows, but this one I do admit watching. There have been many nights I'd stay up just to watch this show. And I still don't know why I do. The show is about misery, yes, but it is also about retribution. You see there are bad people in this world, and Cheaters introduces us to them. Anyone who would rather engage in a long affair than seek help or an end to the relationship is deserving to have their face plastered on television for the whole world to watch. That's just my feelings on the matter. Bitter am I? Yes. But it is also fun to see how people react to being caught.

    While it's fun to see the confrontations, you have to remember that there is another human being involved, the one who was cheated on. They seem at first glad to be on television, but throughout the show as the evidence is gathered, they forget it's a show and the emotions come out. Yeah, it's funny to see to guys get into a fight or a woman turning evil and telling her former guy off, but you have to ask what kind of purpose does this show serve. I really don't know the answer to that question. All I know is that I feel sorry for the person who is asking for the investigation, but feel happy when they confront their former lover.

    I guess it all comes down to me believing that you have to be honest with your spouse/lover. Else, the whole world will know about you.

    Then again, the show is filmed locally for me, so maybe I'm just waiting to see someone I know.
  • Guilty pleasure show yet again. I simply have to see this show when it comes on.

    I found this show by accident. I happen to be on the station and when I found out what the show concept was I got hooked. The confrontations are the best to watch. Folks try to act like they are not doing anything wrong, then get upset at the fact they were followed and try to shift the blame on the person who had them investigated.

    I like this show mainly because if you can't be big enough to end a relationship, then you need to be exposed for the punk you are. Can you tell I don't like people who cheat? LOL

    I don't like the shows where the folks face is being blurred out. You already got caught, no need to hide now!!!

    There was one show where a woman said "He is not married, he is not engaged, he is fair game." I wonder if she would feel the same way, if he cheated on her!!!

  • Omg I love this show and can't wait to next sat nite to watch. They should show more!

    OMG that Valle guy on the show tonight is soooooo Gay! Look at all of his body movements. Why are they fighting over this Gay Boy! He is sooooo gay. I'm gay so I know!
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  • I love this show

    Cheaters is the best "reality" show ever. It is beyond hilarious. People actually cheat on their spouses/significant others/etc. & think they'll get away with it!!! Oh, no not with Joey Greco around. The best is when they're caught in the act & the CHEATER gets mad at the person who hired the show. This is such a guilty pleasure but I've gotten many people hooked on this show. I love the "morality" spin they put on it too. Also, if possible, try to get ahold of the Uncensored DVDs!!!! They are so funny.
  • Nov 23 2015

    I've been watching cheaters off and on for about since since conception and I'm telling you it never I may cease to amaze me how folks still will take a chance. my only concern is that what kind of mental state that they leave their families in. I mean you windup on TV as a cheater and you not thinking about the rest of your family and close friends especially the elders that happened to hear about this year my only thing is that think before you cheat.
  • A great way to pass the time !!!

    This show is just captivating !!!, although at times it becomes a cliche, it starts out with an interview, surveillance , confrontation & conclusion. Joey greco, an ex-counselor talks to all his clients/adulterers in a most civil manner, without being judgmental. There are also scenes whereby the cheating spouse goes into a same sex relationship. At other times ,a hidden camera is placed in the couples bedroom. There is an uncensored version of cheaters which is available.
    The fights their are most realistic than what is seen on the jerry springer show is what i have the most appeal for.
  • This show I think is great, it's way far out there.

    This show I think is great. I think it's way far out there. i like because first they how the person is cheating on them. They tale them for a week. You think they would notice but I guess not. Then they put cameras all in there house to watch there every move. Thats always funny to see what happens. They also tap there phones. Then when they have everything all put together they it to the person who can't belive it. Then the best part the confrintation. Sometimes they go at it and sometimes the person just walks away. Most of the time there are fights. Then finaly they do an update. Alot of the time the person is always with somebody eles or alone, sometimes they go back to that same person. Whats the point if you go back to the same person thats cheating on you. But I think this show is really great. I try to catch it when ever I see it on.
  • Cheaters is an American reality show that follows private investigators gathering evidence of infidelity from the accused, the accused are then traced and publicly humiliated, its just a matter of sitting back and watching the sparks fly!!!

