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  • Not quite “reality”, but how many reality shows are anyway? But it defiantly has it’s moments…

    My husband is generally adamant I not watch “reality” television, but this show he’ll watch with me. It’s not so much that we believe it, but it’s just fun to watch.

    There are several accounts that show some actors were used, although you’re supposed to be seeing actual couples going through, in every case, a scandalous event. There were several unforgettable guests they showed. One being “The Blinking Man”, Carl, - and I mean it, the man couldn’t not stop blinking!

    The story is as follows:
    “Carrie was seeing Carl on the side, and with Robert supposedly out of town, she brought Carl over to the house for some late night Jacuzzi action.
    With enough evidence of infidelity, Tommy presented the evidence to Robert, who was more than ready for a confrontation. It was bad enough that Carrie was cheating on him, but to be doing it in his own home was more than he could handle. They raced over to Robert's house, where the lovebirds were at it once again. Busting in on them in the bedroom, Robert and Tommy were eager for answers. Carrie didn't have much to say, but Carl went on the defensive. He thought the home (which wasn't even his) was being invaded. But Tommy brought him up to speed.
    "Did you know she was engaged?" Tommy asked.
    "She told me she had a boyfriend," Carl replied. Apparently, in his world, it's ok to sleep with a girl if she's in a relationship, but not if she's engaged. Well, at least he has some standards.
    Oddly though, Carl's growing anger was not aimed at Carrie, but at Robert! Here this guy was in Robert's home, sleeping with his fiancé and he wanted Robert to step outside and settle things "man to man." Wake up Carl. Any man with a shred of dignity would have apologized after the bust and gone on his merry way. But this guy just wanted to prolong it. It took the Cheaters security team to keep Carl away from Robert, who was doing his best to keep a calm demeanor.”

    Who couldn’t love a show like that?