    You either love it or hate it. For most of us its a guilty pleasure, we know we shouldnt make entertainment out of the arguments and misery take place, but we cant help it, its priceless TV aided by the presenter who makes things somewhat worse. The fights are the best and possibly the main reason why we watch the show, the cheering of the spectators when the camera crew enter a public building an catch the accused red handed. All the while we are waiting for the cheaters to get whats coming to them, public humiliaton, this is something you just cant beat and enjoy time and time again. For those of you who dont watch it, it is highly recommended. As you follow the cheaters you almost feel like you're the private investigator and you're going to get caught any minute.
  • It's kinda like a car accident, you don't want to look but you just cant stop yourself.

    I'm not normally into getto white trash tv, but when I come home from the bar on the late night I have found myself watching this and being completely into it. I think the show is kinda stupid it's like a more real Jerry Springer. It's kinda like a car accident, you don't want to look but you just cant stop yourself. I can't believe the the host is so dedicated that he actually got knifed and didn't leave the show. I always feel bad for the people the one getting cheated on has this camera crew and guy telling her how bad she should feel. the cheater is a cheating baster so whatever, and the one that the cheat is with is always like what the funk is going on. Like I said car accident..
  • Ambivilant on this show

    I really hate it when people cheat on others so I`m happy that they bring people to light on that but I think this shows us how society has been loosing its privacy with all the stalking done to bust the person.
  • Sometimes its funny, sometimes its sad, sometimes its nauseating!!!

    Well, I have mixed feelings about Cheaters. Sometimes I like it to the point where I'm looking when its going to come on next and sometimes I avoid it like the plague. I like it first of all because it catches cheaters in the act, plain and simple. Another reason I like it is because sometimes it ends up being unintentionally funny when the cheaters get caught or whatever happens. I really don't think one person should bring a third party into their relationship so the fact that the hosts get in trouble sometimes are funny because they're basically there to cause trouble, but trouble for someone is giving someone else trouble and who knows what else, so seeing the hosts and the cheaters is entertaining, but the nauseating side usually comes within the investigation portion of the show. I don't really wanna see what the cheaters are doing in the apartment especially when it looks like something from a big porno movie. That I can do without. Just one episode like that will keep me away from Cheaters for a while and another thing that sometimes keeps me a way are the type of people featured on the show because there are times when you don't feel sympathy for the Cheater or the one being cheated on. God Bless their situation, but sometimes the individual that's seeking information could have already did the same thing or something similar. Overall, its touch and go with me, that's why I chose to give it a 5.
  • I don't like this sorry.

    First off. What couples do in their life, is none of our business. And that is why I don't like this show. I do not care about what other people, who I don't know. And don't want to know. That's why I'm so glad that this show was cancled off the air.
  • The worst thing ever.

    Sometimes I have hope for humanity. Then I watch this show.

    Stupid, horrible people get caught doing stupid, horrible things. The guilty party, fresh from a tryst with their secret other, tries to sneak away to safety. Then the camera crew runs up, and the no-good liar's soon-to-be-ex partner hurries in with the cussing and the beat-down. See whoopings in parking lots! Watch dumb*sses try to get out of hotels and windows and what have you without being seen! Hear the lame excuses! I shouldn't be watching this at all. You don't know whether to cry for the victims or punch the t.v. when you see the perpetrators. Or just be violently ill.

    Maybe, all of the above?...
  • You can't force faithfulness or scare people into it

    If a husband is going to be faithful to his wife and vice versa, they have to want to be faithful to each other (from the heart) instead of trying to force faithfulness or scare each other. Public TV shows like "Cheaters" are accomplishing the exact opposite of what they hope to accomplish. Fear tactics never work. Scaring people into being sexually pure never works. Their motives will be all wrong which means it won't last for very long. Once the fear is removed, the unfaithful husband or wife will go back to being unfaithful. Human nature. Regardless of "Cheaters" claims, the happy endings are either temporary or not happy at all like they claim. Any "good" thing that people do on national TV is done to honor and exalt themselves at other people's expense--which leaves a very bad example for children and even grown adults who can't see the utter depravity of TV shows like Cheaters.
  • Cheaters is a reality show that shows Joey Greco expoising the unfaithful people who suspect they cheated gives them the evedance by phone recordings and grainy video

    I think people who defend this show as "gulity pleasure" should get there heads checked and hopefully realize that its all fake to proof up ratings and show how "real" it is it isnt REAL! its FAKE! Joey Grecos Stabbing was an inside job and the people who drove the amblance is actors its all acting to show how people react sorry folks to think its real